Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh, Yum! Elephant!

I often quote this little saying,
but now that I actually think about it,
it's a little gross, huh?

Still, the thought is not lost on me, meaning when you have a BIG project it must be broken down into doable portions.  
I began such a project today.

one view

another view

This is the tiny little beloved room we call "the computer room". This is where I do all my amazingly, fantastic, creative, blogging (yes, I know I exagerate) .  It is also a room where we put various and sundry ''stuff" that simply needs a place to live and collect dust.

I must empty this room entirely.
Everything must go! Somewhere.
Every shelf, all the furniture, and even the closet
which I chose not to show you because
I like you too much to subject you to it's horrors.
I'm really nice that way.

This will become the nursery for our new
grandbaby who will arrive in March,
ready or not.

This is the first bite from the "elephant"
as I hauled this first load to the
Goodwill today.
(you can be sure there will be more
talk of this "elephant" in the days ahead)

Monday, October 29, 2012


It's a "regular" October day here in Louisiana.  The sun is shining and the air is warming after a brief cold-snap this weekend.  I almost feel guilty saying that while knowing there are so many people enduring nasty weather from "Sandy".  I enjoy a "regular" day and when one hears's of horrid weather it is a reminder, to enjoy these "regular" days to the max.

On this "regular" day, I am cooking Crockpot Chicken and Dumplin's.  I've never made this in the crockpot before so I hope it works.  I'm gonna add a can of mixed veggies and call it, "Chicken Pot Pie Soup".  I'll feel a little less guilty about eating all those calories if there's a few veggies in the mix.  *wink

Look at my Crockpot.
This thing is a thousand years old.
I think it was the "original" crockpot which came
out umpteen years ago.
I've contemplated getting a new one,
but this thing still heats and performs like a charm.
Newer IS probably better, but I'm declaring it 
the title of  "Vintage Crockpot" which means
all the dents, dings, and spill-overs add
to it's charm.
Yeah.  Right.

Also, look what I tucked away in the oven.

"Come-to-MaMa" Pumpkin Bread.
I quickly wrapped this baby in aluminum foil
and put it in the freezer for another day.
(I may have eaten a piece before I froze it.)
That cannot be confirmed at this time.

The washer is sloshing, the dryer is humming,
and the TV is playing random programs
in the background.

It is a "regular" day.
I hope you're having a "regular" day,
(whatever that looks like where you are)
and may God bless & keep those who
are experiencing rough weather.

May "regular" days soon
be around for everyone!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hard fall.

"There was a nail on the field & Grace hit it-Ouch!!"

We received this photo/text from our daughter this 
afternoon, regarding Grace, who is our 9 yr old Granddoll.  
(They are in Oklahoma.
We are in Louisiana.)
We winced.  Poor Grace!
We called but couldn't reach them,
so we began texting to see how Grace was feeling,  did she get a tetanus shot, plastic surgeon, etc. etc.

Finally, we got a "call back" from our daughter.
"Scroll down", she said.
"Scroll down - there is more to the text."

We scrolled down and read,
"Just kidding, the Zombies were sporting 
Zombie tatoos today! 
(Grace asked me to play this joke on you) 

The Zombies are our Granddoll's soccer team.

Not funny.

Well, actually it is funny since it wasn't true.
This photo looked so real on the tiny phone screen where we originally saw it for the first time.  

We'd been punked. 
"Halloween Punked"!
She got us good.
And we fell for it.

Ever been "punked" 
or fell hard for a practical joke?

*sorry for the strange spacing and word divisions.
I guess it is the season for all types of gremlins
and zombies in the posting of this blog.

Easing into It

Fall comes late to Louisiana.
Everything is still green and lush.

My Garden is in it's beautiful second bloom.
I LOVE it!

That said, I woke up to rain and much cooler temps this morning.  This is really not a happy sight for a sun-loving, "Summer Girl".  But rather than complain and grouse around as I usually due when I can no longer deny that Fall has arrived  I am trying to see the change of the season as many of you do.

I've been watching you.
I've been reading you.
I've been looking for the beauty that so many of you
love about the new season.
Thank you for your insight -
you have made a difference.
I may not be fully embracing the season,
but I'm easing into it with
a smile on my face.

I decided to forego my fruit Smoothie this morning
for a bowl of oatmeal.
Good Fall fare, doncha think?

And, I ditched my flip-flops
for some funky, fuzzy socks.

My only concession to my old ways -
Had to turn on LOTS of house LIGHTS!!

"All the better to read your blogs,
My Dearies"!

What are you lovin' about Fall?
*praying that Hurricane Sandy goes out to sea
and everyone is spared her wrath

Friday, October 26, 2012


I am an "Early Voter".
I voted yesterday!
(and yes, I'm feeling a little smug too)

I'm usually running late for whatever I'm planning to do, so this is a BIG DEAL for me.  So when you hear the news reporters talk about "Early Voters" - they're talking about ME!!

I will admit that VOTING
still gives me a

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ladybug Girl's Get-Away!!

 Roll call.
Everyone was present and accounted for.

Our group, called "The Ladybugs" met online @ iVillage many years ago.
The following states were represented this year:
Louisiana, Alabama, Illinois, Georgia, Delaware,
and even Montreal, Canada!
Each year we gather at a new location to enjoy
great fun and the wonderful friendships
within this special group of unlikely friends!!

A Queen was crowned.

All hell  hail the Queen!

A "real" Ladybug blessed us with
her presence!

Reporting the News at CNN.

Tiara Night,
when everyone is a Princess.

Look who I ran into while shopping
at The Atlantic Station!!

Party Night!
Name withheld to protect the
innocent  characters

We were all gifted with some great
"Ladybug" socks.
Hmmm.  Looks like someone has
infiltrated our ranks.

Me, "rockin' the socks"!

My roomie and I at the well-known Atlanta
tea room, Mary Mac's.  Jo, the official
"Greeter & Back-Rubber" (her title)
welcomed us!

Fun at the Georgia Aquarium!

The only thing I don't like about our annual
girl's get-together
is saying, "Goodbye"!

We only get to see each other once each year,
but we stay connected via phone, email, and FB.

* * * * * * * * *
I can't tell you how much good this little get-away
did for me.  I feel totally rested, refreshed
and ready for a great year!

I hope you all have wonderful friends like this in your life!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On the back burner . . .

I have put all my "issues" on the back burner. . .

packed my suitcase to overflowing,

and tomorrow I (we) will be on the road to Atlanta

for my annual
"Girl's Get-Away"!

Yes, I'm even willing to suffer my usual
(Road Trip Aversion Disorder)
to be with these special friends.

Rather than flying, we decided to make it a Road Trip.  Since our youngest son lives in Atlanta,  it makes for a good opportunity for Mister to hang out with "baby boy" while I am with the girls, then we'll finish up our stay by celebrating our boy's Birthday before we head home next week.  (It's been several years since we have been with him on his birthday so this will be a treat too.)

You KNOW I'll come back with lots of photos and "tales to tell".

The only thing that would make the get-away better would be if YOU were there to join in the fun!  I'll promise to think of you (at least a little) while I'm there.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Like a virgin. . .

"Like a virgin. . .
"postcrossing" for the very first time!"

I received my first postcard via Postcrossing today.


If you are not familiar with "Postcrossing" you can
read about it HERE.
It's kinda, sorta, a 21st century form of pen pals,
except with variations.  My oldest daughter 
introduced this to me, and I am a total newbie.
This is the first postcard I've received and
it came all the way from the Ukraine.

I began my "Postcrossing" experience by sending
postcards to: Belarus, Netherlands, Czech Republic.

It's a total BUZZ to get a postcard from some random place in the world,  rather than just the usual bills and junk mail.

I'm looking forward to having a collection of postcards from around the world.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Louisiana Saturday Night!

I actually wrote the title to this post, then realized our big "night out" was Friday, rather than Saturday.  Oops!  Mister took me to the "Brad Paisley Concert" and it was FUNDERFUL!!  I am a total country music nut fan and country singers rate maybe even above "Sweet Tea" on a list of things I enjoy!  And to top it all off - our seats were the BEST in the house, IMO.

Brad Paisley playing to the crowd!
This guy changed guitars as often as a Diva
changes outfits!

This gal is in constant motion -  such a dynamo
in a teeny, tiny, body.  This is Kimberly, the lead singer
of "The Band Perry".

Here she is with her brothers who sing and play
back-up; they are a brother/sister trio.

If you watched last season's American Idol
then you know who this is - Scotty McCreery.
He's a young kid blessed with a very pure, deep voice.

Then a highlight of the concert was when
Carrie Underwood showed up to sing 
a duet with Brad.
The audience roared to see her unexpected
appearance, only to realize, after a bit,
that her presence was that of a life-like
hologram . It was amazing technology!
The possibilities of that sort of thing are mind-boggling, and even a little scary when you really think about it.

Before the concert Mister went all out taking me to
dinner @ Bodacious BBQ!
(actually I really love this place)
What it lacks in ambience it makes up for
with good prices and GREAT bbq.
*oink  *oink

And now, just one "snarky" photo -
(forgive me, but I just couldn't
close this post w/o sharing this)

This poor "un-cowboy" obviously escaped 
from the "What Not to Wear" program
before anyone could tell him
cowboys do NOT wear their jeans
stuffed into their boots!

Alas, I will not throw any big stones his way
as I may have been seen sporting a bandana
around my neck.
There are no photos to verify this so 
it will remain as unproven fodder for the rumor mill.  *wink

If you've never been to a country music concert you need to add it to your Bucket List.
So much fun!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Baby. Oh, Baby.

This is the time of year for Trick or Treating. . .

And lots of "Surprises".

Halloween has come early to our house -
in the form of some very "surprising"
life-changing, jaw-dropping, tear-wrenching, news. 

Our resident, 17 yr old Princess is *pregnant*.
I've said it.
Lest you think I am "flippant" with this news,
be assured I.AM.NOT.
The past 6 weeks has been some of the most difficult time of our life.  Our entire family has wrestled, and cried, and bemoaned this news.  But we have all "come around", through the help, love, support, and prayer, of our friends and extended family.  Some of you have walked this path with me - you held out hope when I thought there was none to be found.  I am forever indebted to your kindness.

Come March, we will welcome one of these. . .


one of these.

Next year is gonna be a "doozey".
But, Princess is doing well and we are embracing
the joy of getting a new Grandbaby.

*This IS my life.
I couldn't make this stuff up.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Name Game



"Big Bart"



I love dogs.
I love dog stories.
I love dog photos.
And I especially love dog names.

I found these cute dog photos online and then "named" them myself.  

I'd love to hear what your dog's name is.
Or even the most unique, unusual, fun dog name you've heard.
Looking forward to your Comments!

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