Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Not this kind of tidbits...

This kind,
chit-chat tidbits.

Thank you, Jesus!Youngest son (grown man) text yesterday that
he was going to the dentist today,
which translated meant "I have been 'dipping'
for a very long time and I have a spot
in  my mouth I am worried about".
Today's text -
GOOD NEWS - It was NOT cancer!!
From my mouth to God's ear -
"Thank you, Jesus!".

Also, received word from a friend that her
son, who is in Afghanistan,
and who we have been praying
for daily, will be home in 20 ish days!!
Lots of Thanksgiving in my heart today!!

You gals are full of wonderful ideas
advice, and even surprises, at times.
Your response to my last blog post
I am totally "surprised" at how many
"home-bodies" there are in our ranks.
I thought everyone would say,
There were a few of you who
encouraged me to go,
but most of you seemed to share
a similar fear.

I haven't made the reservations
for New York yet.
Still thinking about it.

Gross Alert:
*animal sensitive material ahead*
Boudxy has gotten three,
yes 3, rabbits so far this Summer.
We have a privacy fence, yet somehow
they (the rabbits) find their way
into our yard, then, much to our sorrow
Boudxy gets them.
Boudxy is a Schnauzzer/Terrier mix
which means he is simply doing
"what comes naturally".

Is there anyone among us who doesn't
love this handsome, British
hunk of meat  rascal, Simon Cowell?!
A new book about him says he loves
to party late into the night,
sleep to noon,
then wake up to watch
Yep, cartoons.
Who knew?

They also say he uses
BLACK toilet paper in
the bathroom at his home.
Mr. Freud would love
to think a while on that
tidbit, doncha' think?!

Got a tidbit(s) you wanna share
with me?


Mindy said...

So thankful to hear the good news about the two sons!

Cancer is ugly and gross, especially in the mouth. You wanna' have lips left to kiss with! :)

NanaDiana said...

Great news about your son...and I am praying for a safe return of the young serviceman in 20 days.

Love the Simon Cowell facts...none of which are ver surprising- xo Diana

Shelly said...

So happy for the great news! I don't have any little tidbits today, so I'm enjoying yours~

Tracy said...

Thank you God! for both the health of your son and the coming home of your friend's son....and regarding being a homebody~ oh my gosh, my sone who is 13 is the biggest homebody I've ever met. He just loves to be at home which I am but not as much as he is. The only 'place' I really like to go is to the beach-if it's not there then I'm stayin' home!

yaya said...

I'm so glad your son is cancer free and I also hope maybe he'll quit doing the smokeless tobacco..it's as bad as cigs...Hmmm...I have no tidbits today..sorry!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Well let me scoot the furniture back and do a big old happy dance for your son. I pray it'll scare the bejibbers outta him so he'll quit.

So good to here another solider is comin' home. I can't thank 'em enough!

God bless ya and have an awesome kinda day!!!

I personally think there's no place like home! :o)

Mari said...

Glad to hear that good news! I enjoyed your tidbits. I have to wonder where Simon gets black TP?

karen said...

Good news about your son - hopefully it will scare him a little and he'll quit. You must be dancing a little jig yourself! Scary stuff. No tidbits today but I kind of like old Simon Cowell myself. I have the feeling he's softer than he wants to let on - but he's no fool either.

Jill said...

So happy to hear all the good news!!
Hope you have an amazing week!


acorn hollow said...

So happy for you that your son is good.
Black toliet paper hmmm where does he get it and does it turn your bum black?

Jeanie said...

Your son's good news must be a great relief...and scary for everyone until he found out.
Our dog is a terrier and he goes a little crazy when he sees a rabbit, but he has never caught one.

Joan said...

Would like to know what a therapist might think of Simon's use of black toilet paper might mean? LOL
Think cartoon watching is a great distraction from all the watching talent & business side of his life.
Am glad of your son's good news & your friend's son's good news.
Enjoy reading your tidbits & the others, too.

Joy Tilton said...

Thankful that your son got good news and praying for a safe journey home for that young man. We do share the tidbits, a little of this and a little of that... some good, some not so good. Sometimes I think I've about said it all, then I read someone's comments and I'm off and going again!

Unknown said...

Yay! That's good news! Oh man! Bouxdy is a rabbit dog??? Must be gruesome but instinctual!

The only tidbit I have is that I've got a stupid procedure tomorrow where the doctor will insert a tube up my nose and down my esophagus for 24 hours to test my esophagus pressure! I'm trying not to shake at the thought!

Sush said...

I have no bit to top yours! But I sure did get a lot of pleasure and I'm happy all the news was good from your son's dental visit!

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