Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tomorrow's the Day - June 1

Come on!  It'll be Fun!!

Do you remember that last month I began trying to "photo journal" my first day of the month, joining with "Journey to Josie"?

Well, I'm gonna give it another try tomorrow.  This is about taking photos of your day as it unfolds - just a regular day in your world.  I find these photos fascinating.  Hope you'll join us.  I've gotta figure out how to sneak my ipad into church inside my Bible so I can take some stealth photos.  Hmmmm.  
I love a challenge.

Perhaps a BIG purse is the answer!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

How long has it been...

...since you walked barefoot in the rain?

I was shopping today when the clouds burst.  It poured.  I tried to wait it out but it just kept on keepin' on.  So I made my purchases, took off my shoes, and soldiered out into the rain.  As I made my way to the exit the cashier laughed, saying, "I've never seen anyone do that before" motioning to my shoes. It was warm summer rain. 

“It Felt Wonderful!”

Sunday, May 25, 2014


I've been thinkin' and that can lead to all sorts of places, and today it led me down a nostalgic path.  I was thinking about times past.  Waaay past.  Would you like to hear some things that happened a very long time before I was "Sweet Tea"?  High School days. I told you you it was a very long time ago.

I once dated a very handsome young football player who was an "older man" - he was a Senior while I was a Junior.  He was quite the handsome guy.  Oh, I think I mentioned the handsome part before.  *wink*   We went out a couple of times.  I was nervous and giggly.  He was cool and far more "street wise" than me.  I found him fascinating and a little mysterious.  There were really never any sparks between us, rather, just a couple of fun dates.  Still, it's fun to reminisce.

There was another young guy, yet again, a year older than me.  He had reddish hair and blue eyes.  He blushed easily and was soft spoken.  He had a car and drove me home from school several times.  I thought we were just friends, until some friends told he he "liked me".  I was clueless until then.  I stopped accepting his offers for rides home from school at that point.  I figured it was easier to avoid him that it would be to say no if he asked me out.

I always replay these scenarios in my mind on Memorial Day.  How could I have known I was in the presence of a true hero when I was with each of these young guys. You see each of them was drafted into the military and sent to Vietnam upon graduating from high school.  Neither of them came home to see another Oklahoma sunrise or to reconnect with old high school friends.  Gone to soon.

Robert Tuell and Gary Dasher.
"Thank you for your sacrifice."

Thursday, May 22, 2014


HK loves her swimming pool.

She loves to get in it.
She loves to get out of it.

It's all about expectations, isn't it?
She loves it "as is"
and is expecting nothing more.
She has no idea it will hold water.
Just imagine how excited she's gonna
be when water is added!!

That's the way I'm feeling about
Memorial Day Weekend.
We have no plans.
Just gonna let it unfold
and see what happens.
No expectations.

How about you?
Got plans?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Good to go?

When I was a little kid Mother's Day was a BIG day at our house.  I'd like to say it was because we got to honor Mom (yes, we did do that) but what made it really special was the fact that we were allowed to play "barefooted" beginning every Mother's Day. Loved it!  Aside from Christmas and my birthday, it was the only holiday I did a countdown for. (sloppy sentence - just wanted you to know that I know)

Now I've grown into a tender-foot and goin' barefoot makes my feet ache.  *sniff   Still, when Mother's Day rolls around I know it's time to do away with "winter toes" and get my feet in shape so that I'm "good to go" for the warm weather seasons. My favorites!

Big feet.  Little feet.
It's time for summer flip-flop feet.

*No words needed*

I was always taught that one wasn't supposed to wear white pants, or heaven forbid, white shoes, until after Easter.  I have friends who say the rule should be no white till after Mother's Day, and still others who say no white until after Memorial Day.  ??? It's all so confusing!  Like I really care. Plsfph.

I wore white pants to church yesterday.
Not sure if I was early, late, or right on time with that call, but white it was. I even bought (and used) my first "self-tanner" of the season to hedge the glare off my pearly, white legs.

Are you ready for Spring/Summer?
Got your toes polished, legs shaved, and white pants ready?
(I love askin' all these personal questions. *wink)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Not this kind!

This kind!
Mister and I felt like "sneak-ers" when we decided, sort of last minute, that we were going to "sneak" away on a trip to Tulsa, just the two of us.  We knew Lil' Mama and HK would do fine.  We also knew that Lil' Mama knew Mom's routine and could manage her meals and her meds .  The question was would Mom accept the meds and meals from Lil' Mama.  I intentionally waited til the last minute to tell Mom we were going - so she wouldn't worry about it for days. No problem - everything went smoothly at home and we had a wonderful Tulsa visit...

I got to spend an entire afternoon with my daughter, Amy.  Just the two of us.  It was a delight!  She treated me to an afternoon out in celebration of  Mother's Day!  We had lunch at a beautiful sandwich shop.  The weather was perfect so we enjoyed "outdoor seating".  We took this selfie.  It was this photo that caused me to realize that I'm waaay too old for selfies.  Ah, I'm still learning things.

Afterward we went to a Cupcake  Shop.
I chose this "Strawberry Lemonade" treat.
And it was, a TREAT!

Then we had some great laughs enjoying this movie.
Perfect for the occasion!

That evening we had a family dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate our two May Birthday Buddies, my Sister and our youngest Granddoll - they share a May 14 birthday.
Happy Birthday Girls!!

The next morning we took the Tulsa Granddolls out for breakfast before heading home . . .

to celebrate Mother's Day with my sweet Mom!

*I must mention that we spent the nights with our "forever friends".  They have a beautiful home and are the most selfless people you could ever meet.  We've all four been friends since our school days, thus the name "forever friends".  They were simply "the cherry on top" of our sweet weekend.

In reading this I note that we celebrated around LOTS-OF-FOOD.  LOL  Oh well, I don't regret a single calorie. Well, maybe I do,  just a little.  *wink

Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Before" and "After"

"Before" Chocolate Lava Dessert!

"AFTER" Chocolate Lava Dessert!

So blessed and so thankful to have my Mom with me.  

Happy Mother's Day to Mom's everywhere!

Friday, May 9, 2014

"It happened in a flash".

I hardly know where to begin with this post, other than to say this was a very frightening incident.

Li'l Mama and HK riding in the ambulance

along with Mister.

I'll begin at the end so you'll know that everyone is fine now.  (big sigh of relief)  This all happened earlier this week and I'm just now finding some time to blog about it.

Here's the story.
Mister met Lil' Mama and HK in the parking lot outside the AT&T store.  Mister was carrying HK as they walked across the parking lot.  He somehow stumbled over the curb and fell.  HARD.  He managed to shift himself a bit as he fell trying to protect HK from hitting the sidewalk.  She received only a small bump on her head but he hit the concrete face down.  You can see where his glasses cut his nose.  They said it happened in a flash.  Mister bled a great deal, (from both inside his nose and from the cut on the outside of his nose.  An ambulance was called and they all rode together to the hospital.  HK checked out perfectly and Mister went home with a crack in his nose along with 7 stitches, and scrapes to his arms and legs.

They (Mister & Lil' Mama) said that helpful people seemed to immediately appear upon seeing what had happened.  Two people come with towels to help Mister stop the bleeding from his nose.  Another man ran to his car and came back with a first aid kit and began to help, while yet another man brought cold bottled water.  Two women employees from AT&T came from within the store and helped Lil' Mama (who had a bit of hysterics) and HK into the store where they calmed them both while waiting for the ambulance.  Lil' Mama called me from the store.

Three things I'm reminded of 
as I think about all this -
1. Life can change in an instant.
2. There are still lots of good, helpful people in this world. (Angels, unaware?)
3. God is merciful.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Smug" as a bug in a rug.

I realize this post may not float your boat,
make you wanna call your mama,
or donate blood at the Red Cross, BUT
it was a "feel good" moment for me.

I picked Dill
from my very own plant.

I cut Chives 
from my very own plant.

aren't they?

I was so proud to get to cook with
my very own
fresh herbs.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

So much to tell, so little time...

I was surprised (and happy) about all the comments
I received yesterday about my roses.
I thought you might like a peek at my little rose garden.

I also have a few roses growing here at the front
of the house.  Look closely and you'll see
there is one little "runt" of a rose bush that is struggling but the others are doing well.  Spring comes early in the south.  These roses are called "Knock-Out Roses" and they are disease resistant and can withstand the brutal heat of our summers. 

I've never grown succulents before but made this little planter last week.  We'll see how it does.

Not only does Spring come early, so do the snakes.
Do you remember my story about our "snake"?
(you can see the story HERE.)
Well, the update is - I'm pretty sure the snake is history.
The story is actually too gross to blog about (even for me), but let's just say it has something to do with the "snake, the mowers, and our dog, Boudxy", and leave it at that.  Blech!!

* * * * * * * * * * * 
Also, here's an update on THIS.

That's it from the bayou.
Hope your day is "Rosy"!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Small things.

I picked some roses from my garden today,
placed them in a vase and gave them
to Mom to keep in her room.

I thought she would like them.

Who knew she would LOVE them?!
Sometimes it really is the small things that make such a difference.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 1, 2014

I'm joining with another bloggy friend with the idea of photo journalling the first day of each month.  The photos (with no words) are to tell the story of what my day was all about.  I love this idea but found the concept much more difficult than I had thought it would be which is why I have words with my photos.  Perhaps next month I'll do a better job.

Putting on my face.

Off I go. . .
to pick up my shopping buddy
to do what else?  Shop!

Can you find my buddy?

So many purses - so little time.

Can you read the name on the advertisement card?
"Miranda Lambert".
Who knew she made shoes when she wasn't singing?

Lunch at Panda Express.
First time we had eaten there.

We drank a lot while we shopped.

Found a few goodies we simply
had to have.

Two new beach towels . . .

a purse and some earrings.

Home to cook a lousy dinner.

Clean up.

Daughter wasn't feeling well.

HK "read" a book to me.
Isn't she brilliant?
Not only does she read, but she reads upside down!

Lil' Mama had bought a new chair for HK - a 
"Time Out" chair.
HK loved it!
(that will change)

Mister and my Mom managed to elude the camera
but they were here too.

So ends my day of photo journalling.
Good night all!

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