Saturday, July 2, 2011

Autograph, anyone?

Do you remember these?
Waaaaay before there was Facebook
there were Autograph Books.

They were quite the "thing"
when I was in 5th & 6th grade.
I don't remember boys ever having them
but we girls brought them to
school and had everyone sign them.

We wrote all sorts of little notes in
these books then "autographed" the
book with our signature.

"Yours till the ocean wears plastic pants
to keep it's bottom dry."
~Sweet Tea


Kimmy said...

We never had those. We just signed the yearbooks.

I must ask though....which one are you in the school picture???!!!! :o)

Jeanie said...

Oh yes, 5th and 6th grade were a prime time for me for autograph books also. We folded the pages that had been written on in fancy designs. Very fun memory.

nancygrayce said...

I remember autograph books! :) AND signing yearbooks.

SouthLakesMom said...

I do remember those! And I even had an "autograph hound" -- a stuffed dog that came with its own special pen for getting signatures. Sadly, if you got someone to sign it who you didn't like very much in later years, the dog was a reminder of your earlier gullible approach to life. (This might be a personal story!)

Robin said...

I had one of those, too!

Anonymous said...

Are you the second one on the third row?

Yes, I remember those, had one myself. They were fun, but not everyone was as creative as the underpants poem you offered. "2 Sweet 2 B 4gotten" was so overused, but memorable! I got this one a lot: "Stay the way you are and you'll go far." Only, I didn't go far, I stayed in Oklahoma.

Happy Fourth!

Anonymous said...

No, retract that! You're the 4th one on the first row, aren't you?!

Sweet Tea said...

Actually, that's not a photo of my class, so I'm not in the photo at all. We all need to post some school photos of ourself. I have some really BAD HAIR ones.
My Mom loved perms. Remember "Tonette"?

I used to have an Autograph Dog too!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I didn't have the book. We did yearbooks too.

There was also a thing called a "Slam Book" that went around when I was in High School. They were banned in later years because people got mean in them but when I was involved, they were mostly harmless. A student name at the top of the page and numbers down the side. The signers name was listed in the back by a number that matched the numbers under your name, with their comment.

A lot of "You're a real cute girl with a great personality." type thing.

NanaDiana said...

I do remember those...and also all the yearbook signings. Mine were always along the line of, "you're the funniest girl I know"...now I don't know if they meant funny looking or what! Hard to believe I was the class clown, isn't it?;>) xo Diana

Janet, said...

I remember I made my own when I was in the 9th grade, I still have it.

KTW said...

Oh yeah! We had autograph books! I still have a couple of them somewhere. Those were fun! :)

Sush said...

Oh the memories this brought back. Yes I remember in Elementary School we had autograph books. Turning the corners down when one page was filled and moving to the next. Colored pages, oh those were the ones to really find! I remember one that seemed to appear frequently was:
There are Old Ships
There are New Ships
But the Best Ship
Is Friendship

I know my kids would have groaned in elementary school at a rhyme like that in an autograph book. We were an innocent lot in the '50's.

I know in 'Junior High' and 'High School' we moved up to signing yearbooks and things written there were not quite so innocent.


Gracie and Bobbi said...

I do remember!! And do you remember something called a 'slam book'? They were all the rage, back in the day.

Skoots1moM said...

i had two..one in 4th and one in 7th...then i had an autograph dog, too! and yearbooks ;)
my girl took an autograph book to disney when she was four and we took pics of each character and placed the pic next to their autograph ;)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I have some old autograph books. A treasured one is from all the Disney characters

Jill said...

I do remember signing yearbooks...and autographs at Disney World! LOL I like handwritten messages though seems so much more personal! Have a great 4th of July!


Sush said...

Oh and Miss Sweet Tea...oh yeah gurl my Mom did a number on me with the Tonette. Which twin has the Toni? Oh yeah, you could see THIS twin coming for miles and stinky...phewee~

bj said...

haaahhhaaa. wonderful. I have one...FROM THE 40'S. I am so glad you reminded me of it. Now, don'tchaknow, I HAVE to do a post about it. :)))

Sue said...

No autograph books for me, but we did have "slang books." Everyone hoped their name would get put into one. The book was passed around and people commented on the person on a notebook page. If you didn't make it into someone's slang book, you weren't considered popular. Oh what we endured back in junior high! I was always so thrilled when I saw my name in those things! LOL

Unknown said...

Yep, had one of these. And the hound and slang books others mentioned. Good old days...

Arlee Bird said...

I do remember! Oddly enough I was just writing up my blog post for this Friday about "autograph books" and I happened to run across your post when I was looking to see if I could find an image to use. Do you mind if I use your image and link back to your post?
Stop by my blog tomorrow to read my autograph book story.

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