Sunday, October 31, 2010

Homeschool. This is how we roll.

When people hear that we "Homeschool" they usually have lots of questions.
I get that.  We had lots of questions before we began, too.
Heck, we STILL have lots of questions, as this is our first year to do this.
Princess is a 15 yr old Sophomore who LOVES being homeschooled.

This is how a typical M-F day goes at our house.

Princess begins class no later than 9:00 am.
Uniform code is usually pajamas.

This is our School Hutch.
This is where all the supplies, ie
books, assignments, microscope, pens/pencils
are stored. 
I write her assignments out (at least a month)
in advance.  Each day she looks into her Folder and
finds her assignments.

When she has finished her work (usually around 1:00)
she is to clear the study area
placing all books & such back into
the school hutch.  Finished work is placed under
the paper weight and left at the end of the table.
At some point in the evening I grade her work
and discuss it if necessary.

Princess is only taking 5 subjects this year,
as we are just "learning" how to do this.
(Biology, Algebra 2, Spanish 2, Us History,
English 2)  Next year she will take
7 classes since we are short one class this year.
Her school day will be longer then.

That's it for us.
Is this what you expected from a "homeschooled" day?
Got Questions?  Opinions?

If you homeschool I would love to know what a typical
day is for you and yours.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Look what we allowed.

Youngest DD has been wanting a "nose stud"
and my husband & I finally gave her the OK.
She is 15 (16 in Nov).

Would you allow this?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Please come back to visit me.

I have been AWOL.
Please forgive me and come back
to visit sometime.
Midst all the busy-ness I had
decided to forego my Blog.
But, no-can-do,
I miss you too much.
So please give me another chance.
Pretty please.
I crave   need my Followers
and I miss you terribly.

I've been away on my annual
Girl's Get-a-way Trip.
This year we went to Captiva Island, Fl.
Here are some of my fav take-away memories -

The molestation of John Wayne.

Teeny Tiny size 2 (we hate her) wants to eat
the biggest burger on the menu.

The restaurant was on Periwinkle Street.

You just had to "be there" to truly
enjoy this moment.


I'd like to say I PARASAILED!
but actually it was two others in our group.

Pajama Party.

Even a little bit of time for R & R.

I am 61 years old and my advice to you is
"Never Stop Being Silly"
Find time to laugh.
Cultivate friendships.
Do it today.

All these friends are friends I have made online.

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