Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dixie Land.

"Oh I wish I was in the land of cotton
Old times there are not forgotten.
Look away.  Look away.
Look away, Dixie Land.

I'd heard about cotton fields but had never actually seen one until we moved to Louisiana.  I think of cotton as "the snow of the south".  I still find it amazing to see cotton-balls growing in a field.

When Lil' Mama was in her teens we took her (and countless friends) here each year.  We went in the evening and they loved going through the corn maze full of scary creatures carrying chain saws.  This year we went during the daytime.  It was sunny and beautiful and the only creatures stirring were of the preschool and toddler variety. 

"It was a very good day". 
     My Mom

"I agree".

Monday, October 13, 2014

"The Wheels on the Car Went Round and Round. . ."

Road trip to Tulsa over the weekend.
Talk about a black cloud hanging over one's head - rain was with us all weekend, but it was so worth the rainy drive to watch this girl celebrate her 14th birthday.
Happy Birthday, Paige!!
(Our middle Granddoll.)

We LOVE you!!

Again, despite the rain and cold temps we made it to a football game to watch our oldest Granddoll cheer.  I would freeze my boopie for this sweetie any day.  

Lil' Mama and "her man"
made the drive with us.  While all we southerners were freezing, "her man" didn't mind the weather at all.  Since he's from Maine we know he has ice pulsing through his veins!

The trip was such that I also got to spend some good quality time with one of my favorite people, our daughter Amy.  I just love for people to know I'm her Mom, as she makes me look like a "Super Parent".  She's a wife, mother of three, working woman, crafter, encourager, fantastic cook, and best of all, she has a heart for God.  I learn from her and the example she sets for me and all who know her.  I'm richly blessed that she is my daughter!

Can't forget to mention my "Favorite SIL" since he puts up with all the nonsense that happens when  we come to town.  God bless him for his patience.  Do you see the "Photo Bombers"?  My BIL (in the back) and the youngest granddoll, Grace (lower corner).

Mister and HK , sitting patiently, while the birthday party was unfolding.  Gotta add, that Mister did some fantastic driving to get us to Tulsa and then home again safely while the blinding rain POURED as our family made the 6 hr drive to and from Tulsa.

Fun stuff!

Do you plan to do any traveling between now and the first of the year? 
The holidays will soon be upon us.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Life is running so fast right now that I simply get out of bed and "hold on" to see where the day leads, and lately it's not been leading to the computer for me to Blog.  But today - "I'm here" and so happy to be back in Blogland.

The last time I checked in I was leaving for a "Girlfriend Trip" to Nashville, TN.  You KNOW I'm gonna say it was wonderful AND fun AND relaxing AND the best time ever.  AND you would be right!  There were 10 of us.  The states represented were, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Delaware, Washington, Montana, and CANADA.  Amazing, huh?!

When you see us you may see a group of "old gals" but when I look at us I see a group of some of the "funnest" people I know.  Here's a peek-a-boo" into the fun.  BTW, we all met on iVillage "back in the day", and we call ourselves "The Ladybugs".  (Not sure why, but we do.)Ladybug One just never knows where friendship will lead and the photos show just that!

May we all be blessed with many!!

Perhaps someday we can have a
Bloggers Get-together!
What fun that would be!!

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