Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This is our last week of school!
As of  Friday I'm a free woman - well, not really "free", you know what I mean.

I've got some shopping to get done before the weekend; 4 birthdays to buy for.  Have I mentioned that some of my very favorite people were born in May?  Presents, and Bows, and Cake. Oh My!

Princess and I are giddy with excitement and nervous anticipation for our big NYC trip.  We've been watching the weather there and it has been wildly fluctuating (just like us!) - guess we'll be deciding what to pack right up to the last minute.  Mister is in for such a treat, traveling with 2 teenage girls and a menopausal woman!  What a lucky guy he is.

I must report that not all members of our household are feeling so lucky at the moment.

Poor Boudxy!
He has a bad case of poison ivy.
(I promised him I wouldn't tell
you where his ivy rash is located.)
He's in a Beneddryl fog - can't you tell?!
Hoping all our medical efforts will
bring him relief.

That's it for Too-sday from
here on the bayou.
What's happenin' at your place?


marejohn said...

End of school season! how exciting for you! My sister and daughter are counting down the days as well (although daughter will work at summer school for a bit)
Do both of your grands get to go with you on your trip? What a busy bunch you will be!
and last but not least..POOR baby Boudxy. That sounds beyond miserable for him...feel better soon buddy!

Tracy said...

Oh Dear Goodness,poor baby Boudxy...eeegads! Not a good thing!
Congrats on being in your lat weeke of school...gosh, when do you start that you are almost out? Enjoy New York!

Jeanie said...

The poor little guy must be miserable with the poison ivy....and maybe a little sad that you will be gone for a while.

Anonymous said...

poor pup, thats not good.
What a wonderful trip you will have, I still can't beleive school is almost over for another year! Have a wonderful day,

Linda said...

You will have a blast!!!
How smart to keep to the same school schedule as others. I regret schooling year round. We took lots of breaks but I still wish I had schooled only during normal school hours!

Poor baby dog!

My Mind's Eye said...

Poor Boudxy...my friend's son got it in the exact same place when he was about 10. He had been playing in the woods and decided to take a potty break....evidently had some on his hands.

Yay for the last week of school and fun vacays!!
Hugs Madi and Mom

karen said...

Poor, poor Boudxy... hopefully better days are ahead. Your NYC trip sounds like so much fun - you're going at a perfect time of year. It might be a little bit muggy, but you've got experience with that, living where you do. Please note that I will still hound you with Words With Friends.

Unknown said...

Boudxy looks so cute!, poor baby!!

Woo-hoo! School's out, NYC ahead of you ... enjoy. So many beautiful things to see & do.


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yaya said...

Wish I had an end to work! Not even a vacation this year..but enough whining from me! Hope your trip is great..you'll love it, I know! Sorry about your pup, I guess I didn't even know dogs got poison ivy. May is big on bdays here too...3 Grandkiddos, one son, my Mom..and don't forget Mother's Day...busy and expensive month!

NanaDiana said...

Poor Baby! Poison Ivy! Tell your hubby to stay out of the places that pup haunts or he will be even more miserable on his trip! lol

I think you will ALL have a ball-hubby, too. I am excited for you! xo Diana

Sush said...

Sounds like the trip is going to be a huge success! and good news from you? SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER...almost!

Wishing I was close to a bayou...missing my roots right now~

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh poor little guy. I've never had poison ivy and hope to never! Hope the trip goes well.

Joy Tilton said...

Poor, poor Boudxy if he's anywhere as miserable as I was last week. Poison ivy on the underside would be even worse! I ended up getting a steroid shot to quiet the itching. I'm going to enjoy hearing all about the NYC trip!

Abi's Blog said...

Okay, I'm going to try this again - I commented the other day, but my computer was acting up - just two tips for your NYC trip - plan plan and plan again (before you go) to save time while you are there - and like everyone says Comfortable Shoes! I know we all want to go for cute - but forget it and wear something VERY comfortable!!! have a wonderful time - we did -

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