Saturday, August 29, 2009

Got a Parka I can borrow?

This girl from the Bayou is reporting in from
This is the first time in my
life that I have ever worn a sweater in August.
These Northern people are made of tough-stuff.
I'm a Southern wuss and I sure wish I had
brought a pair of socks with me.
Can you say, ""My toes are freezin' in these
darn Flip Flops."?
What I'd give for a parka or a blanket right now!!

I'm here on a major Girl's Get-a-way.
There are 14 of us who met on iVillage.
We take an annual trip at a different location
each time we gather. There are gals in our group
from MN, GA, TX, CA, NE, SD, LA (me),
DE and IL. Yesterday was spent at the
Minnesota State Fair -
which proved to be even more crowded than
either time I've been to Disney World.
Today we spent the day at Malls of America.
I'm thinking I should have been in training for
this for the past couple of months. Getting
around the Mall is no simple feat. But I
hung tough and awarded myself by purchasing
a new pair of shoes and a couple of major
make-up splurges.

Tonight is our party night and gift exchange.
Let the wine flow - it's gonna be a great evening.

More to share when I'm back home where
it's warm and I can move my fingers again
to type.

Till then -
"Yah, it's a wonderful day in Minn-eh-so-tah!".

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Life as a Movie Star.

A star is/was born,
now that I have "starred" in my very first movie,
"Straw Dogs".
(I love the fact that since it's my Blog I can embellish
the truth to my heart's content. Woo Hoo!

There are those that would say that I was
"only an EXTRA" in this movie.
So be it.
But I say that anyone can be a STAR
if they are front and center with a microphone
exagerating their voice. But it takes real
to sit in a football stadium
filled with 1200 people and grab the
audience simply by your mere presence.
I'm just sayin. . .
A few of my 1200 friends
at the football stadium last night
during the "shoot".

James Wood is the guy wearing the khakis
standing mid-field.
I love the fact that he was funny, friendly and genuinely
a "nice guy", contrary to his on-screen persona.

Here is where I get to
name drop.
You'll have to squint a bit
and use your imaginination
to fill in what you can't see
with your eyes.
Kate Bosworth - cute,skinny little blonde wearing red shirt
James Marsden - khaki pants & white shirt
Alexander Skarsgard was there and within sight,
but out of camera range. Sorry girls!
* * * * * * * * * *
"It's all about ME" now.
I had to be there at 5:30 pm. on Wed.
I arrived home this morning (Thurs) at 7:15 am. We in the business call this "an All-Nighter".
I think I will get paid $8 per hour for
the 1st 8 hrs, after that "time and a half".
You can do the math, but it does seem
to me that Stars are not getting paid
what they used to. Ya think?

I met some really nice people.
My new BFF for the evening was
Pam, a pretty mom of 3 young kids
who had made a 3 hr drive to be there.
I also met a young gal from Dallas,
Lilliana, who I shared a bench with
for a while. There was also a young
guy, KJ, (from Houston)
who I shared my M&M's with.
Not to mention a group of potty-mouthed
star wannabes who sat behind us for a while.
Everyone was glad when we had the good
fortune to move away from them...And
there was the silver-haired cranky
who told me not to step
on the bugs that swarmed around us
when the movie lights were turned on.
She was strange. Most people were
very nice, friendly and good-natured.
(this excludes the "back-pack Nazi girl"
and the people who crowded to the
front of the line like a bunch of
The one single thing that surprised me
the most
was the fact that MANY
people had driven in from other states
to be an extra. When you calculate
the fact that they had to pay for a hotel
room and gas you could certainly see
that they did this for the love of the art,
cause they went in the hole money-wise.
There were people there from Tennesse,
Texas, Arkansas, and Carolina
and that's
just the ones that I knew of. Many had
been extras in movies before. Lots of
knowledgeable movie buffs there too.

If you ever have the opportunity to do
this "Go for it!". It's a great
life experience.
Would I do it again?
Am I glad I'm not doing it again tonight? Yes.

And the Winner is -

And the WINNER of my "Birthday Give-Away"
is - Joycee, from "Granny Mountain".
Congrats to you, Joycee!
If you have never visited Joycee
now is the time to do just that and get
the added treat of seeing and reading
about her beautiful home in a magazine article
she has posted there.

Joycee is the winner of -

Thanks to my other dear bloggy friends who entered
the contest and/or left me sweet birthday comments.
Thanks from the bottom of my flip-flop laden
feet. People ALWAYS say they wish everyone
could win and I REALLY do wish I had an
audiobook to send to each of you.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Birthday Give-Away!

DETAILS for my "Happy Birthday Give-Away"!

This 6 disc book on CD could be yours.
This is a used (by me) CD book and I am
pleased to give it away in a drawing
this Thurs., 8/20 @ 7 pm.
Here's how to qualify for the drawing -
"How to qualify".
It's EASY!

Here's the scoop on this fun "chic-lit" book -
"Kate Svenson is a successful single thirty-five-year-old businesswoman with a plan. Specifically, she decides it is time for her to put the same energy she puts into her professional life into her personal relationships. To that end, she packs her fancy lingerie and “wish list” for the ideal man and heads to a swanky resort where she fully intends to find her ideal mate and bring him home."

Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday Give-Away

Today is my Birthday!

Please stop by for birthday cake and a
BIG glass of Sweet Tea.

Thank you Followers for visiting with me
on a regular basis. I count you as "friend"!

I'd love it if you'd invite a friend of yours
to become a NEW FOLLOWER of mine.

*Birthday Give-Away*
Please leave me a note to let me
know you signed on today as a
Please wish me "Happy Birthday"
on your blog and link back to me
(be sure to leave me a comment
so I'll know). . .

I will enter each of you into a
drawing to be held this Thurs. (8/20)
I'll announce what it is later.
Trust me - it's good!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who knew?

Let the record show that I have not
checked out Snopes.com
to see if this actually works or not. . .
but (excuse the pun), they say
if you ever get the urge to run
around buck-naked
you should sniff a little Windex -

It will keep you from Streaking!

Oh yea, I totally stole this
from an email I received.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

That's the way Mama does it!

Last night I cooked a big pot of
Pinto beans.

When they were almost done
cooking I added a pinch of
Baking Soda to the pot. . .

. . .cause that's what Mom
always does;
she says "her Mom" said it makes them
"less gassy".
It's been my personal experience that
Still, I do it because
"that's what Mama does".
Sometimes we're creatures of habit,
sometimes it's just a matter of tradition.
With each pinch of soda
I feel I'm giving a "high-five"
to the other women in my family
who have come before me.

Do you have anything(s) you find yourself doing
"just cuz Mama does it that way"?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Name your "Silly"!

"52 Silly Things to do
When You are Blue"

The excitement of this day is under-whelming,
but that's OK. It's these days that rank a "6"
which make the "10" days even more special.
I'm cleaning drawers - mundane, but necessary.
At the bottom of a drawer I found a card box
which I must have bought 1000 years ago,
the box is titled,
"52 Silly Things to do When You are Blue".

I'm gonna now pull four random cards from
the box. Let's see the silly suggestions
the authors have in mind for us.

Be a Tourist

EGADS! At first glance I thought
it said, "Be a terrorist". Whew!
"...Allow yourself to ...enjoy something
in your own town that,
previously you had written off."

I think I would head to the Casino Boats.
Yah, that would be a silly thing for me
to do on back-to-school week!

Favorite Music Mix
"Sort through you albums,
cassettes (these are OLD cards)
and CD's and make a tape of
your favorite music...easy-listening
and dance-til-you-drop music.

I think I could probably get
Princess to do this for me.
Wonder if there's a
"enjoy being totally lazy"
card in this deck?

Silly Skill
"Think of something you always wanted to learn how to do as a kid, like play the harmonica, do card tricks, juggle, etc. Head straight to a bookstore and find the appropriate how-to book. Then learn how to do it.

Nothing new here, as I do
that every day.
We call it, "DINNER"!

Clean a Closet
LOL "Can't believe I randomly
drew this card!" LOL
Clean out a closet or empty that junk-filled kitchen drawer. Get rid of the excess weight you've been living with by donating it all to a favorite community thrift shop.

I've already made one trip to donate
"stuff" to Goodwill today.
I'm trying to figure out how that
is silly. This one is a head-scratcher.

That's it from me to you today.
I had no idea I was being "Silly" today
cleaning out drawers.
I feel better already!

Doin' anything SILLY today?
Name it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vacuum Sealed & Freeze Dried Memory

This syrupy sweet post contains
the equivelant of 7447 calories
so you may want to pop a Tums to guard aginst
"sugar naseau". You've been warned.

(cue up chirping birds & Kum-by-ya singers)
August is my favorite month of the entire year.
Yesterday was a perfect day in my world.
I love sunshine.
I love big sunglasses.
I love flip flops and red toenail polish.

I also love me a man with a hammer,
especially when it's MY man with
a hammer. JB maintained a wonderful
attitude as he dripped sweat while
completely his "Honey-Do" List yesterday.
How sexy is that?!

Then afterward we went out to eat some
great food. But, forget the food,
I ordered an "Italian Margarita".
Let the record show that the Italians
could teach the Mexican folks a few
things about makin' a GREAT,
EVER TASTED Margarita!!
If Princess had not been with us
I would have ordered a second,
as JB was driving and he could've
carried me to the car.
It was THAT good!!
Ever had one?
(it's served with a bit of
Ameretto on the side,
which you pour into the

Then JB & I, along with Princess
and her boyfriend, went to see
"Julie & Julia" - which is a
culinary feast for the eyes.
Granted after that great Margarita
it was all I could do to keep my
eyes open. *blush

After the movie it was time to take
Princess' boyfriend home,
and we were all thirsty . . .
so JB drove through Sonic and ordered
HUGE Rootbeer floats for each of us!
Now I ask you,
Can you think of a better way to
spend a hot Summer day??
I think not.
I've "vacuum sealed
and freeze dried"
this memory
away to be enjoyed again come
cold, gray, February.
I filed it under
"The Perfect Summer Day!".

Friday, August 7, 2009

The tale of de' feet

Oh the many feet you meet
when you're enjoying
a vacation retreat.

Tired Feet.

Sandy Feet.

Waterific Wet Feet.

Eat your heart out Dr. Suess.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Me thinks. . .occasionally.

This is a "SWEET" day for me -
Free Margarita's for each of you!!

I love it when you visit and I ALWAYS,
without fail read your comments.
Some of you are funny and always
make me laugh, others are deep
and give me lots to think about,
still others are encouraging and
cheer me on my way, as the
DIY crafters show me how to

So glad you decided
to stick around!

life-as-it-looks today:

Princess' finished painting
her room a month ago.
She did a great job!
I don't like the color, (yuk!)
Guess that's what matters.
It is empty after having the carpet
cleaned yesterday. Now that she
has stripped away all the posters,
and "girly stuff" from her room
it will be interesting to see what
she has in mind. *sigh
I told her NOT to hang the mirror
yet, but did she listen? NO!

This is the teeny, tiny room
we refer to as the
Computer Room.
We're preparing to add
a trundle bed to this
room which will give more
sleeping space for overnight
guests. Don't know how it
will turn out.

This is our over-flow dining room
with all the "stuff" we loaded into
it in preparation for the
Carpet Cleaners. Lovely, huh?
I subscribe to the thought,
"a place for everything
and everything in it's place",
so I'm beginning to twitch a bit
after living like this for a few days.
Can I get everything back in order
before school starts on the 12th?
The clock is ticking. . .

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Somebody call 911

It's definitely TIME

for Princess
to go -

when Mom knows ALL the words to -

"Somebody call 911
Shawty fire burning on the dance floor, Whoa
I gotta cool her down

She won't bring the roof to ground
on the dance floor Whoa
She’s fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor
That little shawty’s fire burning on the dance floor
Shes fire burning,
fire burning on the dance floor

That little shawty’s fire burning on the dance floor . . ."

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Is this normal?

You may want to put the kids to bed and dim the lights a bit before you read further. I have the "need to know" some information about your personal life. Have you ever seen the Dr. Phil program when they list some things about themself which they feel might be considered odd by others? The whole program falls under the topic of "Is This Normal?"...

So, I'm asking. . .
"Do you eat healthy?"

Does nutrition actually factor into
your dining decisions MOST of
the time? Do you actively calculate
the Fat & Cholesterol in your food?
Do you skip the cookie and reach
for celery? Do you eat a plum
instead of pie?

I keep hearing folks on TV discussing
"making wise food choices"
"eating healthy".

I take a vitamin,
but other than forgoing
french fries and fried foods,
I seldom make the
wise choice.
"Is this normal?"

I really want to know.
I'll be having a BIG birthday this month
and I think perhaps it's time I give some
honest thought to this.


These are healthy muffins.

The minute frosting touches them
they are no longer muffins,
but forbidden CUPCAKES!

This is a healthy Fruit Smoothie!

The minute you add ice cream
to the mix it is no longer
a Fruit Smoothie,
but God-forbid,
a Milk Shake!

I've been investigating "healthy recipes".
Did you know that prunes are actually
an ingredient in many healthy
dessert recipes?

Oat Bran
is actually "people" food,
and not just for
horses anymore?

Some seemingly normal
people have taken to adding
carrots to their meatloaf,
spaghetti sauce, and even muffins?!

Flax Seed
is not "for the birds" -
it's used in baking
and for sprinkling on top of
a bowl of oatmeal.
Who knew?
I would LOVE to have some
"healthy recipes"
for snacks,

especially for muffins, fruit bread or smoothies.
I know it's not politically correct to admit to
being a Junk Food Junkie, but. . . .

"Hello. My name is Deb.
I'm a Junk food Junkie."
How do you compare to me in regards to your food choices?
Got a good, healthy recipe you can send my way?

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