Monday, June 30, 2014

Forever and Ever. Amen!

Remember the handsome young man I've mentioned several times?  It looks like he's gonna be stickin' around.

He "put a ring on it".
Yes he did!

Congrat's to Lil' Mama and Izaiha!
Engaged to be married next May!

Mister and I are so happy for both of them, AND for Haylee Kate.  Looking forward to much happiness for this sweet little family-to-be. 

*Stop by to visit me on Wednesday and I'll tell you the BIG mother-in-law blooper I've already pulled.  *blush*

Friday, June 27, 2014

Moody Beauty

It's been a busy week on the bayou, playing "catch up" after being away for a week.  Not complaining, just stating a fact. . .

It seems that Mom and my sister did very well while we were away.  My sister also reported that Boudxy was a "very good and smart boy".  Extra treats for Boudxy!!

While we were away Mom had to miss her weekly hair appointment - that's happened once before and didn't seem to be a big deal.  This time it WAS a big deal.  She refused to go to church Sunday because of her hair.  I understand that, however during the entire weekend she was very withdrawn.  I suspected perhaps she was angry that we had not taken her with us on vacation.  I talked with her and tried to "draw her out".  She didn't seem angry.  Hmmm?  Then on Monday she refused to come to the table for dinner, saying "I look awful and don't want to leave my room".  It was her hair that was causing all the angst.  I brought her dinner to her on a tray, but explained that after her hair appnt on Thursday we'd need to go back to eating dinner with the family.

Yesterday was "Beauty Shop Day".  Afterwards we went to lunch, then for ice cream, and on to the Library.  She looks beautiful and seems right back on track.

How we look really affects how we feel.
I've always felt that way.

Problem solved!

Do you think our appearance factors into our mood?
What say ye?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Week that Wuz!

I had intended to blog while on vacation, but found I didn't have the know-how for blogging using my ipad, sooooooo... Here's a "photo journal" of a blessed week spent at Orange Beach AL with most of our "kids" and all our Granddolls, as well as my Favorite SIL.  Truly, Heaven-came-down-to-earth it was such a good time!


Fun to go
Great to be home!!

*Special thanks to my Sister who entertained Mom
while we were away. (and spoiled Boudxy even
more than usual.)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Bayou Blitz

I was gonna say "today is the calm before the storm",

but then the sky turned dark and the rain began.
It's laundry day here on the Bayou so I don't
mind a bit of rain.

Had to show you the prettiest bloom
in my garden.

Lots to do before we head to the beach on Saturday.  The BIGGEST thing I've yet to do is to tell my Mom
that WE ARE GOING and that my Sister is coming here  to stay with her while we're away.  This is a delicate subject so I'm  gonna have to try to be somewhat diplomatic about this.  I fear Mom will be insulted as she  doesn't see the need for anyone to "stay" with her AND she may take offense that we're not taking
her with us.  We actually would enjoy taking her to see the ocean but she can only comfortably walk short distances these days, so there's no way she could maneuver on a sandy beach. I've intentionally delayed telling her about this so she'll have less time to fret and worry, but I've got to tell her soon.

It seems I'm seeing a lot of this handsome young airman
these days.  He and Lil' Mama seem to be
"thick", as my Daddy always said.
"Things that make you go, Hmmmm."

It's gonna be left-over pizza for dinner tonight.
If my family is reading this, then consider yourself

Friday, June 6, 2014


Clearing the cobwebs out of my mind today...
So here goes -

  1. We had another "snake incident".  Another 2 ft black snake slithered across the patio yesterday.  Once again Mister did NOT get the snake.  I remained calm - didn't want to use my energy to throw a Hissy Fit, so just went on about my business.  Mister needs a new knee so he only has one speed - SLOW.  I think the neighborhood snakes have figured that out.  That's why they're hangin' out at our house.
  2. TX, HK's Dad, is here visiting with us for a few days.  HK is gonna be soooooo spoiled by all this extra attention.  Still, glad she is getting to visit with him, and him with her.  It's gotta be a difficult situation for TX and Lil' Mama.  Heaven only knows I could never have behaved so maturely at their age.  Guess parenting a baby at such a young age "grows you up" quicker.
  3. Mom recieved 2 HUGE bags of candy from our son and DIL for her birthday.  She is eating this candy as fast as she can.  Tonight she wouldn't even come to the table for dinner because she had been eating candy all afternoon.  I guess when you're 85 you can do what you want.
  4. I wish I had a margarita, but I don't.
  5. One more week till VACATION!!
Cobwebs gone.
Thanks for listening!
What's on your mind today?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I wish you could know her.

Yesterday was my Mom's 85th birthday.
It was a special day to celebrate and honor her, so we threw a Par-ty!

I love my Mom!
She is hands-down the absolute strongest woman I know.  Born at the very end of the Depression she has known what it's like to work hard and make sacrifices when need be.  She mowed her own lawn til she was 80 yr old and only stopped when we nagged persuaded her. . .She was my Brownie Leader, my Girl Scout Leader, and my Sunday School Teacher.  She led me to Jesus when I was a child, 8 yrs old.  She's been a loving Mother to me  and a doting Grandmother to my children.  She's read through the Bible over 50 times and sometimes, when it's quiet in the evening,  I can hear her praying in her room.  She's an amazing woman!

Monday, June 2, 2014

The day that Wuz.

June 1, Sunday
(Photo journaling the first day of each month.)

Lil' Mama, HK, and AF boyfriend
who helped get HK ready for church.
(First time boyfriend has gone
to church with us.)

"OK Mister, it's time to shut the computer
down and head for church."


Pretty little courtyard
at church.

Mexican Food - it's what's for lunch!

After the family was home from church
I went back out to do a little shopping.

Mister had rented this movie.
I sat down for a bit to watch.
Good movie choice.

"Someone" wanted my Sonic drink.

Then there was baking to do.

Dishes were done.
And it was time for BED!!
(haven't used that old bundt pan
in years). When I hear the words "bundt cake" 
I always think of the movie, 
"My Big Fat Greek Wedding".  
Loved that movie and they're making a sequel now!

That's my day - June 1, 2014.
Pictures aren't perfect, but neither am I.
I think it will be fun to look back over the year to see how I spent the first day of each month.  If you did this please let me know so I can be sure to visit you.

What did you do Sunday?

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