Saturday, September 28, 2013


Mister and I have toyed with the thought of buying a new car.  The time was right, so I'm now driving around in my new ride.  We are a Honda family, so the choice of cars was easy once we decided to "take the leap".


"Oh, I love my Rosie child
You got the way to make me happy
You and me, we go in style
Cracklin' Rose, you're a store-bought woman
You make me sing like a guitar hummin'
So hang on to me, girl
Our song keeps runnin' on."

Neil Diamond sang (and wrote) this song.  If you're of a certain age then I'm sure you remember it.  The song was written about a a deep, red, wine, Cracklin' Rose'.  Given the color of my car, I thought it was fitting.  I'm hoping "Rosie" lasts a very long time and gives us mile after mile of safe travel.

Just wonderin'. . .
"Do you name your car"?
I'd love to hear your vehicle's name and why you chose it.
Also, is yours a male or female?  *giggle

Saturday, September 21, 2013


I KNOW you can identify with this.

I'm not complaining, just simply stating a fact.
Everything is going fine in my little corner of the world, tho time is a luxury.  Nothing big or even important that I can say is "eating" my time, just the everyday "gotta do" that is chomping away.  I don't really mind, but I do miss getting to blog as much as I'd like...Sooooo, here's a quick "Catch-Up".

No, not this kind of "Catch-up"!  
I made a cake to take to a Dinner Party we were invited to.  I went totally WILD (real wild, huh?!) and tried a new recipe for chocolate frosting, rather than using the one our family has used  my complete married life.  WELL, as things turned out, the new recipe was a "throw-back" to my youth.  It was much like the old time FUDGE frosting my Mom used to make from the recipe on the back of the Hershey's Cocoa box, just updated & simpler now.  I'm gonna share it with you - it's tastes like real FUDGE, but doesn't set as hard as fudge.  Now, put your apron on and run to the kitchen and give it a try.  You can thank me later.

         Fudge Frosting
1 stick Butter
2 Cups Sugar
1/2 Cup milk
1 Cup chocolate chips
1 t. Vanilla

Bring butter, milk and sugar to a boil, add chocolate chips and vanilla.  Beat until cool.  
* I beat this for a bit then set it aside to cool - it thickens as it cools and doesn't set hard enough to become difficult to get out of the pan.

I went to the doctor for routine stuff, which included a blood draw.  If you've followed me for any time you know I am a total "needle-phoeb".  I couldn't leave the Dr.'s office without passing out and making a big scene.  I can't tell you how embarrassing this is for me. Let's just say I came to with some "smelling stuff" (?) being waved under my nose, and they had placed ice packs all over my chest, and a cold rag on my face.  It felt wonderful to this menopausal woman, but I wanted to slither out the door on my "wimpy belly" - SO EMBARRASSED!!

Mom is doing very well and that makes me so happy.  She forgets things, so I repeat things.  I think perhaps I am developing a slight stutter from all the repeating, (smile), but that's OK.
Mom is doing very well and that makes me so happy.  She forgets things, so I repeat things.  I think perhaps I am developing a slight stutter from all the repeating, (smile), but that's OK.
Mom is doing very well and that makes me so happy.  She forgets things, so I repeat things.  I think perhaps I am developing a slight stutter from all the repeating, (smile), but that's OK.

Lil' MaMa is not only enjoying her college classes, she is excelling.  Out of 280 students in her Science class, she scored the highest, 99% (on the first test), the next highest was 65%.  Yes - I'm bragging.  On the other hand, Haylee Kate, is growing and also getting smarter each day.  All the little tricks we've used to ease her into sleep, have now become nil - she's onto us.  She fights all efforts of putting her to bed pleasantly.  It is a nightly coup in our house to help her find sleep, but once asleep she'll sleep sometimes 13 hours.  It's humbling to be out-played, out-witted, and out-smarted by a 6 month old baby. 

Thankful for the 32 hrs of rain that just ended.
We've been hovering around *100 for 6 weeks with no rain.
YAY for the RAIN!!

Thank you! Thank you, Blogging Friend, for reading this marathon post.  It seems that posting once a week is about all I can do at the moment.  I hope to get to come "Blog visiting" on Sunday.  See you then!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

This & This.

There's this -
Mister went on a business trip this week.
He had to get up in the wee hours to make the drive.
I left him this note on his mirror.

(ah, the joys of being married to a wanna-be poet)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
And there's this -
This car was in front of us.
The license tag caught our eye.

What d'ya think?
All we could come up with was "Pea Brain Girl".
Surely we're not right.

Thanks for letting me unload my brain on this
gorgeous, sunny, stifling HOT day
here in the bayou.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Diapers and the Old Wet Hen"

Lil' Mama has recovered from her bout of Strep so things are back to some form of normalcy around here, whatever that looks like.  *insert my photo here with a puzzled look in my eyes*

Yesterday Lil' Mama came in from her classes waving a piece of paper in her hand, and as my Daddy would say, "she was mad as an ol' wet hen".  She had gone to her car after classes and found a parking ticket waiting for her.  She was livid!  She says she arrived early for her class, still all the parking places were taken.  They're in the midst of a building project at the school so some of the parking lots are not in use right now.  Sooooo, what to do?  She parked in the Teacher's Parking Lot, which she says always has lots of open spaces.  OOOOhhhh, what a mistake!  Anyone who has spent any time around a college campus knows that faculty parking is considered "hallowed ground".  Still, Lil' Mama says she paid for her classes, she bought a parking permit, and it's not her fault that there's no place for her to park so she can attend her classes, though she did mumble about how she wasn't gonna park waaay out in the field because she didn't feel it was safe. (?)  She plans to take this up with the campus security on Monday.  Can she win?  No way, but it never hurts to calmly let your complaint be heard.

How much is the ticket?, I asked.

"$15 - that's a box of diapers", she snapped.

I hear versions of that reply very often these days, ie, "I could buy a box of diapers for what it costs to do that". . ."Why, that's half the cost of a box of diapers". . ."That's a lot of money, I could buy diapers for that". My how her world has changed.  Now that she has a child, all discussion of money is made in comparison to the cost of diapers. I gotta hand it to her, that girl can budget, and she can sniff out a bargain in town or online - she knows what things cost and she's not gonna  buy anything that's not clearly a bargain, and give her a coupon and you've made a friend for life!

BTW, here's our little Grand Diva, user of said diapers.
She doesn't seem to be worried about the availability
of her diapers, does she?!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was.

"I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was."  Do you remember this Toby Keith song?  I'm humming it today as I tend to things around the house.

Lil' Mama is sick.
She went to the doctor Friday and he diagnosed her with strep and said she was to stay far away from Haylee Kate for three days.  I understand that.  She's taking her meds and beginning to feel like a person again.

DAY #1
I tended to Haylee Kate with nary a "hic-up" in the day from morning til bedtime.

Day #2
I let a lot of things around the house ride, and spent my time caring for HK.

Day #3
Mister is helping.
I'm still in my pajamas,
and counting the hours till tomorrow morning when Lil' Mama will be freed to take care of HK!
We didn't make it to church.

Yes, it's true, "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good [one day} as I ever was".  Day two and three?  Not so much.

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