Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The beauty of "average".

Welcome to our house on an average day.
I love me an average day.
No drama.  No big decisions to make.
Just all of us going about our business
on an average Spring day.

This hardy begonia wintered on the porch
and surprised me by living!

And this plant did the same.
No TLC required.
It lived and bloomed in-spite-of-me,
rather than because of me.

We live near a big Air Force base and I never
tire of watching the HUGE B52's fly over.

And look who's turned into a "Swinger"!

Lil' Mama loaded Haylee Kate into the stroller and 
tethered Boudxy to the handle and off they went 
on a walk. (except for the one time Boudxy lunged
 and almost turned the stroller over, it went well)
We think he is "trainable" and this should soon
be a daily event.

Mister enjoying his favorite evening Pass-time.
Be still my heart.

Ya know, as I read blogs I always enjoy seeing all the special things and events going on, but I think what I enjoy most is simply reading about typical, average days.  I think I'm a little nosy, 'cause I love to see/read about how people live their lives.  If I were living my life all over I think I would go to college and study Sociology.  Human behavior has always fascinated me.  Then, after I became a Sociologist, I would head to Nashville and become a good-lookin', skinny, blonde, Country Music Singer. (all these dreams, never factoring in the fact that I don't like to study, and I've got absolutely no singing ability)  Then, in between studying human behavior of the world, and becoming a singing star, I would marry Mister and have my four children and four granddolls.  For sure.
Don't you love that dreaming is free?

My imagination goes a bit wild on an average day!

Got any average day wild dreams?

Monday, April 29, 2013

I heart my c_ _ _ _ _ _ t!

I'm a "Crockpot" kind a' girl.
This basically translates into saying I'm a slacker cook of sorts.
Knowing I've got dinner covered regardless of how the day unfolds, makes me feel a little smug happy, so I just have to share this little bit of smug-ness"happy" with you!

Crockpot Tamale Casserole
I heart my crockpot!! This is my newest Crockpot recipe find.  I don't usually post recipes but this was waaay to good not to share.  I made it exactly per the recipe except that I used less corn and added a can of black beans (well-drained).  My family loves Mexican food so I make a variety of Mexican casseroles but this is my new favorite.  I'm gonna be your favorite bloggy friend when you serve this up.

* * * * * * * * * * * * 
Also, in times past I have bought Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce, but have never really cared for the taste very much.  I stumbled across this EASY/QUICK recipe  - I love the taste and it's much cheaper than the canned variety.  I make this sauce now and I use it when recipes call for Enchilada Sauce.  BTW, it happens to be vegan & vegetarian, which is a non-issue for us, we just simply like the taste.  Enchilada Sauce Recipe.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Strawberry Caper TANKS!

I've learned that I would not make for a very good criminal.  My last post bragged told about my efforts to outwit, outsmart, and outplay my Mom in regards to her medication.  Let the record show that while I thought she had eaten my concoction, she had actually washed it down the kitchen drain.  Dessert scheme TANKED.

The next morning dawned "awful", and unless you've been around someone who is battling dementia you can't even imagine has awful the "awful" was.  She hit.  She cursed.  She made a scene at the doctor's office. It was a bit embarassing, and a lot humiliating as she spewed all types of false accusations my way for the world to hear. So, to everyone we crossed paths with yesterday, I am either a good daughter trying her best to help her Mom, OR I am a horrid, awful person who has stolen all of her money and left her penniless.  (*sigh) This is what 24 hrs off her meds looks like.

She is now spending a few days in an Alz/Dementia hospital as they work to get her back onto her meds.  It sure helps to keep a sense of humor as we deal with this.

Strawberry dessert, anyone?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Great Strawberry Caper

Taylor Swift writes songs about her life and is a multi-millionaire.  I write blog posts about my life and . . . well, you can finish that sentence for me.  LOL  Oh-the-irony-of-it.

I did something today that I have never done before - yes, a NEW "life experience".  I don't think even Miss Swift could write a song about this.  Let me first say that my little escapade might qualify me as a criminal - I'm not really sure about this.  I guess I would need to throw myself at the mercy of the court and plead "desperation" if that should be the case.

Those of you who visit me regularly know that my Mom has been living with us for about 6 weeks now.  She  has dementia, and though she does "pretty well", some days are just plain rough.  Today was one of those days.  Mom woke up in a crabby mood.  (we had a great day yesterday and she had gone to bed the night before quite content - go figure.)  The long and short of this being that this morning Mom told me she was not going to take her medication any more.  That was it.  She didn't need it and she wasn't going to take it.  *sigh*  Mom takes a couple of meds for her heart and some strong  mind-bending (my word) meds that are working to keep her dementia  in check, these enable her to function at her very best.  Not taking them is NOT an option.  Without the meds she would probably take a downward spiral, not to mention possible withdrawal symptoms.  What to do?  She is way too savvy to simply mix her meds into applesauce and the like.  So . . .

I got out my small coffee bean grinder and ground up todays meds.  Then I concocted a Jello/strawberry/Cool Whip dessert and laced hers with the finely ground up meds.  I can't even begin to imagine what all those meds must taste like, but she ate it!

 The "Jello Caper" was a success - put that in a song, Miss Swift.

Perhaps "Peanut Butter Surprise".

I'm praying she wakes up in a cordial, easy-going mood and takes her meds with a happy heart.tomorrow.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Motley Crew

It was a beautiful Spring Sunday here on the Bayou.
As our family went into church 10 minutes late I was reminded of "Pack the Pew" Sundays, a common occasion for protestant churches when I was a child.  Do any of you remember "packing the pew"?  Anyway, as we filled our row of chairs at church this morning I couldn't help but think of what a "motley crew" we are.  Me, Mister, My Mom, Lil' Mama, Baby Daddy, and Haylee Kate.  Norman Rockwell certainly never painted a picture of our group!  (Yes, Baby Daddy spent the weekend with us - that alone continues to be an on-going test of living out our faith, but it's getting a tiny bit easier.)   I once read "Grace is something we all want to receive, but never want to give" - it's an ugly truth, isn't it?  I want grace, but it's sure hard to give sometimes.  If it sounds like I'm preaching just know that I'm preaching to myself.  I love the fact that our church welcomes everyone, regardless of situation and circumstance, 'cause we are definitely living in a set of unforeseen circumstances.  At this time last year none of our group could have imagined how we would all have been connected together in such a way on this particular Sunday in April this year.  Our situation isn't ideal, but with God's help, we're all moving forward.  Haylee Kate and my Mom are the sunshine in our day - it's hokey, but true.

BTW, let the record show that Mister and I have decided that Baby Daddy (don't want to use his real name here) is welcome to come here to spend time with our family to enable him to  forge a relationship with his daughter.  Every bedroom in our house is taken so he sleeps on the sofa.  We are getting acquainted with him.  The future is still a big question mark for he and Lil' Mama, though they remain "boyfriend and girlfriend" at this point and time. (Yes, this does make me nervous.) It would be easy to pass judgement on this situation - I know this for a fact because I wrestle with it also.  

'Nuff said for tonight.
Most of our "motley crew" has gone to bed,
and I am soon to join them!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

from ME to YOU.

So much sadness coming from the TV today.
It's easy to forget that the world is full of wonderful, caring, people.  Evil is NOT the norm and there is so much more GOOD than evil. I must remind myself of this fact.  Coming to my blog and then browsing through blogland and visiting with you - seeing what you're doing, and reading about your families and projects brings me back to reality.  I've been very busy lately, and I miss having as much time as I once had to visit with you, but please know you're not forgotten.  I wish I could stop by your blog daily, but that's just not possible right now, but when I can stop by it is a real treat!

May God bless and bring healing to all, especially to those in Boston and Texas.

Now - here's a little piece of "happy" from my house -

Haylee Kate (6 wks, approx 8 lbs) and Lil' Mama

Tell me something "Happy" in your house today.
I'd love to hear!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ouchy! Wah! Wah!

If you, or someone you know, own a set of TV trays similar to these, then you need to read on.  A recall may be forthcoming.

There was an accident at our house today.
The story is not for the faint of heart.
I don't know exactly how the accident happened, but I can tell you what I was doing when the accident occurred.  I had just finished lunch.  Being the good homemaker I am, I wiped down the TV tray and went to replace it on it's stand.  As I was folding the tray and lowering it onto the stand, intense pain nipped at my very being.  Somehow my nipple "lady bud" (sans bra) became PINCHED between the tray and the tray legs. The injury is that of a delicate matter.  I've a mind to pour myself a wine cooler while I nurse my injury.  I feel like such a Boob - it seems the strangest things happen to me.  I guess when one roars through her day on auto pilot, it's to be expected.  Sort of tit for tat.

I was just messin' with you,
however the story is true,
and if anyone wants to know, it was the left one.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Don't Do It!"

is what it's all about when a train is sitting
as in NOT MOVING on the track.
(I could make all sorts of analogies with this one,
but instead, I'll leave you to think of your own.)

We (Mom and I) sat in the car waiting for a l-o-n-g time.  Finally, the train began to rumble slowly down the track.  This made us late for Mom's Bingo game at the senior center.  Upon arriving late, I found there was an unwritten rule about coming in late for Bingo.  The rule?  "Don't do it."  They don't take kindly to late arrivals. Mom didn't seem to pick up on the vibe.  I got the message loud and clear.
Too funny!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

One Month!

Haylee Kate weighed in at 7 lb 5 oz today
at her one month check-up!

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Mister and I worked in the yard yesterday afternoon. We're re-mulching every square inch of our yard that isn't covered in grass.  I'm not into "weeding", so this seems the best way to go.  We got half way through, then crashed & burned.  We decided to save some of the fun for another day.  We sat on the front porch for a time trying to muster up enough energy to pick up our tools and go inside.  It was sunny, with a gentle breeze.  The neighborhood was a buzz with walkers & joggers.  Spring is late this year, but it has finally arrived, and it feels really good,  'specially when you're sharing the porch with your favorite guy.

Friday, April 5, 2013


  1. moist 
  2. panties 
  3. omnipotent
  4. queasy
  5. pustule (GROSS)
  6. cluster
  7. welt
  8. puss
  9. boil (as it relates to skin)
  10. flake

I heard this list discussed on the Today
program.  I think to qualify, a word should
sound disgusting to the ear,and the
definition is not supposed to be an

 issue.  I've been thinking about words 
I'd like to add to this list. 
Here's a few:
  1. goolash
  2. redundant
  3. exfoliate
  4. scrotum
OK.  Give it to me - Let's hear "disgusting".
Whatcha got?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away - we need STUFF to do today!

It's been doing lots of this lately.
And, again today.

We've been doin' lots of this . . .

and this . . .

I can handle a rainy day, but Mom can't.
She wants to be busy 24/7
and I'm out of ideas to keep her busy.


today Mom and I are going to a movie,
a movie that opened last week
and is already at the "B" movie theater.
It will be fine, as the movie is
secondary to the activity of simply going to the movie.

Monday, April 1, 2013

I may not be proud, but I'm honest.

Oh Lordy!
Can you see how someone has carved out the cake beneath the pineapple slices?  I was more than a little surprised when I saw this.  IT.WAS.ME.  I knew I was the guilty party.  When I take Ambien (sleeping pill), I sometimes do mindless eating after going to bed.  So at some point last night I suppose I thought it was reasonable to get out of bed, eat the cake (my favorite part) out from under the pineapple, then go back to bed.  Perhaps I have a future in reality TV, "Zombies Who Eat in the Night"!
Wah! Wah!
I gotta quit doing this!!

Cake, anyone?

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