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Monday, February 8, 2016

Problem Solved!

In a world of problems I realize this was an itty bitty one, but still it feels good to have solved it so simply.  Remember my previous post? (the expensive mistake I made with my breakfast room curtains)

This one.

I took down the short, top valance.
Then I moved the bottom curtains to the top.
Wah! Lah!
Now I think the scale is right and I'm pleased.
Problem solved!

Now I know you can move on with your life knowing I've figured this out.
"You're welcome".  *wink

Friday, February 5, 2016

Big Mistake.

I'm still working on getting this new-to-me house fixed to my liking.  Remember when I started this I said I'd show you my wins and losses. Yes sir-eeee, you won't see this sort of thing on a real "Home Blogger's" blog.  But here, you see both the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here goes.
Mister and I worked hard in our breakfast room to get these curtain rods hung "just so".  It took us a few tries to get it right.  It goes without saying that we're not terribly handy.

See all the holes in the wall?
But I was able to patch the holes and paint it so that no one
would ever see our mistakes unless I blabbed it on my blog.
I do love these slightly textured walls, they're so forgiving.

Now it's done, and I hate it!
That's right. H-A-T-E.
What was I thinking?
When you're not a professional at these things it stands to reason that more than a few mistakes are gonna be made.  Right?

The only thing about having my husband help is that I don't want to 'fess up and hear him say, "After all our hard work and all the money you spent on rods and curtains and you want to take it all down?".  Yah, that's what I don't want to hear him say.

Sooooo, I've decided to wait a bit and let the memory of his hard work fade from his mind, then I'll make a change.  AND THEN, I'm gonna make a table runner and some sofa pillows from the curtains (I like the fabric).  Then I can say, "Oh, but I didn't waste it, look what I made. . ."

That's how it's gonna go down.

Rolaids, anyone?
It makes me a little naseaus to see this room.  Then it makes me LOL!!  Soooo bad!!

Ever made any decorating blunders?
Surely I'm not the only one.

Monday, February 1, 2016


It's blustery cold here today so I thought it the perfect day to put a roast, carrots, potatoes, and corn on the cob into the oven.  The warm oven and the smell of all that yumminess makes a winter day seem kinda earthy and special.  

As I prepped the potatoes to go into the pot my mind drifted.  I thought of the countless times I had watched my Dad peel potatoes, "back in the day".  Born in 1920 he knew well what it was like to live during the Great Depression.  As best as I've been able to piece together, his family were tenant farmers, always living on someone else's farm and working the land, then moving on to another farm when another crop was available for workers.  I've tried to imagine just what that must have been like for him, his Mom and Dad and three sisters.  Hard work was the norm for them as it was for  all the people they knew.  This was their world.

My Dad was a very rugged, blue collar worker.  If the weather was above freezing he worked long hard hours when I was a child.  But, when the Oklahoma temps were low there was little work.  On these days he often gave Mom some relief in the kitchen.  I can see him in my mind now.  He would pull the trash can to the middle of the kitchen, then scoot a chair up close to it and begin to peel potatoes.  His work was slow and meticulous.  The potato skins were removed in thin, almost transparent strips as they fell into the garbage.  His method was an art.  None of the meat of the potato was wasted.  None. I've never been able to duplicate him - I don't have the skill or the patience.  When I peel a potato it's a quick, rough process.  I'm sure he'd laugh and shake his head to see my potato skills.

People pass, but the sweetest, and sometimes the most trivial of memories remain and bring warm happiness on a cold day in January.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Make it Happen

I'm so "not-a-winter-kinda-girl".
This is the time of year I refer to as "the bowels of winter".  Nuff' said.

I bought this little plaque at a few weeks ago and placed it in the living room.  It's been a great reminder and has really "inspired" me.  Love it!  I've even been making a point to ask Mister about his "happy" each day.

  "A merry heart doeth good as a medicine; but a broken spirit drieth the bones".  Need a little mid-winter lift?  Give this a try.  You have it within you to make it happen every day.

Some of my "happy" things have been:
A Warm Bath (rather than a hurried shower)
A BIG Brownie w/frosting
Spying a Deer nearby
Good news via a phone call
etc. etc.

What was your "Happy" for today?
Your "happy" may give us encouragement.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Big Wall

 There's only one thing more boring than a big blank wall - a big, blank, BEIGE wall.  I've been looking at the big, blank, beige wall, in the living room, for six months, waiting to be inspired. "Sunrise.  Sunset.  Quickly go the days..."  Anyone remember that great ol' tune from "Fiddler on the Roof"?  Finally I did what lots of people do when they're looking to be house-inspired, I went to the Houzz app and searched for "photo walls".  So many visuals.  Love it!  (Not an advertisement for Houzz)

With their inspiration, this is what I did.
I thought it was a good start.  
The wall still has room to grow with more photos and such, and I can move on to another project for now.  For some reason, unknown to me, I find the most difficult things to decorate are my walls.  Maybe it's because I have the attention span of a gnat and get bored so easily, so it's difficult to decide on what I want to look at every day.

Nest project:  Deciding which photos to put into all these frames.

What are you doing to fill the winter days?
Reading, Crafting, TV watching,
Home projects, or dreaming of Spring?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dear Mister...

Thank you for returning two long curtain rods to the store for me.
And a "double thank you" for doing this knowing I had lost the original receipt for the purchase. (Oops!) And a "triple thank you" for standing fearless in that long Walmart return line.

You are a Warrior!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lighten up!

"Take it easy, take it easy.
Don't let the sound of your own wheels 
drive you crazy.
Lighten up while you still can
don't even try to understand
Just find a place to make your stand
and take it easy."
                                                                       ~Jackson Browne and Glen Frey

This speaks to me today.
Perhaps it's a good winter mantra for these dark, gray, days.  "Lighten up while you still can".  For me that would look like faith rekindled, and contentment in all things.  It would mean more emphasis on being in the moment and finding the "sunny side" even in the dreariness of winter.
Ahhh, I feel lighter already!  *wink

What would "lightening up" look like for you?
Yep.  I really want to know.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

I'm not . . .

...a decorator.

...a home Blogger
...a photographer.

But I am decorating my house (we've lived here 6 months) and I am gonna blog about it now 'cause that's what I'm doing at this particular time in my life.  It's a lot of work but it's also a lot of fun.  I think I'm getting a lot of it right, but I've also made some mistakes.  "Ah hem", and I'll even show you those too.  Mistakes happen when you're not a professional.  Right?  Please say "yes".  Good and/or bad, home is my favorite place to be and I'm enjoying getting our new-to-us place in order.

This is our little guest piwder room "Before".
It had royal blue wallpaper with both an 8" top & middle border.  I managed to remove the borders myself (please be impressed because this was a LOT of work), but the background wallpaper wouldn't budge.  That's when I hired a professional to texture the wall (over the old wallpaper), so it would be ready for me to paint.

I was pleased with the results.
(Nary a hint of the old yukky wallpaper)
I love it when I get things right.

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Riddle:  Can you guess what this is?

Riddle:  Or this?

The top photo is a a photo of my breakfast room wall.  Wallpaper gone, texture in place, and ready for paint.  The second is the same except it's the wall in the guest powder room.  Within a week both should be painted!  Strike up the band!! 

I'll be so over-the-top excited  glad to get these projects finished.  Know what I mean?!

I've looked through magazines and websites to get ideas on decorating this new-to-me house, but decided the trends are not for me.  I'm so NOT  a "white/neutral" kind of girl.  I've got to have COLOR!  Some people find neutrals relaxing, I find them sad.  They depress me.  Forgive me if you're a neutral gal - your house is much more "in" than mine. But for me and my crew COLOR is our happy place, with just a few tiny exceptions.  And NO, I'm not painting my house RED.  LOL  My wall colors are the "n" word, neutral, but that's only so I can add lots of color elsewhere.

Do you love this?
As soon as we've finished painting, these lovely sheets will come down and bright red curtains will go up in their place in the breakfast room.

And this over-sized print (my longtime favorite)
will go onto the wall in the tiny guest powder room.
When one sits on the potty there will be no choice but to stare directly into this pretty scene.  Yes, I'm a little bit excited.  This sort of thing is what gets me through the cold winter. (not sitting on the potty, you know what I mean.  ;-) 
"Oh happy day"!

Got any projects lined up?
Have you ever wondered why people who blog about their homes never share their mistakes or bad ideas?  Maybe they don't make blunders. (?)  Just wondering.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


It was a special Christmas!
The first time we've all been together for Christmas in 13 years!  What a year it's been but everyone was present and accounted for and feeling pretty darn good!

We did the usual things that most families do on holidays.
I took HK to her first "big girl" movie at a theater.  We saw "The Good Dragon" while the rest of our crew saw "Star Wars".

We played games.

Opened gifts.

And ate waaay too much.
This is a photo of Chicken Fried Steak.
Even though it doesn't photograph very well I had to post it since I spent 2+ hours over the stove frying it and making all the trimmings.  Next time I will go for something simpler when feeding such a large group.  Live and learn.

This is our oldest daughter, Amy, her husband Brent, and our three Tulsa Granddolls.  Look how those girls have grown!

Our son, Grey and wife Antoinette.
They live in Washington state.

Our son, Tate, front and center.
He's a Joker - always clowning around.
Will seldom let me take his photo.
Oh, and he lives in Atlanta, GA.
(This is me and Mister with our brood.)

Youngest daughter, Stashia, her husband Izaiha, and our two youngest Granddolls.  They live in Louisiana.

It's not so much what you do on Christmas, but who you do it with, don't you think?  So glad they all made it home for Christmas.  Despite the expense, the inconvenience, and the miles they had to travel, they made their way to us in Oklahoma.
And, did you notice my Mom, front and center in the family photo?  Her 86th Christmas!
Feeling very blessed!
This was a CtR (Christmas To remember)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

About my friend

I have this friend who moved with her family to a different state in June.  She's a busy girl and has spent a lot of the time since then getting settled into her new surroundings.  She has a lot of family, but none of them live in her area.  She also has a lot of friends, but none of them live near her either.  Word has it that my friend has become very lonely.  She's not bored,'cause she has lots to do, but she longs for a friend in her new community.
If you happen to see her, remember to say "Hello", and if you are so inclined to go the extra mile then ask her to join you for lunch, or to go to a movie, or to go shopping, or ask about her family, or her thoughts, or her opinions..  Ask my friend anything!!  I think she would love to join you in doing whatever you would like to do.  Ya see, she's feeling pretty needy.  The world is a lonely place when you don't have a friend nearby.  And we all know that even the best of husbands is not the same as having a girlfriend. And, if you happen to not live near my friend in Oklahoma, remember there are lots of people like my friend, so take the time to include anyone you're aware of who doesn't seem connected.  There are a lot of really nice people out there just waiting to be included.

My friend is a little whiny today.

Monday, November 30, 2015

"Sweet dreams are made of this..."

*Computer problems so many photos are taken from my Instagram account.  ((Sorry))

An ice storm embraced our Thanksgiving, but other than some tree damage we weren't hindered in the slightest.

First time to host Thanksgiving in our new-to-us house.

Our oldest daughter and favorite SIL.

A sofa of Granddolls!

Our youngest daughter and favorite SIL.

Mister and yet more Granddolls.

Our youngest son, looking good and feeling good after recovering from a stroke in mid-July!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Oh, Jane. Look, look, look.

Five months.
That's how long we've lived in our house.
I'm still working on getting things put on the walls.

Today I got serious about it.

Look what I did!
It doesn't look like a lot of work,
but it was.
It's hard to get everything lined up and even, doncha know?!  These prints aren't new.  I had them in our previous home.  They're my favorite group of photos (other than family ones).

Do you remember these characters?

If you're of  a "certain age" you probably remember these as your first Reader.  What a joy it was to finally be able to read a story on my own!  These pictures bring back memories of little chairs pulled together to make a reading circle.  Remember?  

These are my "happy pictures".
AND, speaking of happy,
I hope you have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Friday, November 20, 2015

OCD Girl Scout

Ok, so I'm a little OCD.
I like to call it "being prepared",
I was once a Girl Scout, ya know!
(We order a pre-cooked, smoked Turkey, so we must buy broth.)

I love the fact that many stores are going to be closed on Thanksgiving.  I never (and have never) shopped on Thanksgiving, or the day after, for that matter.  Not judging anyone, just saying that I  like the idea of people getting to spend their holiday time as they want.  However, it seems that every year there is something that I must send Mister to the store for early on Thanksgiving Day - something I've forgotten.  I hate it but I do it.  This year I'm trying to label things to avoid this holiday blunder.

What about you?
Is there something that usually requires a last minute run to the store?  If so, what?  (You're among friends, so you can tell us.)  

To answer my own question - extra ICE is one of the common things I forget.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Some suspicious characters have been hanging around our house...

The trees have been so nervous that they shivered and dropped all their leaves.

It appears that Summer 2015 is now history
and Fall has definitely arrived.
Not everyone is thrilled by these events,
Our little micro preemie, Lady G, turned three months old today.  She is now weighing in at a hefty 7lbs 2 oz.  Lil' Mama sent me a video today which showed her rolling over.  Have I mentioned how amazing this sweet miracle baby is?  She's a visual reminder of God's power and love.

HK and Lady G

We made the drive to see them last week.
Pure joy to get our hands on these granddolls!
They are thriving.
Lil' Mama - not so much.
She's still battling the ecoli infection that has had her in its grip for the past eight months. It's actually turned VERY serious.  (I could go on and on and on with details, but I won't.)   I ended up spending the week there to give them some back-up help.  It was very difficult to leave and come home knowing how fragile things are there.  We're praying God will intervene and help her find her way to good medical help so she can regain her health.  These sweet baby girls need their Mama and her hubby needs his bride.

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