Monday, March 30, 2009

Danger - man with a vacuum.

Please tell me - "What is it about a man with a vacuum?"

I'm married to the nicest guy in the world.
We were in a hurry, expecting company and he volunteered to vacuum. Long story made short -
He vacuumed up the little white ball "thingy" that covers the bolt which anchors the toilet to the floor!!!

How does one do that???

It made a loud noise and the vacuum would no longer work.
He tried in vain to fix it. *sigh

The first day he was back at work I performed a colonoscopy on the vacuum hose with a broom stick, and wah-lah, out came the "thingy" and the vacuum now purrs like it used to.

If my guy ever helps again I will assign him the dust cloth.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thankzzzzz Girlz!!

No purple here!!
Thanks for the great suggestions on how to rid
myself of the "Barney hue"! Since there is soooo
much SMARTZ here, I've got another question
for you. I would love to be able to scoot the title
of my Blog (Sweet Tea) to the left and put a small
graphic of Tea next to it. Any ideas on how I could
do that???

With everyone's help I'm soon gonna be stylin'
with the rest of you fancy Bloggers that I so envy.
*smile * Hug

I'm in a purple funk!

It's hard to believe that I have done something wrong, especially when all required of me was to simply "copy & paste". Yet, there is Dr. Phil, still encased in purple. The purple was supposed to go "Bye Bye", leaving the background that beautiful Spring green color that is peeking out from behind the purple.

What's a girl to do to fix this??
Does anyone know?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

From my heart

If you're lucky enough to have a sister
(or a brother) then don't let time pass
before you give them a BIG hug.
And if you don't live close enough to
give a hug, then pick up the phone and
give them a call. Life is short and hugs
are important.

I have one sister and she is 8 yrs younger
than me. She was diagnosed with breast
cancer at the beginning of this year.
I just got home today from visiting with
her (she lives in a different state). She
is undergoing awful chemo treatments
and has lost her hair. . .I feel both honored
and humbled to have gone with her to
pick out and buy a wig. My heart broke to
see her without her thick, curly hair. But
hope rose anew to see her fitted with a
beautiful wig that makes her as pretty on
the outside as she is on the inside. . .
Cancer is awful.
Hugs are free.
Give generously.

Friday, March 20, 2009


To be or not to be?
Pepsi or Coke?
Satellite or Cable?

I've been wrestling with a decision.
It's a tough economy.
We all need to save money. It's a fact.
So, if one can afford a nice vacation
do you "go for it", or is it wiser to sock
the cash away, just in case?

My hubby & I will celebrate a major
wedding anniversary this year, and
our birthdays will mark the beginning
of a new decade for each of us -
"NO! I'm not telling you how old I am,"
but if you think "Meryl Streep" you'll be close.

We've been tossing around ideas;
Hawaii, or perhaps Ireland...
Also, I HATE to fly, so this is a
doubly BIG decision. The longest
I've ever been air-borne is 4 hrs.,
and I take Valium to do that.

I'm finding this a tough call.
Have you been to Hawaii or
Ireland? Do tell.
I need some input. Pleez!

"I'll take Diet Pepsi."
That's one decision I can make.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Slacker Cook Tuesday

Calling all "Slacker Cooks".
It's that time again - "Slacker Tuesday"!!
Not only is this weeks Slacker Recipe tasty,
but it's very inexpensive.
Can it get any better??

"Slacker Chicken 'n Dumplin's"

2 C chunked, cooked, Chicken
32 oz. Swanson Chicken Broth
6 8" Flour Tortillas

This is as much a "method" as it
is a recipe. Here is how I prepare this.

I put 3 chicken breasts in the crockpot
and let them cook for 3 hrs.
Remove from the crockpot and let cool.
Cut into chunks and refrigerate to
use later.

When I am ready to prepare the
dumplin's I put the Chicken Broth
in a large covered soup pot and bring
to a boil. While waiting for broth to
boil I cut the Flour Tortillas into
dumpling size pieces with a
pizza cutter (you could use a knife).

Once the broth is boiling drop the
Tortilla pieces in by the handful,
stirring slowly as you add them.
Let cook until tender, being careful
not to overcook or to let the pot boil dry.

*water can be added to the pot if
the broth boils down.

Salt & Pepper to taste.
Serve warm.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I've been THINKING.
That alone is something for me to boast about, so let's hear it for me!!
Rah! Rah!
Thank you very much.

I went on a 6 hr drive this weekend.
I thought deeply about things, ie, how exactly do planes stay way up there in the sky?
How come BIG heavy boats float in the water
but I sink ?

But my BIGGEST thought was -
"Why can I sit at the computer for hours on end,
sitting in the car during a roadtrip is almost more than I can bear????

I'm sooooo glad to be home!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moon over Miami!

You're gonna luv this,
but if bladder control is an issue
you're gonna want to pee before you watch,
cause this is a HOOT!!
Paula Deen is a riot!

Look and See

Look. Look.
Look and see.
Look and see the pretty tree.

I'm degressing to the old "Dick & Jane" dialog I learned to read by. Does anyone remember those books?

I pass these trees each time I come and go from my subdivision. Just had to share them with you while they are in bloom. Rain is coming and their blooms will be a memory by Sunday.

photo taken yesterday, 3/10/09

Monday, March 9, 2009

Slacker Cook Tuesday

This is your day to shine.
Your kids and your guy
are gonna think you're a
Rock Star when you serve
up this fine dessert/snack.

I make this for the occasional evening snack,
as I can put it together during a commercial.
I've also slipped into the kitchen to bake
this when friends come over to play cards.
AND, if you want to include the kids in a
cooking project
they'll find this fun to
make and GREAT to eat.
And there are ONLY 3 ingredients.
Count 'em and smile!

* Chocolate Yummies*

1 tube Crescent Rolls
6 oz. Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
2 T Sugar

1. Divide the Crescent Rolls into triangles (8).
2. Sprinkle lightly with sugar
3. Cover the dough with layer of choc. chips

lightly press the chips into the dough)
4. Roll up, beginning at the small end.

Bake as directed on the can.

Serve warm.

This photo shows the process,
except I prefer to spread the choc
chips across the dough, rather than
make a "gob" in one place.
You get the idea. Duh!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Cool, Dawg!"

Can you find "Cool Dog"?

How about now?

We happened across the set as they were filming the new movie, "Cool Dog" in downtown last week. Seems we have our own little portion of Hollywood right here in our corner of Louisiana. Lots of movies are filmed here these days; so much so that JB's company sends out emails telling all employees which streets to avoid while coming & going to work on certain days, because of filming...There have been lots of "celeb sightings" in town during the past couple of years, Kevin Costner, Diane Keaton, Josh Brolin, etc...And now we're among the lucky because we've seen "Cool Dog" before the rest of the world got to...The kids in your life will be sooo impressed.

"Cool, Dawg!"

Friday, March 6, 2009

Transgender vehicle?

What is this?

I know all you cool Bloggers probably have seen one of these before or perhaps even own one, but it's a "first" to me. (*blush) It was parked outside Hobby Lobby and I was fascinated by it, so of course I had to snap this picture.
It's about the size of a Louisiana mosquito.
Not quite a car, yet not really a motor cycle.
Perhaps a "transgender vehicle"; a bit of both. ????
Or perhaps a little green extraterrestial got the urge to decorate and flew this "thang" straight to Hobby Lobby.
I just hate to be the last to know.
So, "do tell".
What is this?

If you don't actually "know" what it is,
you're welcome to make a guess.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Before & After

Before Clean-up

My husband is a "packrat"
(he hates that word),
but the fact remains.
This is his stuff.
He doesn't want it touched,
rearranged, moved,
dusted or
boxed up and put in the garage.
"Hmph"! (my word). . .
Company was coming,
and with a little persuasion
said husband agreed to
"clean up" his stuff.

After Clean-up

Oh yeah, baby,
that's soooo much better.
Put all your junk in a BLUE
laundry basket and no one
will even notice it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Slacker Cook Tuesday!

It's SLACKER COOK TUESDAY once again, and you're gonna LUV this weeks, throw-it-in-the-pan dinner which cooks in the oven while you . . .
1. Take a Bubble Bath
2. Visit with your fav Bloggy Friends
OR 3. Catch up on some of your TV viewing

Slackers, "Kiss-your-MaMa Steak Dinner"

Round Steak, pretenderized (enough to feed your diners)
1 can Corn, drained
1 can Green Beans, drained
Potatoes, figure 1 potato per diner
Beef Gravy packet, your favorite brand
1/4 C water

Preheat oven to 325.
Lightly grease a 13x 9 pan.

Peel and slice potatoes horizontally (as for Scalloped potatoes), place them in the prepared pan on one side, leaving the other half of the pan empty.

Drain canned
Corn and Green Beans.
Place Corn in the pan next to the potatoes.
Place Green Beans in the pan next to the Corn.
Salt & Pepper all the food to taste.

Rinse the Round Steak and lay it on top of the potatoes/corn/greenbeans.

Pour the water into the pan.

Open Gravy packet and sprinkle the DRY gravy mix over the
Round Steak.

Cover pam tightly with foil.
Bake for 1 hr and 30 min. (while you do something FUN!)
Uncover and let stand for 5 min before serving.

The meat will be fork-tender and the veggies yummy.
A great dinner in one pan.

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