Friday, March 30, 2012

No! Not gonna happen.

My popularity quotient within our home
has tanked.  Our 17 yr old Princess is
flat out "bummed" at me.  She says
I say things that hurt her feelings.
Imagine that!
The word "No" hurts her feelings.

Remember when I told you about the
new boyfriend and his parents who
came to our fair city to "check out"
Princess and us, a few weeks ago?
(you can read about it HERE  if you're
a new Follower and want an update)

Well, the boyfriend is going on a 12 day
school trip to Italy and surrounding areas.
Gee, wouldn't it be great if Princess could
go too?  uh, NO!!  "Mom, that hurts my
feelings - it's like you don't trust me."

Not gonna happen.
Besides the cost and all the unknowns
of such a sudden trip, this sounds almost
like a honeymoon.  "Two hormonal,
teenagers tour Italy together as part
of a travel group."  Not on my watch!!
Besides, this guys mom would FREAK
if I suddenly announced that Princess
would be going on this trip too, and I
wouldn't blame her.

Don't you wish you were here spending
Spring  Break with us?

If you say "No", it will
hurt my feelings.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Just FYI,
I have a "Secret Group" on FB
(I don't like the term "Secret Group" but
that's how FB lists it.)
which several of us belong to.
Interesting private chatter among "just us",
not shown except to the members.
If you would like to join this group please
send me a "Friend request" on FB
"Debbie Cavitt"
and include a note that gives me the
name of your Blog, and I will add you
to our private group.


Cindy said...

No....and that does not hurt my feelings. lol. I would not be letting your daughter go either. They will try everything to break you down though. have a great weekend.

My Mind's Eye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
My Mind's Eye said...

Sorry for the deletion I had a mispelled word.

Good for you saying NO!! My word...what in the world will these teenagers have to experience as adults if they do it all now. NOT to mention there is on way on this earth any sane parent would let their child go on a trip like this with folks they do not know not to mention a trip including a love interest!!
WTG Princess might not understand now but one day she will. Hang in there.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Shelly said...

Hang tough! I think you're very wise. She'll appreciate it in a few decades...

Shelly said...

And, your secret group sounds fun. We are already friends on regular FB, and the name of my blog is La Tejana. I'm not sure how to send a friend request for it since we are already friends on my only account, but let me know what to do and I'll do it-

Robin said...

**high five** Welcome to the meanest parent ever club!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

No Way. That is so fun. Been there too. Be strong. Secret FB sounds like NO KIDS allowed.

NanaDiana said...

Ah yes- Playing the heavy with the teens-been there, done that, make sure you get a t-shirt that says "just say NO". lol Can't join you FB group- we aren't on FB because of my dil's federal job. xo Diana

Anonymous said...

well we were all teens once and we all know how that song goes, I don't blame you, I would have said no also and have for similiar things,, they get over it and grow up to have kids, and then become even more strict than we were.My kids are 28 30 35, I should have had the tee shirt Nana Dianna spoke of,

Chatty Crone said...

I would say no to her myself. Some times mom knows best and you have to make some unpopular decisions. lol

And if you want to trade for a week - we can do that.

Love, sandie

Tracy said...

hah, I suppose that fits right up there with my son who is in middle school telling, NO, I think that was yelling at us that we hate him because we told him 'no' violent video games...really? how does THAT equivocate to hate? love hormones...hang in there! and I'm glad you said 'no'...not that you needed my permission or anyone elses...

Nonnie said...

Good job, Mom. My feelings were hurt many, many times by my parents because they said no. And I have appreciated that over and over in my adult life that their love for me was greater than any fear of hurting my feelings. (Asking permission to go on any overnight trip with a boy, let alone to a foreign country, just wouldn't have happened anyway.) ;-)

Mindy said...

My comment today is actually a long narrative about something I couldn't write about on my blog. I might get caught...

When my hubby taught at a private Christian high school, he caught two students making out on the dark stage. He carefully took the young man aside and cautioned him about physical intimacy before marriage.

The kid said, "What, don't you trust me?" My husband replied, "I don't trust myself. If I had a beautiful woman on my lap, I'd wanna' be doing more than kissing."

"Well, my dad (the principal of the school, of course) doesn't care if we make out," was the final reply of student.

Guess what? His girlfriend got pregnant on the senior trip. We were so grieved. They were nice Christian kids from good families.

Good call, Mom!

Unknown said...

You've joined the ranks of mean mommies everywhere. She will get over it. Twelve days will come and go and he can text her pictures of his adventures and it will be just like she's there. That's the part of teens I don't understand. Why do they want to experience life as adults when they are ready to be adults?

Jeanie said...

When my youngest daughter was 17 and wanted to go on a trip to Hawaii with her boyfriends family I let her go.....and I went with them. It actually all turned out okay, but I'm sure her feeling got hurt somewhere in what I did.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I sure hate to hurt your feelings honey but No I will pass on spending any time around your house for a while now. hahahaha
Good thing you are a mother that knows how to say No. I would of said No but Heck No.
Sorry your not the most popular person around your home right now but this to shall pass.
Hang in there

The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

In all seriousness...good luck with all this. I had a very strong willed teen...I know it's not easy.

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

That's gotta suck but she's only 17. she's still young. but she should also live a life too. I mean i'm only 28 but have never had kids of my own before but I sorta see why you wouldnt let go that far. you wont know what's going on. and tell her at least her guy isnt going away for 2 mths without any communication and without seeing for 2 mths straight. I'd love for the guy i'm dating to just go away to training for 12 days and not 60 days. or more.

nancygrayce said...

I applaud you, you old meanie! :) You are absolutely right in saying no....but no, I sure wouldn't want to be you during spring break!

Our son wanted to go on a cruise for spring break his senior year and we didn't even think about it, just said nope! He was mad for a few days, then got over it.

You go mom!

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