Thursday, April 26, 2012


I've heard of people who simply
stop a watch from keeping accurate
time by putting it on their wrist.
Don't know if that's true or not,
but that's what "they" say.

I used to have a special knack
for tearing up vaccuums
and had to buy a new one
each year.  Now "it's"
something else.

Here's a riddle for you -
Mister says that he buys
me one each year.
I must admit that is an accurate
staement given the last few years.

I now need another "one".
It has nothing to do with me.

Take a guess - what do you
think "it" is?

(I'll let you know the answer
in tomorrow's post.)


marejohn said...

what do I win!!! LOL, I honestly have no idea...but that's my best guess!
Have a good day!

Lisalulu said...

I;m going to guess alarm clock! ha, I usually wear out hair dryers, ok changing my answer to hair dryer! thanks

Unknown said...

I would guess, a handmixer. I'm queen of burning out the motor on them.

Unknown said...

Chuckle! This is going to be fun what all the guesses are ...

A holiday/birthday card ...

Have a wonderful day ~

Sush said...

I was going to guess coffee pot as well. Perhaps a hair blower...those are notorious for burning up!
Can't wait to read the answer!

Anonymous said...

both my guess haave been given but Sush!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweetie...
Well because you make a lot of things, I would say possibly a new mixer, they sure do seem to run out on me, but then on the other hand, I am pretty darn hard on cell phones, could be a cell phone?

Can't wait to find out. You are so clever you. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Marsha Young said...

Maybe watches? Like you mentioned, I run through one about every year.

The LOC has given up on finding one that will run longer than that on me.

Maybe an electric can opener? We blow through those fairly often, too.

yaya said...

I'm very hard on vacuums also. Not because I use them too much either! My other tool to destroy is the hand mixer. I just killed another one a few months ago. I haven't gotten a replacement yet. I have to pick out the next victim one of these days!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I don't think it is a mixer or coffeemaker or a "thing" like that. I am very curious now. See ya tomorrow.

Shelly said...

Well, it's probably not a car, so I'd guess a small kitchen appliance. Or could it be something more technology related, like an ipod?

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh I honestly have no idea - but I go thru a coffee pot every year - so many you do too. sandie

acorn hollow said...

I would say a coffee maker also.

marejohn said...

checking in again...a cell phone is a GREAT thought! as are the mixer and curling iron, hair dryer...
Golly...they are all good ideas...will check back tomorrow for "the rest of the story"

Kimmy said...

Oh wow...this is a tough one! All good guesses, I also like the birthday card one also. Hmmm?? I really don't know. Ah....but because I just cheated, I'm gonna say an anniversary gift/card/dinner?!?! Did I win???? LOL

NanaDiana said...

Computer? A computer? lol

I am one of those people who has an "electric" factor that causes a watch to not keep time properly. NOT good~ o Diana

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Well I am sitting here wondering what it could be. Maybe a new computer. lol
Seriously I have no idea. But I do know it is true about some people can't wear watches I am one of them.
Love ya

nancygrayce said...

I'm saying cell phone. :) I want a new one every year, but don't get one! But I break them with some regularity!

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

i have no idea. i'm terrible at riddles

Angie said...

Is it broken or just missing?

My first guess was reading glasses, but who knows!

Janie Fox said...

cell phone?? It could be worse...it could be husbands! hehe

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