Sunday, November 6, 2016


*The word "snippet" sounds painful.  Ouch!

*We had a 5. earthquake here this evening.
   Really?  Really!

*Our newest Granddoll, Zoey, is now a
   member of the 3 lb club! 7 wks old.

*Several of you asked how the gals in
  our online girls group met.  (Here)
  We met when iVillage was a "thang".

*This week's Guilty Pleasure:
  Hershey Cherry Cordial Kisses. 
  I'm addicted.  I can't even care.


Linda said...

I never heard of iVillage before!
Congrats on 3 pounds!!!! Been there - done that and know what a huge milestone it is!
Continued prayers for your tough little Zoey!!!

yaya said...

I do love those candies! Yum! So happy for little Zoey...I remember those milestones when my preemie was that age...prayers for her and hugs to you and glad your earthquake didn't rock the house too badly!

Saimi said...

An Earthquake? Wow, that's just crazy!! So happy for your little Zoey,sounds like she's a strong little baby. It's good to 'own' your chocolate, no regrets!! Good for you haha

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

My daughter is totally addicted to those cherry kisses, also! I usually stick a bag of them in her stocking and she's delighted!! So glad you are safe after the earthquake....and HUGE CONGRATS ON ZOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nancygrayce said...

Although I've been following you on Facebook, I may or may not be back to blogging! I'm going to give it my best effort. Praying always for Zoey!!

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