Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Are you feeling the pinch too?

I went grocery shopping yesterday.
I buy groceries at Walmart
(except for meat and produce).
Generally it seems that Walmart
has the best prices in our area.

The prices have climbed and are
continuing to climb drastically.

I never thought I'd be paying
$11.97 for Tide
or almost $4 for cereal
and potato chips.

Yes, I know we don't need chips
(I have a teenager)
and I could buy a different
brand of detergent, etc. etc.
but the point is that
prices on all items/brands
are soaring.

Are you seeing the same thing
where you live?

* * * * * * * * * *

This is a photo of me after my
shopping trip yesterday.

Yeah, sure it is.


Unknown said...

Oh, yeah! And it's been happening for a while. The thing that really gets me is when they don't raise the price--they make the package smaller. You think you're paying the same price for the same product, but you're actually getting LESS!

Anonymous said...

I must say you look great! Prices are going up here as well

Melanie said...

Prices have sky rocketed here!! I hate going to the grocery store now! The grocery budget has to expand, so something else has to decrease somewhere else. Disgusting!

Jeanie said...

Oh yes, it seems like the prices have gone up every time I shop. I can leave with just one small bag and have spent well over $50.

Shelly said...

Yes! We don't drink sodas, but I had to take some to a school function, and I was floored at how expensive they are. My goodness- the last several years have been hard on the pocketbook-

Cheri said...

I just took the plunge and went grocery shopping today and since we are "empty nesters" I try not to go every week but when the refrigerator is looking mighty bare just because I don't want to waste anything if I can help it. My bill is still what it was when the girls were at home just because of the soaring costs.

Anne said...

Yes, here in the UK prices are rocketing too.Every week something else has been increased in price.Our petrol prices are something else, over £6 a gallon!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

Back in the days when my girls were all home, say 10 years ago, I used to estimate my cart at how many bags it would be and then guess at $10.00 a bag. (That's a paper bag too). Now it's got to be $10 for a little plastic bag. My heart really goes out to young families trying to put dinner on the table and gas in their cars.

I did notice that when we moved to NC 3 years ago, I was amazed at how expensive the vegatables were when the growing season is longer. I paid less in Michigan.

My Mind's Eye said...

OH yes!! I'm a Cheerio lover from way back in the stone ages and I guess I am/was a Cherrio snob..but I went over to the dark side about 6 months ago when Cheerios (large size) was 4.00. I tried my store brand of
"Oats Cereal". Only one size box but it is the same size as the medium Cheerio and it is only 1.97 and taste the very exact same as the 4.00 box of Cheerios. Years ago we took a tour of a Mt. Olive Pickle factory. We discovered they also package pickles for our store brand and they are the exact pickle just with the store name label. Too funny

karen said...

Yep, it's happening everywhere. We shop at a combination of places: Sprouts (the normal place), Trader Joe's (love that store!) and Target. Target's prices are great, and they have a really good store brand. There's always Costco, but there's only 2 of us... We average well over $100 every time we go shopping - of course, we like to cook (and eat!) and we're buying some good stuff. And my husband would dry up and die without his Diet Coke...

acorn hollow said...

Oh yes the prices are going up for sure. We go out less eat in more.

NanaDiana said...

Yep-prices are going up all over the place. Crazy! xo Diana

yaya said...

I'm glad I'm not buying diapers or baby formula! Very expensive! I remember when I was a young bride we could only afford $25 a week for groceries and I tried super hard to keep it lower than that. I don't think it would work today! Oh, I could have worn those hip hugger jeans back then too...today? Forget about it!

Gracie and Bobbi said...

I am a shopper who sees a nice tomato and throws it in the cart oblivious to what the outcome will be at the check out. This is why Gary does the grocery shopping... and yes, he is noticing the 'pinch'!

OurGangof7 said...

Yep, I live in Australia and we are struggling to survive at the moment too. Its quite scary, how much more can we families cut down???? Here I watched a long baguette roll that I make the kids lunches with go from $1 to $1.50 in a day. Cheese slices that I was paying $2.99 for are now $4.00. These jumps in prices were from one day to the next, things never used to jump by that much in one hit! Petrol has just hit almost $1.60 a litre...where will it end????????????????

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I know it! I know I'll sound old when I say.....I remember buying a whole week of groceries for the two of us for less than $25.

nancygrayce said...

Oh, Yea! The bread we like is now $4.29! I try to wait until our grocery has buy one get one free so it doesn't hurt too bad! The bottom line has been growing and growing! It's a shame! I really don't know how young families are making it these days.

Unknown said...

I know we could save so much more if the kids weren't picky about brands and likes and like nots. I would be fine eating grilled cheese and salad and waffles and eggs for dinner. :) I shop at Walmart Super Center or Winco but I have noticed Walmart going up on their prices.

Rhona said...

It's definitely happening the world over. I was saying that again on Sunday when I took my Mum shopping. There are certain products where I know how much they cost - one being tins of tuna. I used to pay 95p for a pack of 3 small tins - it's now over £1.40 for the same thing. xx

Anonymous said...

It's the same all over the world my bill was £120!!!!!!!!!!! is going to last a while im hoping "/

Robin said...

YES! I swear, I get major anxiety every single time I go out to grocery shop. Even with coupons, it's insane! We also buy a ton of different drinks (water, sodas, different juices, milk, tea, lemonade) that cost a fortune and usually don't have coupons. I tell my husband if we would just learn to drink tap water, we would save at least $500 month!

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