Monday, October 31, 2011

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Do you see Mister waiting for his working orders?

Me to him.
"It's simple.
Just do what I say and no one will get hurt."

Princess and Boudxy crawled into our bed
to watch the Painting   fiasco  Project begin . . .
(yes, she is texting.)

What a lovely mess our breakfast room
is with lots of the bedroom "stuff"
thrown in here.

Then there was lunch . . .

and a couple of rest breaks.

And of course a day in our house
would not be complete without some DRAMA.
***Princess' flat iron for her hair went out!!!!***

Me: "That sucks for you."
Mister (wearing his painting clothes)  got in the car
and drove her to Sally's to replace said hair appliance.

She's going to a Halloween party dressed
as a cat with ears & a tail, etc.
Do you really need good hair for that?

Hair mishap averted.

Oh yes, back to painting. . .

You've asked what color we're painting
our bedroom
and I have been quite mysterious.  *giggle


I promise to tell you tomorrow.

(if you happened to see me mention
this on FB please don't guess)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mind Confetti

Today I logged onto the computer to check my bank balance and totally drew a blank - couldn't remember my account number no matter how hard I tried.  About 5 minutes later I remembered it again.  What's that about??

Bought some new winter shoes and wore them for the first time today.  I won't be sneaking up on anyone as they are so NOISEY!!  Princess yelled from her bedroom, "Why are you so noisey?".  For what I paid for them I deserve to stomp around and make a commotion.

I've had four bright orange envelopes on my counter now for two weeks just waiting to be mailed.  Then it dawned on me today that I should have mailed them Wed.  Oops!  Made a mad dash to the post office.  Sure hope the three Granddolls and my Mom get their treat in time for Monday. 

On the drive home from the post office I watched a cloud front move in.  One of the clouds looked just like a woman's Va-Jay-Jay.  Really.  It did.  I wondered if everyone else driving thought the same thing.

Tomorrow we are painting our master bedroom.  I've brought home handfulls of pain sample cards and two actual samples of paint,this week, smeared them onto the wall and not liked either one.  Today I took a deep breath and bought 2 gallons of paint and primer; I simply chose the color from the paint sample cards in the store and we will go with it and I.Will.Love.It.  Regardless of how it turns out I.Will.Love.It. because sometimes that is just what you have to do and this is one of those times. "HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY"

Princess is in my bedroom masking off the moulding, prepping for our painting project.  Wonder how long it will take her to notice that I am not helping and am on the computer?  *tee hee

If you've managed to keep up with this post
then you are qualified to join MENSA.

Friday, October 28, 2011


I consider myself a pretty average, pretty normal
kind-a-gal, with one exclusion -

I Am a TV Slut.
I admit it.
(I've admitted it before.)
I claim it.
I watch and love weird TV shows.
Some of my favorites are:

"Sister Wives"
(I know, I know.  You want to gag.)

"The Rachael Zoe Project"
(lots of catering to things that
really don't matter a flip
in the big scheme of life)

Yes, I watch these baaaad girls,
who are way to old to be so spoiled
and self-centered.

This is about a blended family who lived a large
lifestyle then lost their financial security
in the current economy.

"19 Kids and Counting"
This is about the infamous "Dugger Family".
I don't get it.
I don't understand it.
But, I love to watch it!

Are you all huffed-up and surprised
that I would actually spend time
watching this stuff?
Some of my closest friends simply
shake their head in disbelief
of my TV habits.

I find this like simply watching adult fairy tales.
AND, I love seeing and hearing how people
live their life.
Perhaps that's why I love blogging
and reading other peoples blogs!

Have you got any weird TV habits
you'll boldly claim?

(and please don't tell me you NEVER watch TV
'cause I won't believe you)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Marijuana Brownies, anyone?

Marijuana Brownies

Princess recently got a job working for a local retail store.  Two weeks into her employment she was faced with an ethical dilemma.  One of the girls got angry with the boss and told her Princess she was gonna bring some brownies to work "to get the boss high", but not to worry she'd be sure to only "doctor up" 3 of the brownies and the rest would be "ok to eat". 

Now, what to do? 

Does Princess tell the boss or simply keep quiet so said girl won't know she "ratted" on her?  She had two days to think about it before her next time scheduled to work.  She stepped up and told the boss, only to be told the boss had been warned of the same thing by three other girls who worked there.  There are many lessons to be learned when one works and I think Princess just learned her first one...Now the rest of the story...

The offender was scolded and allowed to keep her job.
(she actually had not brought the brownies yet)
What do you think about this?

Just FYI, when I clicked on photos for "Brownies"
the photo I showed was one of the first to pop up,
complete with the recipe for the Marijuana Brownie
and also Marijuana Crisps.

This surprised me.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Burnt out on Beige

I love brown.
I love beige.
They are both forms of chocolate
so what's not to love?

When we moved into this house 8 years
ago the entire house was painted what I
call "khaki".  It was a good, basic,
"sell-your-house" color.  Over time
we have painted some of the rooms
 but I have been very content with
our master bedroom which I decorated
in "kahki & black". 

Then about a year ago I began to view
our bedroom through different eyes.
What I once considered "khaki"
looked "chalky-beige" to me.
"Things, they were a changin'."

The window treatments and
bed cover, which I once thought
quite stylish, had lost it's appeal.
They haven't changed,
and maybe that's the point -
it's time for a change.

I feel like I've been sleepin'
in a dingy, cheap, motel room.
  Get the idea?

We'll be painting the motel roomour bedroom
next Saturday.  Fingers crossed
that I love the new look.

Isn't it funny how our tastes change?
Guess that's why Baskin Robbins
has 32 flavors of ice cream

and Lowe's has a wall filled
with paint sample cards!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm behind this screen.
Don't you dare peek!

I've gone into hiding
because of a little problem.

"I need new bras!"
I need them really baaaad.
I don't want you to know
how long I've been wearing the current ones.
No.  Don't even guess.

I am allergic to lyrcra/spandex/microfiber
and it is difficult to find bras
that are all cotton.
The last few times I bought new ones
I ordered them online.
but alas,
the ones I order are no more.

Stores do not have cotton bras.
Even the ones that are marked "all cotton"
actually have spandex/lyrcra in them,
which it states in the tiniest of print.

Then as I searched online I found the
same situation, with the exception
of this lovely "nursing" bra.
Now doesn't this just make
your heart go pitty-pat?!

After searching online for several hours
I finally found this site
which is totally new to me.
The selection is sparse but at least
there IS a selection.

It pains me to admit
"I have become 'Maxine'".

Monday, October 24, 2011

Banana Brain

Mister stopped by the store
and brought home bananas.
Does anything about this photo
seem strange to you?

Who would put bananas
beside the fruit bowl,
rather than putting them in the fruit bowl
which was sitting there empty?
(perhaps the same person who
puts their dirty clothes
beside the hamper rather than
in the hamper)

I'm not complaining.
I'm just asking.
It makes me laugh to look at this.
Maybe I'm the one that's strange
or waaay to easily entertained.

? ? ? ? ? ?

The same Mister got up Saturday morning,
made and served  pancakes
to me and Princess.

When he gets it right,
he really gets it right!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Love You Forever

Have you read this little children's book?
It's been in print for a very long time
so chances are you are familiar with it.

I happened across the book again recently
and was vividly reminded
of the first time I saw it.

Our youngest son was in college
and Mister and I had gone to visit him one weekend.
During the visit we went through a local mall
to pick up some college things for him.
(College kids are always needy, aren't they?!)
One of our stops was the bookstore at the mall.

In the bookstore there was a display
featuring the "Love You Forever" book.
Son says, "Oh Mom, have you seen this book?"

I picked up the book and began to quickly
read through it.

Then I began to CRY!
Not just a little,
a LOT,
the crying one does when they
can't catch their breath.
The ugly-screw-up-your-face

People began to look.
We exited the store.
Son and Mister were astounded
as I am one that N-E-V-E-R
cries.  (well, rarely, and only when
I'm alone, with the door shut)
Son is flustered and apologetic
and Mister is shaking his head
and confused.

I vowed to N-E-V-E-R read this
book again.
It is more than I can handle.

*Fast-Forward with me to
6 weeks later*

It was Mother's Day.
I was dressed in my new dress
and thrilled that all our children
were coming in from college to
attend church with us on this
special day.

The BIG church was packed,
pew to pew, aisle to aisle.
We sang.  We prayed.

and THEN

the Children's Minsiter made
a few comments about this special
day, "Mother's Day".
And for this special occasion
she had chosen to read a story,
"Love You Forever".

I looked to the right of me.
I looked to the left of me.
There was no way of exiting
the crowded pew quickly.
I mentally recited the alphabet;
I went to the "happy place"
in my mind,
but there was no ignoring
those words.

I made an awful scene.
There was lots of noisey crying,
snot-slinging, and hic-upped sobs.

I simply couldn't quit crying
I lumbered across the laps
of the people seated on our pew
as I made my way to the aisle
and out the back door.

This was not my finest moment.
I still don't understand
why this book upsets me so.
Perhaps it has something to
do with the passing of time
and little boys growing
into grown men.

Happy Birthday to our
baby boy, Tate!
I wish we could be with you today.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Outta here!

Shopping day with my BFF
 lunch thrown into the mix  =  therapy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baby Love, Oh Baby Love.

When I was a kid I loved my baby dolls.
I got one for every birthday and every Christmas.
I loved that my birthday was in August as that
meant a new baby doll every six months.

I never played with Barbies.
For me it was always about "the baby".

Do you remember these babies?

Tiny Tears

Betsy Wetsy

Gerber Baby Doll
(1980's, my daughter's generation)

I played with my dolls EVERY day.
I slept with them EVERY night.
And the truth is I had a hard time
giving them up when I was 13 yrs old.
I only gave them up then because
I was afraid someone would see me
playing with them and would "out" me.

And I remember their names.
I named one "Sears Roebuck",
one "JC Penney"
and another "Sophia Loren."
Maybe I was a strange kid.

Did you play with baby dolls?
Any memories that linger?
And what did YOU name them?

4 letter word.

I really detest bad language,
but sometimes there's just
not a proper substitution.
*Spoiler:  4 letter "F" word ahead.

has done come to the South.

It was a sunny *93 yesterday,
but it rained overnight
and remained gray,
and 65 today.

"I will not complain".
"I will not complain".

Now when I have a hot flash
I can just go
stand in the backyard.

A True Confession:
at night
I go to the backyard
and flash my ta-ta's to the sky.
"Instant relief!"

I am learning to embrace
the "F" word.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I need some help!

I'm nervous.
Really nervous.

It's one thing to burn dinner.  No big deal.
Or forget a dental appointment.  You get a do-over.
Or plug up the toilet.  You get a plunger.

BUT, I've talked Mister into giving me the OK
to buy new living room furniture
and I sure don't want to screw up
these purchases.
Whatever I decide upon, good or bad,
I'll be living with it for a very long time.

Sure wish some of you Designer Bloggy Friends
lived near and could help me.

Pet Friendly?

I'd love some advice!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The picking of nits.


Mr. Webster seems to think the act of
nitpicking is: "minute and usually
unjustified criticism", I beg to differ.
I think nit-picking involves
"one entity helping rid somene else of
unneeded and often times unrecognized small
'nits' which over time grow to be annoying and downright bothersome
to those around them."
For the sake of reference I'm going with my definition.

Mister and I have a continuing conversation regarding "retrieval of the mail".

In our neighborhood mailboxes are joined in groups of fives.  In our case the mailboxes are in our front yard.  The boxes serve us, the house on both sides of us, as well as the two houses across the street.  We live in a suburb.  Once a day most of us check our mailbox for mail.  I make the short little stroll from my front door to the mailbox and back again - it takes me probably 45 seconds to do this. . .However, if Mister decides to "get the mail" he will stop at the mailbox while in the car, as he is driving into the driveway. 

Here's the nitpicking. . .
"How can it be that any one healthy person can be so lazy as to retreive their mail from the car, rather than parking the car in the garage and then walking back to the mailbox?"  Do we need to all scream,
 Do we?

Mister is certainly not alone in this practice.  As I was trying to pull into my driveway today there was a car (my neighbor) blocking our driveway as she was retrieving her mail "curbside".  There we sat, the neighbor in her car getting her mail, me in my car waiting, and an on-coming car waiting for her to clear the side of the street.  I wasn't in a hurry.  I didn't mind waiting, BUT, once again this screams to me, "I.Am.So.Lazy.That.I.Can.Not.Walk.
To.Get.My Mail.!!!!
For the record, I am not talking about inclement weather, dark-of-night, or health issues.  I am also not saying or even implying that Mister is lazy.  This is all a matter of habit; a BAD habit, a "nit".

"Stop Curbside Mail Pick Up Now!"

WALK to get your mail, People!
You can do it!

I just had to say this.

Got any "nits" you want to pick?
Permission granted.

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