Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Things are Happening.

From this to that
and from that to this.
That's how I rolled today.

One thing I DID accomplish was some much needed yard work.  I pruned the rose bushes in my little rose garden.  I always dread this task, cause as we all know -

roses BITE!
I broke my own rule of ALWAYS wearing garden gloves when working outdoors.

It's gray and dank (is that a word?),
but things are happening.

Mister took this photo last week.
This beauty is in front of our local courthouse.  It's always the first in our area to bloom.  Things are happening.

Do you see it?
My hydrangeas are beginning to bud!

If you squint your eyes
you can see a few leaves on the rose bushes too.
Things are happening.

Even on these cold, gray days, Spring is preparing to make it's usual arrival.  
All in due time.  

"In winter, I plot and plan.
In Spring, I move."
          ~Henry Rollins

I.Am.So. Anxious.For.Spring.Days.


Nel said...

Ohhh its happening here tonight lol. Sleet and freezing rain and snow flurries. Cold wind...supposed to get down to 16 degrees. So I hope my hydrangeas and lilacs hold off a little while on blooming!

Linda said...

It's happening here, too!! Our elm tree is budding out and we have some flowers hat survived the winter. I am going to be buying more Dusty Miller this year!'
Rose bushes!!!! I have MANY that I need to cut back! Louis Dean brought me some boxes to hold the cuttings instead of putting them in trash sacks. One year HE pruned them!!! That was a disaster! You know what he did with the branches he cut off??? He let them fall to the ground and that's where they STAYED!!! Then when I came around to clean out the flower beds later that season - oh, DEAR!!! I had started pulling weeds and debris out and didn't know those thorny rose bush branches were under it all!!! Now I prune the roses!!


That pink tree is amazing! I need to prune my roses too.

Cheri said...

Come to my house...I could use your garden help. I LOVE the tree in front of your courthouse, is that a Crepe Myrtle? Wish I had one that color. Get a band aid for that boo boo and wear gloves.

Nonnie said...

I'm glad you are feeling well enough to do yard work. I had the yard guys cut our roses waaaaaayyyyyy back because they were getting so big I couldn't prune them. So I'm looking forward to seeing some things happen with those roses in the spring and hopeful they will knock me out with blooms everywhere. However, I am not rushing spring. This weekend temps will be almost 80. Today it is 29. So confusing.
The tree in front of your courthouse is beautiful.

Jill said...

Jealous! We are buried under snow!!! Enjoy!
Have a great weekend.


Joyce said...

I wish I had roses to prune : ) t's 18 degrees here at the moment, we have about 30 inches of snow on the ground, and more in the forecast for Sunday-Monday. That's winter in the northeast. Your picture of that gorgeous tree makes me long for spring. We have a while yet, but I love the changing seasons, the way the earth submits to God's grand design.

Linda said...

So jealous! Not here, my friend, lol. Blessings

Linda said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous, we are still under snow here....and will be for months. At least I KNOW we will see spring. I love the flowering tree.

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