Monday, April 9, 2012

Always Six.

It was a quiet, but good Easter weekend
here on the Bayou...We prepped the food
on Saturday, then went out for dinner.

I taught Princess to make our
family "chocolate pie"
that is made for EVERY family holiday.
Just a few more lessons and she'll
be able to make it by herself.

She also made her favorite,
"Butterfinger Ice Cream Pie"

And there were eggs to dye.

Mister and I reflected a bit about Easter
and how it was celebrated when we
were kids.

We both got new clothes and new
"Easter shoes" each year.
And my family always had to get
up early on Easter Day to allow
for photos to be taken before we
left for church.  My sister and I
always had pretty, pastel dresses
which were often worn under a coat
given it was usually cold on
Easter morning in Oklahoma.
Mister's family didn't go to church
but he and his brother and sister
would dress up and walk across
the street  to go to church on Easter.

We always dyed eggs at our house,
six eggs.  Never five or seven,
but always six.  It was fun and
something I always enjoyed.
My Mom, was a child of the Depression
era and nothing was ever wasted in our
house, which I'm sure is why we dyed
6 eggs.  Those eggs would later be used
for potato salad, and any more than six
would have been considered wasteful.

We didn't do the Easter Bunny "thang",
and I never missed it.
When we had our own children we also
decided not to bring the Easter Bunny
into our celebration.  Our children
always got new clothes and dyed eggs
to put into their Easter Basket, but that
was as far as we went.  If/when there
were gifts given they were given
a new Bible, or a cross necklace, etc.

As a child, the highlight of the day
was combining my six eggs with
the neighboring kids eggs and
having a big Easter Egg hunt on
Sunday afternoon.

When the family gathers the story is
always told about the Easter when
Mister was abt. 11 yr old and
he took all the girl cousins Easter Eggs
and batted them (with his ball bat)
into the neighboring field.
The girls all cried
and Mister got into "BIG trouble".

That Mister has always been
one to "tease the girls
and make them cry".

May the beauty of the Ressurection
fill our hearts daily
as we enjoy this
beautiful time of the year.


Shelly said...

What a terrific way to celebrate. I haven't made a meringue pie in ages. That picture is inspiring me...

NanaDiana said...

It is always fun to hear the stories of how people celebrate Easter in different ways. I love the story about your naughty little boy husband. Blessings- Diana

Deanna said...

Your church looks SO much like ours. Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful post, its so nice to hear of our blogging buddies lives, a little peek at where they come from and how they live.You and I lived many many many miles apart and yet our lives as children sound so much the same, small world, thankyou for sharing today

My Mind's Eye said...

Boy now Mom's tummy is growling and wishing she had either one of those delicious pies for dessert.
Your Mom and my Mom had very similar childhood memories of Easter too.
She especially remembers the black patent leather Mary Jane's and her white socks had lace around the edges!!
Do you remember cleaning patent leather with Vasoline?
Hugs Madi and Mom

Jill said...

What a lovely post! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!! The pie looks delicious :-)

Have a great week!


acorn hollow said...

Glad you had a nice Easter. your pie looks wonderful.

Nel said...

That pie is beautiful. We actually our having our Easter dinner today. Stan's niece does all the cooking here and since him and I go to church in the am and pm she does it the day after. She does not usually cook on sundays. We just eat leftovers or grab something out. She does not go to church, wants no part of it. She says she believes in God but not the Bible. So we do not discuss religion in our house, I will not argue with her. I might mention she is 60 years old. Anyways...long story. But we had a wonderful day yesterday at church! Glad you had a good Easter!
until next time... nel

nancygrayce said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Easter Sunday! It's so hard for me to look at all the sweets on everyone's posts! I'm dieting and I'm trying to cut out sugar. It's cruel and unusual punishment!

We also always got new Easter clothes and shoes and since there were six of us, that was really great! My Aunt always made our Easter dresses and we always had a hat! Sweet memories!

yaya said...

Thanks for sharing your memories and your traditions. New clothes, new shoes, church and family gatherings are still things we do today. Easter is one of my favorite celebrations.

Chatty Crone said...

Sounds like you had a great Easter celebration - my parents were from the depression era too!

That chocolate pie looks delish!


Linda said...

I loved this post!!
When my kids were growing up I always made them Easter baskets and bought new Easter clothes.
We never did the Easter bunny 'thang' either!

Unknown said...

You brought back memories of my mom putting my hair (and my sister's) in rollers so that our hair would be curly and cute on Easter Sunday. If we didn't need new shoes, then we washed the scuff marks off the old ones and made them look shiny again. Once we were all dressed up, the camera came out to take pictures. Of course, my mom admonished us to not get dirty or mess up our hair. (Hard to do when you're rambunctious). My parents never did the Easter bunny thing and I was thankful. I know I wouldn't have believed that a huge bunny would come and drop off a basket. I remember liking jelly beans but hating Peeps and these giant jelly beans that tasted like toilet bowl cleaner. Ewww. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

Sandra said...

Yummy chocolate pie :) Beautiful church, love the picture.

Have a wonderful week.

Joyce said...

Great story about your hubs! Sounds like fun Easter traditions, especially the chocolate pie : )


Great pictures and lovely story. I am so glad you told all the family things. those pies both look yummy.

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter! Thank you for sharing your traditions.

karen said...

Your Easter sounds lovely AND delicious. I love thinking back to childhood Easters. It was always a good day, with plenty of fun, but a good balance of church and "true meaning" too.
And you are totally spanking me in these current Words With Friends Games. You go, girl!

Beryl said...

I love meringue on a pie. Do you use the yolks in the filling? We usually had an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Morning. Always fun - no prizes or candy, just the colored hard boiled eggs. One year, one of the younger kids found an egg we'd missed the year before.

Mary said...

Funny story about the mister! What a boy!
Creative eggs!

Men's Windowpane Suit said...

I want to taste that cake.

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