Sunday, June 5, 2016

This is what happens. . .

when your favorite 3 year old comes to visit YaYa and YoYo for a week.


At the park.

Ready to watch Jungle Book.

Yay for chores that involve water!

Red Nose day.

She loved seeing all the tomatoes on our plants.
The last day of her visit it happened - 2 little cherry tomatoes ripened up.
One for me and one for her.
Did she want to eat one?  Of course she did.

It was more fun to watch them grow.

Then it was time to head home to Louisiana.
She takes a piece of our heart with her each time she leaves.  Love her so much!

Got any special guests coming to visit this summer?  I have wonderful memories of my maternal Grandmother.  I was her favorite.  (My Mom tells me that all the grandkids probably felt the same.)  Someday I'll post about her.  Do you have special memories of your grandparents?  I love old stories that revolve around special memories.


The Old Dairy said...

Lovely when the Grandies come to visit....My fondest memories is holidaying with mt Nan and Pop...

acorn hollow said...

It is so nice to have those sweet babies around they usually keep us laughing.

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

Oh my, she's such a cutie! It must be so tough to see her leave! I used to spend summers with my grandparents in ireland as a child, but they weren't very cuddly. M Irish aunts and uncles, however, were...and still are...some of my favorite people on the planet! Sadly, we lost three of them recently, and they are dearly missed.

shortybear said...

fun times

Debbie said...

I hope to have several of our grandkids come hang with us a bit this summer. I love nothing more. I usually prefer a one on one time too as it just doesn't happen much otherwise. Yours is your adorable How you must have enjoyed that. I know all about how hard it is to watch them leave... Enjoy your week!

Carol said...

Since my granddaughter lives with me, I can't imagine sending her home. I would melt! I do have fond memories of the time with my grandparents.

yaya said...

Cute pics of that sweet Grandkiddo! Glad you had a nice visit. My Granddaughters love the garden but we won't see any produce until late July into August around these parts! My son in Portland was hoping he and his family would make it out here this summer but they had to put on a new roof so there went the plane fare! We'll fly out there later in the year I think. (cheaper for us than for all 5 of them!) Mom and my sis are heading out for July 4th and we're having my Granddaughter's graduation party in a few weeks. Lots going on and I hope lots of fun visits! Take care!

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