Monday, April 23, 2012

Airplanes and Apples.

Sunday dawned sunny with clear skies
and beautifully warm weather.

Up. Up. And Away they flew.
It was the perfect day for the annual
Barksdale Air Force Base annual
Air show.

You could actually go "on base" and see many
of the planes up close and personally
if you wanted. . .

or you could go to your favorite "shade spot",
park and enjoy it from your car,
which is what we chose to do.
And yes, we might have munched
on some Sonic treats as we watched.

I love to watch those planes roaring
overhead, sometimes arching,
twisting and then plummeting
so close to the ground that you
catch your breath simply watching.

Which makes me think about vacation,
since that requires actually more than
just watching a plane.  It means taking
valium and actually buckling up
for "take-off".

We are thinking about going to
New York City - so much to see
and do there...But honestly, the thought
of going there actually frightens me a bit.
I'm not sure why, unless deep-down
it's the horror of 911 that has somewhat
ruined the city for me. 
There's a part of me that really wants to
see the BIG city, and another part
that wants to remain on the ground
in my little corner of the world.
Everytime I get on a plane it
requires all the faith I can muster
and all the Bible verses I can remember
to actually endure the flight(s).
I will probably make our reservations
sometime this week as we want
to go soon.
(yes, fear has been an on-going
issue for me all my life)

Have you been there?
Any tips you can give me as to where
to stay and how to maneuver
in the Big Apple?


Mari said...

Air shows are such fun! We went to a lot of them when Andy was young, because he always loved airplanes of any sort.
I am not a fan of flying either - I like my feet on the ground. :)

Sunny Simple Life said...

I am less adventurous the older I get. Not sure why. Just really like being at home. I cannot believe how huge that black air plane is so big.

marejohn said...

OH my dear..I am no help.. a homebody am I! I WANT to be adventurous and am working on it but so far...nada..
Looking forward to YOUR adventure though!

marejohn said...
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Joyce said...

Live with a fearless heart! I'm trying : ) I can really relate to your anxiety...don't let that stop you from doing something you want to do.

I can offer you some tips-I live 45 minutes from Manhattan. I like to stay at the Mariott Marquis but have no idea of the price. We generally use hotel points to book. It is an ideal location and a great hotel, right in the heart of Times Square. They have a restaurant/bar on the top floor that revolves (very very slowly!) for a 360 view of the skyline.

Feel free to message me if you want some to chat or need tips on restaurants, sites, getting around, etc. jdpres07@googlemail.com

I always recommend the DK eyewitness guide books (Dorling Kindersley)...they are all excellent. I have the NYC book and use it often.


Been a few times....once driving and twice flying. Loved it all. I maneuvered around on the subway, buses, taxis, I stayed near times square in Manhatten. My suggestion is to stay out of town....use a black car to get around. Take the big red bus tour and get the on and off bracelet...you can get off and stay however long you want.

Aloha Acres said...

I'm getting anxious about flying next month. Well, not so much the flying part as the dealing with TSA part. I'm trying not to think about it too much, but that's not working very well.

yaya said...

I hate flying but will endure it for the necessary trips...family etc. I've only been to NYC once and that was about 2yrs. ago...My hubby had a seminar in White Plains and my Mom flew in to join us. Mom and I took the train to NYC and then hopped the red bus tour. It was great! The people were all wonderful, friendly and helpful. We saw all the sights we wanted and had no trouble finding our way back to the hotel. Hope your trip is wonderful!

Jeanie said...

You should definitely go to NYC if you have the chance....it is a city like no other. It sounds like you won't be alone and I'm sure you won't regret it if you conquer your fear and go.

nancygrayce said...

It's been a while but we love going over to Pensacola and watching the Blue Angels!

I was supposed to go to New York in December 2011.....my MIL had bought the tickets and she, my SIL and I had our plans to go...after 9/11, I just said I couldn't go. My brain was frozen and I was scared to death! Turned out MIL andSIL were relieved I said NO.

The only place I really fly is California and if my grands weren't there, I'd stay put! :)

Joy Tilton said...

My husband was born at Barksdale AFB in 1951... did you see a plaque anywhere? I would be a little afraid too to visit NYC but I would overcome my fears to see the great sites. I blogged about travel today too, a very bad experience I had last week booking our trip to Cincinnati.. still in a stew about it!

Chatty Crone said...

My husband loves air shows.

I have been to New York a couple of times - years ago.

I would go to the library or the book store and look at the Fodor's travel guide.


Robin said...

Like several have already posted, I am also a homebody. I think I would be perfectly happy staying at home with my family all the time, only leaving to occasionally go out to eat, shop and the movies. HAHA! I'm also terrified to fly!

Sush said...

Would you believe I've never been to NYC? I'd love to go and I think someday I'll make it. I have a childhood friend who lives on Long Island who has frequently asked me to come. When I was younger....lots younger pre children, I travelled more. Even though the kids are out of the house I'm still 'booked' with babysitting, visiting and girl things of my own.
Sounds like fun, I hope you get to go. Don't let 911 hold you back...it let's them take even more away from us.

Elizabeth said...

Everybody should experience NYC at least once...but it can be exhausting. Sidewalks are crowded and lines can be long but the sights are amazing. Be sure to walk the newest attraction, the Highline. It's a green-space two mile long walkway(old train tracks) that weaves in and out along the skyscrapers.

Joan said...

Remember going to air shows seeing Golden Knights & Thunderbirds. My son enjoyed, too. Very exhausted & tired afterwards LOL.
Never visited NYC hoping someday to do so. Hope u enjoy it.
Have not flown as an adult so probably would have some fears. Do hope u will get thru your fears, know u can!

karen said...

I like NYC - such good food!! (That alone should get you on the plane.) The first time my husband and I went we stayed at the Westin in Times Square. First of all, make up your mind that everything is expensive. What you don't pay by staying further out, you will pay in cab fares. Anyway, Times Square is very central to a lot of things. We took cabs for about the first day and then we learned that you can buy subway passes that are good for a week, so we did that. We got lost a few times, but people were nice and helped point us in the right direction. My best advice is to eat EVERYWHERE. Do not neglect tiny hole in the wall places - there are some gems. You can eat fancy anytime. Get in there and eat somewhere where they make great pizza or at a deli where they make their own mozzarella. Do all the touristy things too if you haven't already. A must do: the 911 monument. It's very impressive and definitely hallowed ground. Shop in Chinatown and come home with some great knockoff bags. I think I came home with about 4 or 5. Such fun - I was spirited down into a basement (where my husband watched rats run around while I shopped) and the girl showed me a treasure trove of bags from Dior to you name it. The thought crossed my mind that I could get killed, but it was a great adventure. You can ask me questions - you know where I live.

Nel said...

I have not went, but it is on my bucket list. I want to see NYC of course, but want to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I want to catch a glimpse of where my ancestors stepped onto this land. One of these days...
until next time... nel

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Air shows cane be so much fun...I saw the Blue Angel in San Francisco once. I have no problem flying. I can never sleep on a plane. NY is a great city to explore. I went once.
It's so hectic and busy...We saw 2 Broadway shows, did some shopping and took a horse buggy ride through the park.

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