Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Itty Bits

"Eye, Eye, Matey  Doctor!"
Eye had to go to the  eye doctor today, as I have a raw, itchy, very red, eye.  Eye have an eye infection.  I thought perhaps it was an allergy, but nope.  AND, earlier in the day, before going to the doc my contact lens began to bother me.  I went to take it out and only 1/2 of it came out of my eye...Suffice (love that word) it to say that the other half of my lens is now out of my eye and I have some magic eye drops that I hope will make it all better by tomorrow, if not sooner.  Bizarre day.

I also got my hair cut today.
That in itself is not news, however, my hairdresser had quite the story to tell.  She had been walking across her yard and was bitten by a copperhead snake.  (I know, now my sore eye pales by comparison.)  This gal spent 5 frightening, painful days in the hospital, but has recovered.  Scary stuff!!  This IS Louisiana.

I really want to eat healthier.
Really, I could begin to try to do better in any area of my diet, as there is so much room for improvement. I decided to work on improving my bedtime snack.  Yes, I have a bedtime snack.  Are you judging me?  Don't judge me.  Pleeeease!   (remember I have a sore eye and I'm very delicate today).  Anyway I  decided to make a healthy smoothie, rather than eat the usual bowl of ice cream.  Go ahead and judge me, I deserve it, who eats ice cream every day?  *hanging my head in shame*  Anyway, I washed the strawberries & blueberries, added the non-fat Greek yogurt, and even threw in some Kale.  Then I cranked up the blender to "Puree", only to have the pretty pink smoothie liquid begin to ooze from the bottom of the blender.  What's that about??!!  Guess the blender is on the blitz.  I cleaned up the sticky mess, ate a cookie, and went to bed.  *sigh*

I will end on a positive note - it rained today!


Jeanie said...

The good news is that you seem to have kept your sense of humor through it all. I hope your eye is better and that today is a better day.

Cheri said...

Glad you got your "eye" tended to, that is always one part of my body that frightens me to not have (sight). I was almost worried about reading on when I saw the snake pic, I HATE/SCARED (of) them. Our neighbor told us a few weeks ago his riding mower wheel hit the tail of a copperhead and it scampered off before he could kill it, so I am constantly aware even when walking to get the mail (we all live here on wooded lots). I too live in a southern state.

Unknown said...

Morn' sweetie ~ OmyGOSH! That would be horrible to find 1/2 a contact. Glad it all got resolved. You are such a 'perky' in all situations.

Not fond of snakes in any form or name. Glad your neighbor is ok.

Rain does wash away all issues with its soft gently pitter patter, doesn't it!

Take care

Wild Oregonian said...

Sorry about your eye! I hope it heals quickly.
And now I know where my husband's ice cream habit comes from. And it's not bad, I think it's wonderful! <3

Nonnie said...

Really sorry about your eye. Having had eye abrasions and infections in the past, I sympathize.
What is going on? This is the third instance I have heard of in the last 4 weeks about people being bitten by copperheads or water moccasins. I am trying to be aware of my surroundings when I go out back.
I had the blender incident happen once, and the problem I mine was that the bottom had come loose. I took it apart and put it back together tightly and it was fine. (My DH has the ice cream habit, too!)

Anonymous said...

As I sit here devouring a bag of barbeque potato chips, I applaud your healthy eating. Another blogger I read is also on a healthy eating plan and drinks smoothies, too. There must be something to that! Sorry about the eye...how painful! Take care! BTW, we're having gorgeous weather in Oklahoma this August...plenty of refreshing rain and temps in the 80's!

Unknown said...

A cookie solves everything!

yaya said...

Hope the eye is doing better..it made my eye water just reading about the contact lens! I don't judge anyone about eating habits..I love M&M peanuts..love them...I have some everyday..bad me..but I call them vitamins and now I feel better! The scariest thing about the snake bite is having it happen to your hairdresser. When I get someone who does a good job on my hair, I'm so happy..to lose one because of a snake bite would really make me sad...it's hard to find a good hairdresser.

NanaDiana said...

Ha, Deb! Welcome to the world of REALITY. Just when you think it can't get much worse-it does! lol Hope your eye is better by tomorrow. I have had blender do that a couple of times when I didn't have the seal set on the bottom of the jar part just right- UGH-what a mess- xo Diana

SouthLakesMom said...

You make me laugh -- not at your eye pain and not your snack and certainly not the snake story -- but that you just keep on going with your humor and joy of life.

Good on you!

nancygrayce said...

Yikes on the eye!! Hope those magic drops work quickly!

I'll never judge snacks at night......I'm fighting with myself right now about getting one. I wonder which one of me will win 😗

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