Monday, March 31, 2014

A,B,C, D, or E?

Last week a package arrived at out house - a SURPRISE!

Look what was inside!!

A Ladybug Swimsuit!
(not the baby, Silly!)

Is this not the cutest swimsuit you've ever seen?
I think she could wear this every day and I'd never tire of seeing it.  Thank you to one of my special friends - "you know who you are".

* * * * * * * * * 
Today was a glorious Spring day.  I was inside all day playing "catch up" around the house so it seems I sorta' wasted this beautiful weather, but sometimes "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do" and this was one of those days.  The weather man promises more beautiful weather with a few showers sprinkled in throughout the week. 

 "April showers. . ."
a.  hide the sun.
b.  help me sleep.
c.  make the yard muddy.
d.  mean winter is over.
e.  all the above

Which answer did you choose?

Friday, March 28, 2014

The week that wuz. . .

"We love to say Hello,
we hate to say Goodbye,
and so we say Hello
when we mean Goodbye!".
    ~Mr..Zing and Tuffy Show

We've had a wonderful week spending time with out oldest son and his wife (Grey and Antoinette) during their visit.  We just finished having lunch with them before they headed to the airport, bound for home (Washington state).  We will miss them, but we have WONDERFUL memories of this past week to sustain us till the next time.

It's been a great week of "memory making".
That's all I'll say 'cause I refuse to be sad that they've left for home  I choose to rewind all the fun of the week and enjoy it all yet again.  Lots of teasing, eating, game playing, eating, movies, eating, and did I mention pie?  We.had.some good, tasty, yummy, delicious, mouth-watering, GREAT pie from Strawns.  More than once.  
That's all I'm sayin' about that.

"We love to say Hello,
but we hate to say Good bye. . ."


Monday, March 24, 2014

Doing without it. Really?

Would you be willing to do without it?

"Although 90 percent of Americans own microwaves, Quartz reports that when the ones we have die, we're not buying new ones. Sales for microwaves are down 25 percent since 2000. As for microwaves that still work, they're being relegated to the cooking back burner in favor of toaster ovens.  (complete article HERE)

Since I totally have my hand on the pulse of America I was surprised to read these statistics. 

 I don't use my microwave a lot but I do use it every day.  Mine died two years ago and we promptly replaced it with a new one.  If this one "micro-died" tomorrow I would replace it.

Would you replace it?
(yours, not mine)
Well, if you really wanted to replace mine I'd allow it...just sayin'.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Can't Wait!

Ever have a day like this?

Happy to say that my day is going 
much better than HK's.  
Actually MUCH BETTER!!
I got some wonderful news - our son and his wife are coming to see us!!  We've not seen them in almost two years.  The last time we saw them they were getting ready to run away from home. . .Well, sort of.   ( I exaggerate just a tiny bit.) They were actually relocating all the way from Oklahoma to Washington state. They will fly here on Monday and leave on Friday so that means 5 whole days to enjoy them.

Can't wait!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


If you are a "shake-the-bottle-then-apply" kind of make-up girl, like me, it would serve you well to remember to place your finger over the top of the bottle before giving it a good "shake".

If you forget you could ruin your tee shirt.
Your very favorite, soft, ratty tee shirt.

Don't ask me how I know.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thinking out loud.

I looked out the door and what did I see?
This bright yellow beauty staring at me!

When the Forsythia plants bloom it means Spring has officially arrived..  (insert Hallelujah chorus here)  There are few things cheerier than seeing the first blooms of Spring.  Actually Tulip trees and Bradford Pear trees have been in bloom for a couple of weeks, but they whisper, "Spring".  The Forsythia plant screams, "SPRING"!  
* * * * * * * * * * * 
I fought a battle today.
Well, not actually a battle, just a tiny skirmish.
It was one of those little things that cause your brain to cramp when you think.  Someone (not in bloggy land) questioned my motives about something.  It was unfair and it was unfounded.  I could have gone on and on defending myself and questioning the motives of the one who questioned me, but I chose not to.  Most battles are fought and won (or lost) in our own mind, don't ya think?  I chose not to give a voice to the criticism. I am simply gonna "move on".  Sometimes when you give no fuel to a fire it simply burns out.  I've lived a long time and it's taken me most of my years to figure this out, but I've finally got it.  Sometimes you just do "nuthin'".  You don't talk about it.  You don't worry about it. 

 You just let it go, defy anyone to "rain on your parade",
and keep marching.

Monday, March 17, 2014

48 Hours

Our oldest first born child had a birthday last week and we had lots of fun celebrating with her this weekend in Tulsa.  Though out-going and feisty, she seems to manage to be out of camera range most of the time, but I.Got.Her. this weekend.  Isn't she the prettiest thing?  People have always loved her hair and when she was a child she worried that perhaps someday her hair would turn brown.  It didn't happen. YAY!  And, I must add that we brought our little red-head home from the hospital on St. Patrick's day.  What did she wear?  A pretty little mint green dress. The happiest St. Paddy's day we've ever had!

"We LOVE you, Amy!".

Amy and her youngest daughter, Grace.

Amy and Brent
(BTW, Brent is my FAVORITE SIL)

These are their lovely daughters.
Kaylee, Paige, and Grace.
They float my boat.
They wet my whistle.
They ring my bell.
OK.  I know you get the idea.

Such fun spending time with all these beautiful girls!

Kaylee just recently got her Driver's Permit.
She took me for a ride in her new (to her) car.
It was surreal being chauffeured by a

We also celebrated HK's birthday
with our extended family.

Little Mama was so nervous about it
but it turned out very nicely, doncha' think?
Ladybugs everywhere!

HK thought it was GREAT!

I also attended a Baby Shower for
Heather & Chase.(our nephew and his wife)  This will be their first child, a baby girl.  Can't wait til she arrives - don't think we're gonna have to wait very long now.

Good luck Heather!!
I'm guessing little "Linley" will make her grand entrance next Saturday, March 22.
Weighing in at 8 lbs 12 oz.  (We'll see if my guess is close.)

Practically every minute of the 48 hrs in Tulsa was spent doing something "family fun".  So thankful for the special times.  Even though I don't like to travel, gotta say it was absolutely worth every minute of the drive.  And, let the record show that HK traveled very well - though it was necessary to keep the "Bubble Guppies" video playing the entire time. I'm thinking that should qualify Mister and me for some type of award.  Can I get an Amen?  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Going Places

Such a busy day here in the Bayou, since we'll be traveling to Okla tomorrow.  Can't wait to see everyone, but if you've been following me you understand that I hate, despise, abhor, dislike traveling. Still, it will be worth it to see everyone.  Gonna have mega celebrations this weekend as we party down for our oldest daughter, Amy's birthday, HK's family party, and a baby shower for our little grand niece who is scheduled for arrival next month.  Lots of "happy" goin' on in our midst.

Last week I mentioned that I was gonna try a new brand of hair color.  I did.  This afternoon I'm gonna have to redo my roots, with my tried & true Loreal hair color.  The new hair product colored my hair nicely, EXCEPT for my gray roots, which turned a VIBRANT neon orange.  When Lil' Mama first saw my freshly colored hair she asked if I had been outside and got a sunburn on my scalp.

I must confess that today is sunny, with a gorgeous blue sky and temps nearing 70.  Perfect day for taking Mom to the beauty shop and meeting a friend for lunch.  The day will become wildly busy after that and I probably will "burn the midnight oil" and fall asleep fatigued, but til then I'm gonna enjoy this beautiful day.

Hope your day is wonderful
and perhaps a little slower paced than mine.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mean, Green, and Obscene

This is me
making a public service announcement.

Don't EVER, EVER, EVER  (no matter how desperate you are to try something new and healthy) waste your time and money making "Kale Chips".

Remember Nancy Reagan and "JUST SAY NO
to Kale Chips".

Can a 5 star rating and 222 reviews be wrong?
Yes!!  Yes!!  And Yes!!

Even if green is your favorite color.
Even if you have nothing to eat except "Kale Chips".

Even if you should ever need to choose between
Cow Patties
Kale Chips,
remember these words: "Just say NO!".
Or maybe "Hell NO!"

I wish I had thought to take a photo of my
Kale Chips before I threw them into the trash
(which was just after I spit a mouthful of this
green stuff into the sink).

Here's my recipe review:
"These things are
Mean, Green and Obscene".

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Have you ever had a day when you went to bed feeling fine then awoke feeling overwhelmed?  That's how I felt yesterday.  It wanted "order" and I just couldn't seem to get things "in place" regardless of how hard  I tried.  There was really nothing different about that particular day, but I had the feeling of being swallowed up by things to do and never being able to catch up.  Ever.

So...the first thing I did was take the Mardi Gras wreath off the front door.  Mardi Gras is over and it's time to move on. (It made sense to me.)

Check out the plants on the porch that didn't make it through the winter.

Nothing says "Come in and visit awhile"
like dead porch plants.
That will be a project for another day.

I did manage to replace the Mardi Gras wreath
with some Easter Bunnies...

Then I went inside to tackle the house,
but felt "jittery" all day.

I slept good last night and woke up this morning
with hives covering my right forearm.
Bizarre, isn't it?!

I actually feel better today.

Being one who likes to live on the "edge", I am deviating from my forever, reliable Loreal hair color and am coloring my hair today with "Nice & Easy" today.

This blog post is much like the old "Seinfeld" TV program,
"lots of talk about nothing".
Women - it's what we do, isn't it?

Perhaps I have a case of PSS.
"Pre Spring Syndrome".
How about you?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

One year ago. . .

Lil' Mama bringing HK  home from the hospital
one week after giving birth.
It had been a rough week for both of them.

Happy First Birthday Haylee Kate!
Today is a VERY special day.

I haven't a minute to spare but just HAD to pause to make this special post.  HK will be having 4 birthday parties - all "Ladybug" themed.  The first party will be a very small one tonight with just our immediate family.  The next will be this weekend when Lil' Mama and HK go to TX to party with HK's Daddy's family.  Later Lil' Mama's friends are gonna throw her a small dinner party, then we will go to Tulsa to have her big party with our extended family.  (Her official b-day photos will be taken then)...The photo above was taken as she watched "Bubble Guppies" today - it was the only way we could get her still long enough for a photo!

Lil' Mama baked a cake for her very first time.  It was a "Ladybug Birthday Cake".  I didn't help at all.  I was amazed at how well it turned out.

Pretty darn cute, huh?

Gotta run!
Busy day.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Imagine going to your front door on a gloomy, routine day. . .

. . .and finding this.

"A Care Package"!
I have never received any type of Care Package before.
Obviously from our oldest son and his wife.
I don't know how to get this cheesy smile off my face.
I think it's permanently frozen there.

Look what I found inside!

I don't want to boast, but "When's the last time you had your very own coloring book?"
Just sayin. . .

And look at all these yummies!
Everything made waaay up there in Washington State!
"Which to open first?"
I think I'll wait.  Then put all these goodies back into the box so Mister can have the fun of opening the big red box himself. 

And look at these very cool Washington State post cards - each actually frame-worthy IMO.  And the funky Sunshine magnet will receive it's very own place of honor on the 'fridge.  Now I'm guaranteed sunshine every day. (OK.  I did open the Chocolate Chukar Cherries and I ate one, but I can put them back into the container and Mister won't even know one is missing.)

This was soooooo much fun!!
It brightened my entire day!!
(OK.  So I ate two of the Chocolate Chukar Cherries.  It was before lunch and I was hungry.  And weak.)
Mister better come home from work soon if he's gonna get to enjoy any of these fun Washington treats.  Grey and Antoinette "I want to put smushy kisses all over your face!"  

Thank you so much!!

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