Friday, August 16, 2013

On Edge

I'm a little "on edge" today.

It's a toss-up as to who's the "fussiest" today, Me or HK (she's teething).  I'm still nursing this darn "eye thang" and I'm not a good patient, or a "patient patient" (love the double words!).  My eyes sting and they itch and are raw - they're not any better than they were on Tuesday when I first went to the eye doc.  Today my doc was "not in" so I went to see a different doc and I liked his attitude (hand holding) much better.  New meds now and hopefully my peepers will be much better in the morning.

I have figured out lately that Mister and I are no longer "TV compatible".  His hearing has declined and now the TV is cranked loud enough to be heard in Heaven's attic.  I hate to say anything since he really can't help the decline in his hearing, but after a few minutes of SCREAMING, SCREACHING, BLARING TV, I have to leave the room.  Can I get an "amen"?! (no, I don't like the bedroom TV)

And then there's my cooking. (or lack thereof)
Do you ever feel that way?
Same ol' same ol'.  Blech!
I've only cooked twice this week and don't plan on cooking this weekend.  I may get fired.

My eyes.
My ears.
My cooking.

I must pull myself together.


Nonnie said...

Gee, I'm really sorry about your eye still hurting. That is just not fun to have a sore eye. (Really a sore anything stinks.)
I "hear" you on the TV and husband problem. We have had it for several years now. DH bought some kind of headphones so I wouldn't have to listen to all that blaring when I'm in the kitchen. Then, he found a little speaker that he sets on the table beside him and sound comes through it closer to him.
And finally, yes. We eat out pretty often. I wish I could have a more versatile menu with not too much effort.
The sun'll come out tomorrow.

Unknown said...

"He who must obey" and I have been tv incompatible for a while now.

Last year I solved the problem by buying two flat screens. His is to the right of his lazy boy and he wears headphones. Mine is bigger and in the middle of the room. I use sound. He often leaves one ear "open" to hear both sets. I don't like bedroom tv either;-)

Hope you and HK get your eye/teeth soothed soon.

Thank the good Lord there is always tomorrow. What would we do without him or it;-)

Skoots1moM said...

I thought I was reading my own blog as I was reading down through your edginess...
tvs are loud enough on their own...with every commercial they get louder...

Linda said...

Your mood probably has a lot to do with how you are feeling! Not so good! Eye pain just makes you feel bad all over!!

We don't have a TV in the bedroom. We did once but we never used it so we gave it to Amber who is using it in their bedroom. So far we have the same hearing levels. Does it count that he SINGS so loud? Or that he blares his you tube videos like a teenager?

Everything looks better in the mornings!!

Carla said...

Yikes! That eye thing can be very hard on you. Hope it gets better soon. I don't have to worry about TV noise since I share my house with 2 cats. Well, I should disclose that they don't like to be around with Jurassic Park is on. When the T-Rex roars - they run and hide for a while. It makes me laugh out loud (and NO, I don't watch it to make them run!).

Jeanie said...

I'm glad you saw a doctor that was more sympathetic. I hope the new medicine works.
I am with you on having no patience with a blaring TV, but you are good to understand that he really can't help it.

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