Thursday, May 10, 2012


Have I mentioned we have lots of family birthdays this month?  "Yea, I know I have, but what are you?"  I digress.  I had done some of the shopping but finished up yesterday.  We'll be in Tulsa over the weekend for a big family party to celebrate all the May birthdays.
Today is the day to wrap, bag, and bow
all the gifts.

My "funnest" find was this, for our
youngest Granddoll, Grace, who will be 9.
I had bought some other things but needed
something "fun" to roundout her gift.
This was perfect!

Doesn't this look fun?
There are five different sets of
interchangeable straps to be
colored/decorated for your flip-flops.
(Be still my heart!)
THEN, you get to wear your creation
for everyone to see!
(If she likes these even half as much
as I do they'll be a hit!)

Wonder if they come in my size?
I could soooo get into doing this!!


marejohn said...

PERFECTION! I think that makes you their "Gramdoll"!!!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh us too. May and June are like Christmas and then I have two of my kids graduating this year. Crazy. Those flip flops are so cute!!

My Mind's Eye said...

That looks like a ton of fun to me.
You all have a safe and fun May celebration.
Hugs Madi and MOm

Joy Tilton said...

We do the Birthday train from July through September, one after the other! Love those flip flops... I want some!

Jill said...

That is super cute! We are swamped with birthdays and anniversaries this month too! Enjoy!


karen said...

What a great gift! I've never seen those, but I think I'll look for them. I know a couple of girls who would love them! Have fun on your weekend!

Shelly said...

That is perfect! What fun~

Unknown said...

I've never seen those, but will be on the lookout. So cute! We have several May birthdays, too. My oldest granddaughter's is the 1st, mine is the 6th, and my daughter in law's is the 7th. And we have a granddaughter due on the 23rd! October is almost as bad, but it's my husband and grandsons then.

Nel said...

How cute! Love them! We have 3 birthdays in July. The 10th,11th,13th. My SIL, daughter, and granddauther. My baby will be 30 this year. Time flies!
until next time... nel

Jeanie said...

My family has lots of May birthdays too-I call it cake season. Those flip-flops would be a perfect gift for one of them. Have fun with all of your celebrating.

NanaDiana said...

Hey! WHERE did you find that flip-flop set? I have a 9 year old granddaughter that LOVES crafty stuff AND flip-flops. What a great gift idea! Hope you had a good day-I'll bet it was a busy one! xo Diana

yaya said...

I have 5 birthdays this month and my almost 10yr. old Grandkiddo would love those! I've never seen them. Thanks for the idea and I know Grace will love them!

Joanna Jenkins said...

My family is so big, every month we have a "birthday month dinner" and celebrate them together.

LOVE the flip flaps-- Those will be a huge hit!

Have a BLAST!
xo jj

Sush said...

Oh yes I'd get those for my grandbebes when they are old enough!
Great find!

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