Thursday, December 6, 2012

Randomly speaking. . .

I miss having time to blog and visit with my Bloggy friends, but I know things will settle down in a few months and I'll be able to play "catch up" with everyone when that happens.  Till then I'm just trying to stay afloat (is that a word?) with my blog and document a few things.  

I have been in Tulsa spending time with my Mom for 16 days out of the last 30 days.  Mom is dealing with a "new normal".  Her health issues seem to have stabilized and most days she does pretty well, with a bit of assistance from family members from time to time.  
I wish I lived closer to her but that simply isn't the case right now.

Princess is doing well and sporting an ever-growing baby bump.  The pregnancy is going well.  She is well.  She is working hard on her senior year of classes and is on target to graduate this Spring (if not even sooner).

I'm trying to Christmas shop.

There is very little order to my life at this moment
and for a gal who loves a good list
and "a place for everything
and everything in it's place",
I'm taking deep breaths and praying a lot,
and getting by quite well.

Don't even know if we'll have a Christmas Tree this year.
It will be the first Christmas EV-AH to not have a tree.
But there will definitely be family, food, fun,
and lots of presents.
I figure if we can do all of that, a Christmas
tree will barely be missed

I could probably handle
a small, sweet, tree, 
like the one below.

This would work for me!

*Good Night!*


Rhona said...

Take each day as it comes and go with the flow. Life certainly throws curve balls sometimes and we just have to deal with them. When is Princess's baby due? My 2nd granddaughter is due on the 29th December - we're hoping she waits that long so Alice can have our attention this year at Christmas. xx

Aloha Acres said...

That tiny "tree" gave me a good laugh, and I so needed a laugh today.

Blessings! Yes, it will all work out.

Joyce said...

A Charlie Brown tree-sometimes they're the best kind! There are seasons : ) Take care!

Mary said...

The Charlie Brown Christmas Trees are really cute.
Glad Princess is doing well.
(I just finished this and looked over at Joyce's comment...guess great minds think alike!)

Jeanie said...

With family, food and fun your Christmas will be great, tree or no tree. Just remember to take care of yourself while you are taking care of everyone else.

Chatty Crone said...

Your tree was funny - that would be great for me too, but not for the others - so I am letting the others do it. You will be busy once the baby comes - will you babysit? Have a good day. Sandie

Wild Oregonian said...

This is our last day of final exams. THEN I can start Christmas shopping, baking, decorating and watching all my favorite movies.

Even an air freshener tree serves a wonderful purpose. All of this is going to turn out fine! Thinking of you every day. <3

nancygrayce said...

When our parents get to that certain age, and somehow we never really expect it, things do get very different. I am the one who is here near mama and I hate seeing the changes day by day. Today has been a bad day for her.

So glad the Princess is doing so well!!! I know you are glad she's home and soon there will be a little bundle of joy to cuddle!

As for the tree? We have one, but it's because the hubs puts it up. I could actually care less about a tree the years no grands are here and this is one of those years!

karen said...

I keep circling my tree that my husband worked so hard to put the lights on. (No, we don't have a pre-lit one...) and I haven't been able to muster the enthusiasm to decorate it. Some years are like that I've found.
When is the baby due? I'm glad things are going well there, and that your mom is doing better. I know how you feel - I divide my time between my parents and my dad's chemotherapy, and an elderly aunt who has a little dementia. Never a dull moment! Hopefully someone will be kind to me when I'm old and feeble.

Teresa said...

Now I could think of a better "small" tree then that. I can relate. This was to be my night with no grandkids in the house and surprise I have one. He's in the tub and I am sitting by the sink trying to get some e mail read. Glad I was able to catch up with you. I too spent some time with my mother today getting her SS Set up to be direct deposit. Something she wasn't very happy to do but it must. I love my grands, but we never have a day without one in the house. Talking all the time...I do need to rest my voice at times. lol Enough of my life. Get a small tree. Yet bigger then a car scent.

Have a very merry Christmas. God bless all.

yaya said...

I usually finish decorating the house and then realize I hadn't put the tree up...like this year. Hopefully this weekend will get it all done! Just enjoy the time and family and all will be good!

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