Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thinking deeply today. Waaay deep.

“Nanny always said that sweet tea is the thing for frayed nerves.”  ~Downton Abbey
Can I get a big southern "Amen" for this quote?  Love it!

 Princess and I are watching Downton Abbey as a summer "thang" we can do together.  Can you say "extremely lazy Summer thang"?  This is how we roll in the good ol' Summertime.  We turn the volume up and try to read their lips, as we find it difficult to understand much of the dialogue with the heavy British accent.

* * * * * * * * * *
Things I wonder about -

"Why do people love the smell of clothes fresh from the clothesline?"
Anytime I hang something outside to dry I think it "smells".  I don't get it.

What's the big deal about Squash?
I've tried preparing it different ways but it just never seems to have any flavor.  Hmmmmm.

Does it seem to you that some people attract wasps, more than others?
I hate wasps.  My family laughs because it seems when I am outside they buzz all around me.  Perhaps I am "The Wasp Whisperer".

I'm thinking deep thoughts today.
And I'm humming the old Nat King Cole song, "Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, the days of soda and pretzels and beer. . ."

What are you doing today/tonight?


Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I love Downton Abby. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, "The rich are different than you and me." WWI sure impacted that lifestyle didn't it?

I like acorn squash best, myself and I hung clothes out on the line as long as I could. The condo association frowns on it...

Shelly said...

My sisters and my mom all love Downton Abbey. I haven't watched it yet, but I need to find it on the dial. It sounds too interesting to pass up~

Sush said...

Sounds like you are getting a good jump on summer! We are expecting the blast from hell starting Friday...yikes!
Some neighbor yanked down our clothesline, twice so I gave up trying to do it here. In New Orleans I was able to do it all the time...and the clothes always smelled like fresh air.


Anonymous said...

I have to say I think clothes off the line smell amazing , you are so funny, wasp whisperer, thats a new one, better call Ellen, she might put you on her show!!!
Its so nice to share watching that great series with your daughter,

Nonnie said...

We turn on the captioning feature so we can understand what's going on!!! ;-) we love Downton Abbey and can't wait for the next one.

I'm fine with the way clothes smell coming out of the dryer.

And today we are on our way to the airport to pick up my brother and his wife who went to Paris and Rome to celebrate 35 years of wedded bliss!

Every mosquito and chigger can find me in a crowd. The wasps don't seem to care.

karen said...

1. - They smell like SUNSHINE and it reminds me of running through the damp clothes on the line as a child. It smelled SO GOOD.

2. Squash - you aren't cooking it right if it has no flavor. It's one of our favorites! What kind are you cooking? Try this: zucchini cut in thin slices, summer squash cut the same (the yellow kind) fresh sweet corn cut from the cob and cherry tomatoes, halved. First, melt 1T butter and 1T olive oil together. Saute about 2 t garlic in it. Put in the squash slices (however much you want) and let them cook for 1-2 min. Slide them aside. Cook the corn (however much you want) for about 1 min then stir in tomatoes. Stir until warmed. You can have as is or add shrimp or chicken to make a meal.
3. Wasps - I have no idea there. Maybe you smell sweet? Mosquitoes don't like me either.

What am I doing today? Besides working? Playing Words With Friends with YOU!

Jeanie said...

One of my plans for the summer is to watch Downton Abbey....I'm looking forward to it.
The squash recipe above sounds good, but I do like most kinds of squash.

nancygrayce said...

Now honey, you just aint cooking that squash right! You just cut up an onion and brown it just a little then cut up your squash and cook it with that onion and some salt and pepper (no water) and yum.....it's good!

I had to hang clothes on the line as a child and I love dryers! :)))

Nel said...

Have never heard of Downtown Abbey will have to check it out. I just really do not watch a lot of TV. I would rather read or play on the puter.
We have started a Bible study at our church on Wednesday nights, just casual, jeans, t-shirt, sandals kind of night. We are really enjoying it, having some good discussions about things.

until next time... nel

yaya said...

My sister is freaked by bees and wasps and I think they find her because of all that energy she puts out being freaked. Squash...love it. I like acorn with lost of butter and brown sugar. Ok, maybe it's the butter and brown sugar I love. I also grill zucchini with olive oil and feta cheese. Ok, maybe it's the oil and feta cheese I love.

NanaDiana said...

I have been on the road all day and I am fixing to jump into these fresh washed (but not hung outside) sheets and go to sleep- xo Diana

Beryl said...

My husband pointed out that the Subtitle feature on the DVD's make those British films easier to understand. Have you tried to just fry your squash? Lots more flavor that way.

Joy Tilton said...

I was just telling my husband that I love me some sweet tea. It's so good... tinkling ice, slice of lemon and I'm in Heaven! The buggies like me too, esp. those irritating little gnats. They buzz me and go up my nose, ahhhh! British shows/movies are too hard for this southerner to understand. We set here watching asking each other, "What did they say?" I like boiled squash... with lots of butter. That's cause I like butter!!! HaPPy SuMMeR!

My Mind's Eye said...

We love Downton Abbey too and can hardly wait for the new season.

All bugs love me drives me crazy 10 folks can be outside and I'm the one they love.
Hugs C

Jill of All Trades said...

Downton Abby...I LOVE IT! So can't wait till what January...

Aloha Acres said...

Love Downton Abby. I googled that quote because I thought it'd look good on a fb cover photo and guess what!? LOTS of your pics came up. Google the whole quote and click in images. We even get to see your pretty toes. ;) You are famous.

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