Friday, June 29, 2012

Livin' Off the Land . . .

not our land, 
but someone's land.
Mister made a trip 
to the Farmer's Market.

Last night's dinner was sliced fresh tomatoes.

Squash, prepared per my bloggy friend, Karen's recipe.  YUM!

We also had pinto beans, a pan of cornbread,

and a big pitcher of SWEET TEA
to wash it all down.

Princess snarled at the idea of "livin' off the land",
informing me that she was a city girl and not
a farm girl.

Mister enjoyed the meal but didn't
feel it was substantial enough.
(What he really wanted was Pizza!)

I loved it ALL!

I've not decided what's for dinner tonight,
but whatever it is it won't be
nearly as healthy as last night.

What's for dinner at your house tonight?


Anonymous said...

souds yummy, how do you prepare the pinto beans , they aren't a common ingredient in these parts,

Wild Oregonian said...

A meal a vegetarian like me loves! You make wonderful cornbread too.
Dinner here lately is our regular old tomato sandwiches with my homemade (homegrown basil) pesto or gazpacho.

Shelly said...

MMMMMMM!!!! That looks so very good! Just my kind of supper. As for ours tonight, Hubs and I are going on a date, so we will eat out. No dishes! Yea!!!

Joy Tilton said...

Well, we did takeout pizza last night and tonight is our date night... I use my Grandkids as a excuse to splurge~ I want that squash recipe, it looks delish!

Jane said...

I could live off all of those dishes! Love pinto beans with ham hock seasoning. They are better then 2nd day!

Cheri said...

Definitely not anything as healthy as you had. LOL

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

All those fresh veggies remind me of my grandmother's table. My Aunt Sylvia ( she's only 9 years older than me) that I reunited with last week, reminded me of the dinner we had where we counted Gramdma's veggies on the table. There were 22.

I'm a pinto bean eater too. I like them with rice. Those tomatoes look like summer to me.

My Mind's Eye said...

OH MY WORD that is my kind of supper.
Love Love Love 'maters, squash and cornbread and of course sweet tea is a staple 12 months of the year here at our humble home.

Tonight we're going to Relish Cafe (All Southern Cuisine) just a hop skip and a jump from home.
Hubby read a review in the paper stating they had a new menu item
homemade pimento cheese fritters.
LOL I'll be interested in how they do that. Oh they serve their tea in a mason jar too. Gotta love any place that does that.
Hugs C

karen said...

I'm so glad you liked the "recipe!" I love to use it because you can do anything you like with it - use whatever you have on hand. Sounds like a delicious meal to me on a hot summer day - light and lovely - but sometimes you have to add some chicken or something to make it more filling.
Tonight? Probably going out. At least that's what I'm planning on. *wink*

Nonnie said...

I love it!! Sounds DE-lish to me!

Jeanie said...

I have no idea what I am having for dinner tonight, but what you had last night looks just about perfect.

NanaDiana said...

Ummm...takeout! We are still on the road traveling and decided to call it an early night- well, at least I did- MyHero is off on a rubber raft adventure. xo Diana

Beth J said...

Dinner last Friday was pizza, red grapes, Enchilada Supreme Doritos! The doritos were great, not as odd as they sound.

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