Sunday, December 14, 2014


I don't want to "name drop",  but

I've been hangin' with some very
high profile people lately...

and so has Haylee Kate.

Can you believe how much she's grown?

There's just something about Santa photos that makes one smile.  Hope this did it for you today. 
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Quick Change.

Change can happen so quickly.
That's not a surprise to anyone is it?!

In one simple day we went from having 6 people (Me, Mister, My Mom, Litle Mama, HK, and very often Little Mama's fiance) + our dog in our home, to having ONE person + a dog in our home.

This is how it happened.
Little Mama were scheduled to move into the house where she, HK, and her husband, come March, will live.  They loaded and moved on this particular day.

In the meantime, I had an early morning doctor appointment and ended up in the hospital that very day.  How's that for bad timing?

Upon hearing I was ill my Sister made an all day drive to come get Mom and take her back to Okla so she could care for her as I recuperated.

That left Mister + the dog, "home alone" for 5 days.  I don't know who was the most pathetic.  Mister was so low he almost melted into the floor and our dog is said to have gone from room to room crying at each door looking for everyone.

Thank God!  (Really.  I thank God!)
Things are much better now.
I'm still taking meds and trying to get my stamina back.  It's happening and I'm getting a lesson in "being still" and letting God take care of many things I'd been doing for quite a while.  I'm a slow learner, but I'm beginning to "get it"

Thanksgiving went with nary a turkey or rich dessert in our house.  Youngest son came home during the holiday and it really helped to set our spirits back on high.  Mister took youngest son, Little Mama, fiance, and HK out to dinner on Thanksgiving while I rested it at home.  Still, I had the most sincerely thankful heart I've had in many a Thanksgiving.  I was very blessed and I had lots of time to ponder the thought.

Christmas is coming and it looks liked we'll get to celebrate in much of the usual ways.  I'm so thankful to be regaining my strength.  YAY!!  Still, it's different in some ways.  There is not a Christmas tree, a bauble or a single bow in our house.  I've decided that there's so much that will need to be done before bringing Mom back home, that we will enjoy our family and all the celebrating but without the usual festive "stuff" scattered about the house.  Almost every gift we give this year will come from online purchases. What a help that has been.

There is a air of happiness in our home that no Christmas tree or Christmas lights could begin to match.  Next year we'll be back to the norm, but in the meantime we'll enjoy things just as they are.  Mister is smiling again.  Boudxy, our dog, is my constant shadow, and everyone is doing well,  I'm learning to lean-into-it and embrace the change.

Merry Christmas, Bloggy Friends!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


This is my life.
"On Pause."
I've not gone away permanently.
I'm on my way back!

I won't bore you with details but I will tell you I'd been sick, sorta, for several weeks and ended up getting a ride via ambulance, with 6 handsome EMT's, to the hospital.  I've always been a girl who likes to make an entrance.  NOT!   I was there for 5 days and am so happy to be home now.  I came home a couple of days before Thanksgiving.  Yay!  

I've been spending my days in the recliner and doing little besides trying to be a good girl and take my meds exactly as the doctors told me.  

That's it.
It's not exciting,
but it's real.

Girl's, take it from me,
"Never make your colon mad".
You can quote me on this.

*I've had lots of time to visit your blogs and I do.  You entertain me and  I'm appreciative!

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