Monday, October 13, 2014

"The Wheels on the Car Went Round and Round. . ."

Road trip to Tulsa over the weekend.
Talk about a black cloud hanging over one's head - rain was with us all weekend, but it was so worth the rainy drive to watch this girl celebrate her 14th birthday.
Happy Birthday, Paige!!
(Our middle Granddoll.)

We LOVE you!!

Again, despite the rain and cold temps we made it to a football game to watch our oldest Granddoll cheer.  I would freeze my boopie for this sweetie any day.  

Lil' Mama and "her man"
made the drive with us.  While all we southerners were freezing, "her man" didn't mind the weather at all.  Since he's from Maine we know he has ice pulsing through his veins!

The trip was such that I also got to spend some good quality time with one of my favorite people, our daughter Amy.  I just love for people to know I'm her Mom, as she makes me look like a "Super Parent".  She's a wife, mother of three, working woman, crafter, encourager, fantastic cook, and best of all, she has a heart for God.  I learn from her and the example she sets for me and all who know her.  I'm richly blessed that she is my daughter!

Can't forget to mention my "Favorite SIL" since he puts up with all the nonsense that happens when  we come to town.  God bless him for his patience.  Do you see the "Photo Bombers"?  My BIL (in the back) and the youngest granddoll, Grace (lower corner).

Mister and HK , sitting patiently, while the birthday party was unfolding.  Gotta add, that Mister did some fantastic driving to get us to Tulsa and then home again safely while the blinding rain POURED as our family made the 6 hr drive to and from Tulsa.

Fun stuff!

Do you plan to do any traveling between now and the first of the year? 
The holidays will soon be upon us.



Anonymous said...

what a beautiful family you all are, looks like a fun visit!

Nonnie said...

Boopie????!!!!! Lol! Your granddolls are all beautiful and happy birthday wishes to Paige. Your family parties are always happy, happy, happy. I know from reading your Amy's blog that she is a wise woman and believe the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!!

acorn hollow said...

you have a lovely family and being a girl from Maine you have a great addition to your family.
I do not have any plans to travel we have to go to Boston for a Dr's appointment but that is all I think close to home is best for us right now.

NanaDiana said...

I am so glad you had a good time. You have a beautiful family! Those grandgirls and gorgeous and I can tell you daughter and her hubby are loving, fun people just by looking at them.

Glad your trip was a safe one.

We are headed to the Carolinas in early November. xo Diana

yaya said...

Nice visit and such a cute family! We've driven back and forth to Chicago for family gatherings in horrible weather..usually snow! Glad you made it there and back in good shape!

Linda said...

Looks like you had an awesome time!!! Are you getting better at these car trips?? Family time is such precious time! Loved getting to 'meet' your family!

Linda said...

What a great weekend with your family, lucky lady. Glad you didn't let the weather get you down. I use to have hair the color of Amy's beautiful hair. I have a daughter named Amy whom I am very proud of too....must be the fabulous name. ;-)

Cheri said...

We just had our 5th grandchild this past Friday and my turn to help out in NC will be in a few weeks. Then it is home for the rest of the year. Yeah!

Wild Oregonian said...

I just love your photobomber! What a card. All these pictures of Tulsa make me homesick for Oklahoma too. Thanks for sharing!

mindy said...

Love seeing all the happiness in your family. I know you've weathered a few storms. This was a wonderful post to see!

Mary said...

What a great trip! We're looking forward to a couple of camping trips plus our annual trip to The Keys! :)

Deanna said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. We leave next Thursday for a week in Paris. I can't wait!

Sandra said...

What a wonderful family you have, it's always great when you're able to go visit family members :)

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