Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New guy!

There's a new guy in town
and I think I'm in l-o-v-e!
     Trader Joe!
No paid endorsement or such, just love at first sight.

I was happy when I heard this guy was coming to my town.  Not everything I bought was a win, but the things I did like were FAN-TAS-TIC!  My absolute favorites were the Orange Chicken, the Vegetable Rice, and the lightly breaded Eggplant.  All frozen and "quick fixes".   See that jar of Peach Salsa?  If Santa wants to bring me an entire sleigh full of those I swear I'll be happy all winter.  Haven't had a chance to try the Sweet Potato Fries yet but I've high expectations.  Let the record show the quiche and the pumpkin yogurt were both blech.

I've some friends who don't particularly love TJ like I do, but I can't imagine why.  Do you have a TJ where you live?  What's your take on this guy?


G Dazeez said...

Oh my, I am wanting one too! We only have Walmart, price cutter and aldis here. We drive 100 miles round trip for something different. In Jane, Mo, a very small town north of Bella Vista AR has the best Walmart. A lot of Walmart executives live nearby! Or we drive to Tulsa (broken arrow) to shop at Readors. We miss the choices of a big city!

acorn hollow said...

I do not have one near me but How I love it when we get to Maine and get in one. If you are a wine drinker they have the best wine ever.
yummmm and lucky you

Cheri said...

I have not went to TJ but we have one close by (25 miles) and I should stop in. Our one daughter loves TJ, so I really should go and check it out.

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

I'm jealous!!!!!!!!!!!! The nearest TJ's near us is over an hour away, but when I go I absolutely love that store!! Love the produce section....and the cheese....the breads....the freezer section....the chocolates....hmmmmm pretty much everything, I guess!

Carol said...

We do not have a Trader Joes near us but I guess I need to search for the nearest and see if I can make a trip to one. I love quiche, but I want to make my own. LOL!

yaya said...

There's a Trader Joe's in Columbus, over an hour away. My Mom has one near her in Chicago. But since Aldi and TJ are owned by the same company I do get to experience a little bit of TJ with much better prices! I love Aldi!

Anonymous said...

we do not have Traders Joes, I think its an American thing,, none here in Canada that I know of but I have heard only good things about it,, so popular and I sure wish we had one, I keep hoping our American sister city would get one ( we are 2 minutes from the US boarder ) but I think that city might be too small, the Eastern Upper peninsula doesn't get get a lot of he big stores,

your purchases sound wonderful,, I hope everyone is well in your family,,

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