Monday, April 16, 2012

Thinking out-loud.

My blogging has been "sporadic" lately.
My life has been "sporadic" lately.
But today I'm getting back into
"routine" mode - my favorite mode
to be in.

Princess and I had a touch of a virus
last week.  Or perhaps a "punch of
a virus" would be more accurate.
Truth is we are really wimpy and
it doesn't take much to throw us into
fetal position on the sofa.

Speaking of fetal position - Princess'
last chapter of her Anatomy & Physiology
class is "The Reproductive System",
complete with coloring pages. 
Coloring pages?  Really?
I'm not a prude.
I understand reproduction. 
I can say "Weenie" and "Va-Jay-Jay"
and not blush at all,
but,  I.am.not. going to ask
my 17 yr old to color
every "up close & personal"
detailed nub, fold, and dangle
of male and female anatomy.
We will "label",
but we will not "color".
(in case you were wondering)


I am of the belief that a little bit
of mystery is a good thing.

I bet doctors have a very boring
sex life.  Sometimes one can simply
have too much information.
Here I go again, thinking "out loud"
on this darn blog.  Sometimes I
empty my brain on this page and
by the time I "publish post" my
brain is so empty I'd swear my
head bobbles. .  .

I'm off to enjoy this new day
while I can still hold my head up.

. . .my apologies if I have offended
any doctors. 


Cheri said...

You made my morning... I had to laugh when I saw Weenie and Va-Jay Jay...that would have been me too. I'm still giggling.

Unknown said...

"Nub, fold, and dangle" snort, snort!

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Glad you are not blushing over the Weenie and Va-Jay-Jay! However, I will tell you that SOME Doctors have VERY GOOD sex lives!;>) xo Diana

Nonnie said...

hahahahaha!!! LOLoudly! I will have to share this info with our dd and dil cause they are using all the very proper names and this will give them a good laugh! Makes my day! I know. Sad, huh?

Joyce said...

Ha-how appropriate as I'm just walking out the door to get to my gyn appt : )

Melanie said...

You made my morning!!! I will laugh about this for the rest of the day!

Tracy said...

Well, you certainly made me laugh this morning...and this led perfectly into my funny story I have to share. My son just turned 13 and all this talk of 'sex' ed makes his skin crawl. So my husband laugh at him. Well, he and his friend were upstairs playing with the dog and I hear laughing and messing around upstairs and all of a sudden I hear this blood curdling scream that something is wrong with Hurricane, the dog. My husband slides around the corner on the hardwood floors and I run past him as he lands on the floor to get upstairs and Nicholas is just shrieking and crying that something is wrong with him. We get upstairs and here's Hurricane's penis hanging almost to the floor, dripping and Hurricane has this look of terror on his face and both my husband and I burst out laughing and of course Nicholas is mortified at this point. I finally tell him that is his penis blah, blah, blah at which Nicholas is embarassed, etc...and he says, 'Oh my God, I am scarred for life!'
needless to say, we still laugh about this situation...

Shelly said...

I'm with you- a little mystery is a good thing. You did give me a smile this morning!

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

didnt offend me at all. why not just be blunt about it? why cant everyone be blunt about it? would love to hear from you sometime and get some input on things i post about.

My Mind's Eye said...

MOL when Mom gets up off the floor and quits laughing like a hyena we'll be back. Color you have got to be kidding!!??
Too funny and better you than us
Madi and Mom

Anonymous said...

wow, I never heard of the color pages for repro, wow, things are changing, i prefer your terms,, you always make me smile, I don't know but is Nana Diana married to a doctor????

Chatty Crone said...

Now I haven't ever heard of anything like this - I will have to tell my son about it - he's a doctor. Lol

Sush said...

So happy you and Princess are feeling better! I'm with you on the coloring and labeling would be the preferred method in my home. Now I have to agree with NanaDiana...my brother in law is an OB and he and his associates seem to have a happy sex life...from the rowdy stories I've heard!

yaya said...

I remember picking my youngest (now 28) up from school. He was in the 5th grade and that's when the schools give the sex talk...He gets in the car and I ask the usual question: "How was school?" He answers: "I'm in puberty..I'm glad I'm not a girl..and I don't want to talk about it ever again."

Janie Fox said...

LOL I died over nub, fold and dangle. Sometimes I color for the heck of it...but only G rated!!

karen said...

Yeah, most nubs, folds, and dangles are not that pretty... although I've been known to enjoy when I'm in the mood.

Jeanie said...

Coloring pages....Hmmm? My grandson is in 5th grade and they are doing the "growing and changing" class....I don't think they give even kids that age coloring pages.

acorn hollow said...

ha ha ha. but coloring pages really? by the time most kids are 17 they are well aware of what is were.

Unknown said...

Empty away...it is good for the soul! :) I think I'd stop at coloring the private parts too unless you want to call it an "art project".

Maybe that's what is wrong with me...I've been emptying my brain.

ghulam sarwar said...

thank you for sahring

sameer said...

nice work keep it up

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

This was hysterical and the comments were too. There would be no coloring of (I'll use the British term here) the naughty bits in my house either. If you are asked to use Crayons you are too young to know. Goodness.

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