Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Score one for Mom!

I've spent some time lurking around your Blogs
and I.Love.What.I.Am.Seeing.
Your homes are beautifully decorated
and ready for Christmas.
You make me feel so inferior so inspired.

I must confess however, there is nary a
Christmas bell, bauble, or bulb
in my entire house.
We've had 2 recent birthdays within
our household, as well as a major church
function (which I organize)
and I am tired.

Not to worry.
Today I said to Princess,
"Would you like to invite your boyfriend over
and the two of you could decorate our
Christmas Tree?"

"Why yes!", she thought that would be fun.

"I'm one Smart (Christmas) Cookie!"

Merry Christmas All!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Say what?

know what the well-dressed woman
is wearing this Christmas season . . .

She is wearing pajamas made from this
festive Christmas plaid.
And with it she is wearing -

Black high-heeled pumps!

I know this because I saw
this well-dressed woman
today at iHop.

Say what??

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