Friday, April 13, 2012

Tell me. Please.

I got married when I was 19
and the only thing I could cook was
baked potatoes and fish sticks.
Mister loves to tell the story
about the first time I made
mashed potatoes and gravy,
and the gravy turned out thicker
than the potatoes!  
But when you're young, and
livin' on love, food is secondary.
Remember those days?

Next year Princess will be a Senior.
I have intentionally waited till
then for her to take Home Economics.
We homeschool.
I haven't found any "down to earth"
curriculum for this subject so I'm
going to need to make my own.

What are some things I could
include in this class besides
the obvious "cooking skills"?

BTW, have you seen the program,
"Kelsey's Essential's" on the Cooking
channel?  She's a young, cute,
little, blonde, Rachel-Ray-gonna-be.
I'm gonna include some of her
programs in the cooking
portion of the class.
(yes, I know I'm rambling)

I need to stop.

The end.


I'm outta here.

(Do you remember the question?)


Sunny Simple Life said...

The Fanny Farmer cookbook was given to me at my shower and has been my cooking bible for 23 years. It has lots of basic info on cooking. I think teaching her about stocking the pantry, making a menu and then shopping for it would be great. I have taught my two oldest to cook and they seem to do fine when we are out of town. I guess the proof will be when they move out. They can cook a basic dinner like tacos if I need them to. That is more than I knew when I got married.

marejohn said...

Well, besides the obvious "gotta knows" don't forget how to clean (the cupboards, toilet, floors,windows..etc etc and don't forget the mopboards!)
Maybe how to prep for a family "get together" like a barbeque or sit down holiday meal.
Even a few "homey" things like remembering to send out greeting cards for birthdays, etc...all the things that one might need to know if managing their own home..
Above all..enjoy the time you spend with her ... that will be her best learning experience of all!
We found with homeschooling that you could throw in some awesome little things that are important to you and your particular family..
Have a great day!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Besides cookin'. There are many skills ya can add. Sewin' if she's interested and child development. There's laundry facts and the chemical end to cookin'. How to set a proper table and entertain. It's simply endless darlin'!!!

Have fun with it too!

God bless ya and have a super weekend my sweet friend!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

We don't get that show here, you get all the best cooking shows in the U.S !!!
My girls are 36 and 30 and the recipes I think they wanted the most were, no bake coconut cookies, theones withe the oatmeal and cocoa powder, scallop potatoes, mac and cheese (then they know how to make a white sauce), cinnamon buns, pot roast and roast chicken are a few that came to mind besides the obvious.My son loves to cook and he requested the recipes for home made carmel corn, chewy oatmeal cookies, chili amd lasanga.I think they should all know how to make bread and the cinnamon buns teach that.As you can see I have done this a few times but I didn't home school, I commend you for that.I'm Canadian and we do have a few things we do things a biot different than you in the states, my daughter married and lives in Michigan and I was so surprised at how many things we do different and we are so close, I can yell across to the states from my balcony but we are different.I think the most important things are foods they love.

Shelly said...

The commenters above have all stated my ideas. I think it's going to be a lot of fun for the both of you, especially if you are including some of the cooking shows from tv.

Melanie said...

Sounds like fun! Lots to share with her, don't forget to teach her how to balance the checkbook and reconcile a bank statement! Boring but important.

I remember the first time that I made biscuits, I did it just the way I had seen my Mama do it, only i used plain flour, not self rising flour!! We couldn't eat the biscuits, good thing that we didn't fight, those things would have caused some serious damage!

NanaDiana said...

Well, we learned the art of setting a proper table in addition to cooking and baking classes....AND we learned to sew. That was a bit part of Home Ec when I went to school...and manners! xo Diana

yaya said...

She should start with her favorite dishes or her fav ones that you make and learn how to do them. I think teaching a cooking course would be really fun..good luck and good eats!

acorn hollow said...

I got married at 19 and the only thing I could cook was mini pizza's on english muffins. Lots of disasters along the way.
I have not seen that show but really I do think cooking for a crowd and not feaking out is a good one. I made a blazer in my home economics never did that again what was that teacher thinking?

karen said...

Get her the Pioneer Woman cook book. Delicious and easy. She should know easy basics like how to make a basic white sauce and/or gravy and how to roast a turkey or chicken. Two things that scare everyone but are sooo easy. There are so many great cooking shows on TV plus the Food TV website - so many more resources than when you and I were starting out.

PS - At least you weren't the girl that made a cherry pie for her husband and didn't know enough to take out the pits. That girl would be my mother...

Chatty Crone said...

I see a year of her cookie dinner for you! HAHA I am just kidding. I remember my first time I tried to make friend chicken - I waited for the oi to boil - lol - that chicken was done in 30 seconds and the house almost started on fire. sandie

OurGangof7 said...

I think general day to day household things like paying bills, balancing budgets, cleaning the house, looking after the garden, laundry, meal planning,,,just generally small bits of everything it takes to live on your own. Home economics lessons here in Australia seems to just be cooking these days,,,,gone are the days of teaching basic sewing skills. How to sew on a simple button is something else that I would call life skills. I have started up a separate blog with our family recipes, well it is now any recipe that I make which every one likes, so that the kids can use it as a reference when they leave home.
Have fun with it!!

Unknown said...

I got married at 17 and couldn't cook much of anything--still can't and don't really care. Hey, the family is still alive! I must be doing something right. We were married a year before I could scramble an egg that was fit to eat. Can't think of anything that someone else hasn't mentioned. This may be the most fun you have homeschooling! What memories!

Mary said...

Make sure she can at least sew on a button!

Gracie and Bobbi said...

We used to have sewing in home economics class, and this brought back to mind a funny time in my life. I was a junior, and our teacher informed us that we would be making a blouse. We had to pick a partner and of course I chose my best friend Brenda. Neither Brenda nor I had a bust measurement of more than 29 (a little embarrassing at a time when big boobs were IN) so we each recorded a 34. Needless to say, our blouses fit us quite loosely.
Here I am rambling now...
Good luck with this!!

My Mind's Eye said...

I was going to say sewing but I see Gracie and Bobbi have mentioned that.
First thing we learned in the sewing portion of home economics was how to sew a straight line and how to turn curves. My teacher gave us all several sheets of paper with straight lines on them and several with circles. We had to learn to sew on the lines drawn. Sounds simple but it wasn't. You have to be able to sew a straight lines and turn corners before you make anything. Our first project was a simple apron. Even if you don't want to make a garment in the future you can at least mend a rip.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Stephanie said...

I did the same thing the first year I was married -- my Thanksgiving gravy was so thick it was virtually a cake. :-P Good luck with home economics! I need to do this with my teens too. I'd definitely spend some time focusing on meal planning, budgeting, and shopping.

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

Im almost 29 and have yet to figure out the home made gravy deal. always use the packaged gravy and even then it's not as good as it could be but then again it's been 7 mths since Ive really had to cook. maybe one day I'll actually find a man who enjoys cooking for me just as I will enjoy cooking for him. :)

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