Tuesday, June 25, 2013

All for little ol' me!

I've been home from our trip long enough to get the laundry done and get back into a regular rhythm around the house.  While doing this it dawned on me that I forgotten to tell you just how FRIENDLY the people of Washington, DC were.  All over town I saw people wearing this shirt.

"I Love Debbie Cabbott".

It really wasn't necessary,
but I appreciated the gesture.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Do you want a GOLD STAR?

What a treat it was to take two of our Granddolls on a vacation to Washington, DC.  Don't know who was the most excited, me and Mister, or the two girls. (?)  Here are some highlights of our trip.  (I can hear you sighing. LOL)

In the Tulsa International airport waiting  to "board".  This was the first flight for the girls.

Seat belts were buckled and they were ready for "take-off".  The youngest granddoll had not been able to sleep for the two previous nights because she was soooooo excited about the trip.

This is what she did on the flight.

Not bad digs, huh?

Who knew that Abe was alive and wandering the streets of DC?

Part of the WWII Memorial

The girls and I posing with Eleanor Roosevelt.  This was actually one of my very favorite memorials - very well done.  Eleanor is the only first lady to have a public statue of herself.  (Yep, learned that on the tour.)  The memorial was small, but very moving.

The Capitol.
Notice the iron fence that blocks the steps.  Very sad it has come to this.  When I say we had to walk a mile, uphill to enter from a back entrance, I am not exaggerating.  Then we went  through a security check which is the same type you go through at the airport.

This is the view from the back porch at Mount Vernon.  Awesome to know that George Washington and Martha sat here and enjoyed the same view of the Potomac River.

I don't like to name drop, BUT, I actually met George and his step-daughter Lizzy.

We had great fun at The Kennedy Center.
The play we saw was an upbeat, interactive, comedy, "who-dun-it" type.  We all loved it!

The Pentagon Mall.
Four stories tall - need I say more?!

We had some time for silliness along the way.

And we also had some time for 4 small cups of ice cream (1 1/2 scoop ea.) to the tune of $25!

It was a memory-maker type of trip and I'm so very thankful it all worked out where we could go.  Lil' Mama and Haylee Kate stayed home alone for the entire week.  Lil' Mama is taking a summer college class and she managed to care for HK, go to class, maintain the house, and even arranged for a babysitter while she was in class.  She was very proud of herself for this accomplishment, and we are proud of her also.  I KNEW she could do it, and now she knows she can too - a great confidence builder.  Mom is back with us now after spending a month with my Sister, so we are getting back into the routine.  The fact that it's Summer    makes me think I can deal with anything that comes my way!

*If you read this entire post you get a GOLD STAR!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Very Special Day

Saturday was the Graduation Luncheon for Lil' Mama, and to my thinking it was PERFECT; perfect because we got to share our joy with some very special friends.  We invited 6 very special women who have loved, supported, encouraged, prayed, and "stood in the gap" for Lil' Mama during her high school years.  Every one we invited was able to attend - "YAY"!  We were excited to share this happy occasion with them since they have "so-been-there-for-us", and God only knows how much we love and appreciate each one of them.  I could actually go around the table and tell you how each of them has "spoken" into our life, but your eyes would blur from all I'd need to write, so just suffice it to say that these gals are all very special indeed.

Here's a few photos from our Luncheon at the Glenwood Tea Room.

Congratulations, Baby Girl!
You did it!!
Happy Graduation!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

a "Quickie"

We are having a small graduation luncheon for Lil' Mama.  Looking forward to sharing the moment with a few close friends who have encouraged and helped us reach this happy day.  You can be sure I'll share some photos with you after the occasion, but today we did a crafty little project preparing take-home favors.  It was a "quickie" project and we had fun putting it together.

Here's the idea we took straight from Pinterest.
(a BIG cookie placed inside a CD envelope)

We expanded on the idea just a little
to glam it up just a bit.

Here's our finished project.
Cranberry shortbread cookie & tea
they can snack on later.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Damage Control

Things are not always as hopeless as they seem.

Wah! Lah!

I baked a cake, topped it with marshmallows
and promptly forgot it was under the broiler.
Smoke billowed from the oven.

Lil' MaMa came along.
Scrapped the burned marshmallows off,
replaced them with new ones
and placed it all back into the oven
for a few minutes.
Damage control complete -

"Thank You, Lil' Mama!"

Monday, June 3, 2013

"Implosion" averted.

I am smelling a lot like self-tanner these days.  Do you think it's because I'm wearing self-tanner?

The "List" (for Mister) is still  in effect.
This List has 6 points on it.  Mister is now through 3 1/2..  I have high hopes that Mister is gonna' ace this list.  WOO!  HOO!  What a good Mister I have!!

I have given up on ever having a clean house again.  When there is so much going on under one roof it is an impossibility.

Lil' Mama attended her first college class Thursday.  So proud of her "moving forward" with her education.  I am working on a few details for her high school graduation luncheon. We are having the luncheon at a local Tea Room which means there is not much I need to do to prep.  I am the "Queen of Short-cuts" these days.  BTW. this is an unsolicited endorsement for the online company, "Zazzle".  We ordered Lil' MaMa's graduation announcements and her luncheon invites from them - adorable and they ship quickly.  I've used them before and am always beyond pleased with them.  Just thought you'd want to know in case you're ever needing such things.

I miss my adult kids - sure wish we all lived together in a commune closer so I could see them as often as I'd like.  *whine*  I wish it was a law that families couldn't live beyond a mile from each other.

Thanks for reading - I had the need to "ramble" or I was gonna implode.  *wink*

Saturday, June 1, 2013

10 Things I Love About June

10 Things I LOVE about June!

  1. Vacation
  2. Warm weather
  3. Flip Flops
  4. The smell of mown grass
  5. Porch flowers
  6. Ice Cream Floats
  7. Bare feet
  8. Honeysuckle
  9. School's Out
  10. Summer has arrived!!

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