Friday, October 28, 2016

Girl Power!

I know I shared this information with you before, but I want to share it again with photos -

This is Zoey, our newest love.
Born September 17.
1 lb 15 oz.

This past weekend I got to see her myself.
I got to also touch her.

We are calling her "Zoey the Warrior Princess", because she is a Fighter.  She has gained a little weight but is still struggling and fighting 24/7.  She has some heart issues (we're told they're not severe) and she also has an ulcer.  Micro preemies have many obstacles to overcome, even in the best scenarios.  We know that prayer works and we know that many people are praying along with us for Zoey.  She's gonna be alright.  Actually, we know she's gonna be FANTASTIC!

Her sisters, HK & GaGa have spent the last month with us so that Mama could heal and so that their Mom and Daddy would have time to be with Zoey at the hospital.  We took the girls home last weekend - yes, their parents made us give them back, but we had fun while they were here.

We miss them already!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Big "D"!

This is our oldest daughter, Amy.
Last March we began to plan for a Girl's Get-A-Way trip to DALLAS in the Fall.  We did it!  We went to Dallas and had a great time, just the two of us!  We attended the Belong Tour  (and it was GREAT!), and thought we were quite clever because we figured out how to "Uber" to & from the downtown venue.

And we squeezed the city of Dallas to have all the fun we could handle while we were there.

Spending 3 hours in IKEA is a BIG honkin' deal when there's not one in your town.

We wanted to see this together.
We declared it to be as good as the first one.
Loved it!!

One day we ate our lunch while seated on the sidewalk of downtown Dallas.  Yes, there is a story but I've no time to "go there", so let your imagination spin a good tale in your mind.

Mexican Food at Papacito's and we "accesorizeed" it with these beautiful, yummy drinks.  Mmmmm Good!

Then before heading home we HAD to indulge in our favorite burgers!  Folks in Dallas take these bad boys for granted, but not us!  Yum!

Amy & I vowed to take another trip together next year.  Gotta, Gotta, Gotta do it!  Such a good time!!

Monday, October 3, 2016

It's ok to be Little Bitty...

I haven't had the opportunity to blog in quite a long time and I have so much to tell you, beginning with this -
(I'm posting from my ipad and don't know how to include photos).

We welcomed a brand new Granddoll
To our family -

Zoey Elizabeth
Born September 17, 2016
1 lb 15 oz
12" long

Absolutely astounding statistics, isn't it.?!
Zoey was born at week 26 of pregnancy.
She has some typical micropreemie issues
but is actually doing very well, all things
considered.  She joins Lil' MaMa, handsome Daddy
and sisters, HK and GaGa.

HK and GaGa are with us while Lil' MaMa is recovering from a complicated c-section delivery.  Please pray for little Zoey as she continues to astound her doctors with how well she is doing.  This "little bitty" still has a long road ahead before she is able to join her family at home.  "Thank you Jesus for our sweet miracle baby!" 

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