Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a new year. Do you know who you are?

When I begin a new year I like to look back
and celebrate what has gone before
then look forward with anticipation
of what is yet to come.

I recently came across a list I had
made 5 yrs ago,
"100 Things About Me".
You're welcome to look at my list
if you'd like.  I've posted it below.
Looking back through it I find
that only a few things have changed.
It's a good feeling to know who
you are. 

If you've never made this
type of a list I'd encourage you
to make one as you begin
this new year.

It's a good feeling to be able
to look at your list and say
"This is who I am".
I'd love to read your list!

"100 Things About Me"
    1. Green is my favorite color
    2. I'm right-handed
    3. An unashamed Chocoholic
    4. Country music fan
    5. Fluent in Pig-latin
    6. Summer is my favorite time of the year
    7. Can't tolerate BOSSY people
    8. Always looking for a better, more efficient way to do things
    9. Take lots of photos
    10. Wish I could see my Mother more often 
    11. Don't enjoy Sports
    12. "No" to pickles on my Burger
    13. Have had 2 broken bones (toe & bone in face)
    14. Play a mean game of Spades
    15. Have a "green thumb"
    16. HATE beets, coffee & asparagas
    17. Like Reality TV programs
    18. Usually don't tell my age
    19. A soft-touch for anyone in need
    20. Enjoy going to Concerts
    21. Give people the benefit of the doubt
    22. I'm a Fainter
    23. Have been published
    24. A terrible liar
    25. Can keep a secret
    26. Can drive a stick shift
    27. Once cut off the end of my thumb
    28. Honeysuckle is my favorite scent
    29. Have had a kidney stone!!!
    30. Met my husband when I was 15
    31. I'm a Democrat who often votes Republican
    32. Play in a Bunko Group
    33. Am drawn to people who make me laugh
    34. Great at SCRABBLE
    35. Hate to wear a bra
    36. Enchiladas - Yum!
    37. Can't swallow pills
    38. Enjoy wrapping gifts
    39. Enjoy receiving gifts
    40. Hate clutter
    41. A bit of a Germ-a-phoeb
    42. TiVo is a good friend
    43. An Insomniac
    44. Good at making Budgets
    45. Have a co-dependent Dog, "Kramer"
    46. Addicted to Peanut Butter
    47. Mother of 4 children
    48. Have great girl friends
    49. Christian
    50. Lipstick Junkie
    51. Sunflowers and Roses, my flowers of choice
    52. Passionate about my Family
    53. Enjoy going to see a Movie
    54. Reese's PB Cups & Chocolate covered Cherries: my fav candy
    55. Have never, ever, mowed a yard
    56. Nervous wreck when I fly
    57. Love Garth Brooks music
    58. Wear contact lens
    59. A "regular" @ Sonic for their Diet Cherry Coke
    60. Always shopping for a "bargain"
    61. Allergic to Lycra/Spandex
    62. Was a Girl Scout & have the badges to prove it
    63. 27 yr Cancer Survivor!!
    64. Can't sing; when I try it scares people
    65. Never leave the house without makeup
    66. Don't like the taste of water, bottled or tap
    67. No Blue walls in my house/don't like Blue
    68. I drive a black car.
    69. Favorite Ethnic food is "Mexican"
    70. My oldest daughter is one of my best friends
    71. Been married "forever"
    72. SAHM
    73. Creative - my one talent
    74. Great Listener
    75. Born to "nurture"
    76. Slow to anger
    77. Low pain tolerance
    78. "Sugarbabe", my Dad's nickname for me
    79. Terrible @ math
    80. Love the written word
    81. Bible is my guide book for "doing life"
    82. Peacemaker
    83. Spoil my dog
    84. "Stay up late & Sleep in"
    85. Like to give advice (when asked for)
    86. Like to get advice
    87. Have good memories of childhood
    88. Love being a parent
    89. Don't like school
    90. Have reoccuring dream of being lost & unable to find my way back home
    91. A "girlie" girl
    92. Quiet until I know you
    93. Fascinated by how people live their life
    94. Love to see what people have in their shopping cart *blush*
    95. If I could do it all over I would be a Kindergarten teacher
    96. When I am elected President I will put a stop to wasteful government spending!
    97. Naive
    98. Enjoy a sincere compliment
    99. Am blessed with good neighbors
    100. Love the idea of a "Normal Rockwell" type world


Janie Fox said...

i like you.

Anne said...

So do I ! What a great idea, I 'm not sure I could think of 100 things quickly enough though.

Jeanie said...

It is a good thing to know who you are....and I like that you shared these things. I love that you love country music.

Joyce said...

I really enjoyed your list...mine has been on my sidebar for a while but I put the link below. It was fun to go back and read it...not much has changed : ) Happy New Year!


Aloha Acres said...

Really like that idea and enjoyed reading your list. I feel like I really know you ... and like you even more now. :) Happy New Year!

Shelly said...

Really, really cool!

Gracie and Bobbi said...

I could copy and paste your list and make it mine, just changing about a dozen or so things... is that fair? I find we're a lot alike. hmmm...

I like you too! So I guess that means I like me LOL.

nancygrayce said...

So many of those things were just like me....some not....but one thing for sure. Pig Latin is my second language! :))

NanaDiana said...

You are my kinda gal...except for the comment about COFFEE...I would try to convert you! xo Diana

My Mind's Eye said...

Happy New Year!!
Mom and I love your list she thinks maybe you might be a distant cousin. MOL
She says she might just make a list now...of course if she does we'll post it.

We might have found a solution for my chair being moved. As soon as the peeps get off their lazy tushes and take down our tree we'll try it and of course we'll post it. Mom says our life is an open book..literally she just ordered Volume 3 of my blog on Blog2Print.
Madi and Mom

Mary said...

Some of those surprised me...some: not so much!
Happy New Year!


After reading your extensive list....and I will take your challenge....I have officially decided (and I already knew this)....I like you a lot! You are a really cool person...my kind of person. Happy New Year my friend!

Angie said...

Awww. I feel like I know you now. I think I'll work on my list. Maybe you'll see it up soon.

Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

I like you, TOO!!

yaya said...

Thanks for sharing who you are and now I know why I like you! It would take me all of 2012 to put down 100 things about myself, but it might be a fun thing to work on this year! I might even surprise myself as to who..or is it whom? I am...

Shirley Sue said...

I tried to do my 100, but it didn't like the length...sigh..oh well. Enjoyed your list. Since I know you, I know everyone of them is true. It was so you.

Chatty Crone said...

I love you too - you are a lot like me (poor thing) - I'm with you with you on most of your list. I'll make your list mine!


Shirley Sue said...

Ok, here's my list in two posts..I hope. I pretty much followed yours.

1. blue is my favorite color
2. I'm right-handed
3. A Choco/nutsaholic
4. Love the goldie oldies. Reminds me when I was 16.
5. Fluent in Southern.
6. Spring is my favorite season.
7. Can't tolerate stupid people.
8. Always looking for something better to do than clean house.
9. I never take enough photos when I should.
10. Wished I enjoyed seeing my Mom more. She's not a happy person.
11. Love sports. Just too old to play them.
12. Prefer burgers to hotdogs.But get a craving for hotdogs with cheap chili.
13. Had one broke bone. My little piggy that cried wee wee all the way home.
14. I love number games.
15. My green thumb is getting better with each garden.
16. Hate rutabagas. But LOVE coffee.
17. I'm not ashamed to tell my age.Thought about adding more years when I do tell.
18. I'm a soft touch too when it comes to people in need.
19. I love to dance.
20. Not very trusting of people, but am really blind to a lot of things.
21. Have never fainted.
22. Always wanted to write a book.
23. I am always shocked when accused of lying. It just doesn't occur to me.
24. I can keep a secret, but it's hard.
25. I can drive a stick shift. In fact, love a 3speed on the column better than one in the floor.
26. Almost cut off the first joint of my little pinkie, fighting over a pocket knife.
27. Fresh cut grass and a just bathed baby are my favorite smells.
28. I was 56 when I had my first kidney infection.
29. Met my husband when I was 16
30. I fell off a Ferris Wheel.
31. Wish I knew what bunko was.
32. Love to make people laugh.
33. Almost great at SCRABBLE
34. My bra is my best friend.
35. I'm addicted to Dairy Queen Heath bar blizzards.
36. I can eat a whole quart of chocolate ice cream at one sitting.
37. Enjoy wrapping gifts
38. I don't enjoy receiving gifts
39. Hate clutter, but have a lot of it.
40. Don't like public bathrooms.
41. Love my iPhone.
42. Never recorded a tv program to watch later.
43. I don't do budgets very well.
44. Have a dog named Buddy, who's nickname is "itchy/scratchy".
45. Love peanut butter on my waffle.
46.Mother of 2 biological children, have a dozen more that call me Mama.
47. Have great girl friends
48. dedicated Baptist.
49. Think I look terrible with lipstick on.
50.Magnolias and yellow roses, my flowers of choice.

Shirley Sue said...

Part Doux...

51. Passionate about my Family, but more passionate about my Grandkids.
52. Enjoy going to see a Movie
53.Reese's PB Cups & Chocolate covered Cherries: my fav candy. You are my candy twin!
54. Have had to mow the yard since I was 13.
55. I love to fly.
56. I'm a Tony Orlando fan.
57. Starting wearing contact lens at age 59.
58. I'm addicted to Starbucks.
59. Love finding a good bargin.
60. Allergic to birth control pills.
61. Was never a girl scout.
62. Both my babies were delivered in less than 6 hours.
63. I can't sing either. But was told once at church I had a sweet voice.
64. Never leave the house without eye makeup.
65. Water is my drink of choice after Coffee.
66. I name all my vehicles. I currently drive Lil Mo' & Fiona.
67. I do not own a car, only trucks.
68. My best friend is my daughter's age.
69. Been married "forever" (Me too)
70. I work at Walmart.
71. Cooking, my best talent.
72. I never meet a stranger.
73. Like my children, but LOVE my grandkids.
74. Quick to anger, quick to forgive.
75. high pain tolerance
76. "Shirley Sue" nickname given to my by my Father-in-law.
77. I'm excellent at math.
78. Have a bible and not afraid to use it and know how to use it.
79. No longer the peacemaker.
80. Spoil my grandkids.
81. In bed asleep, as soon as it's dark. Sometimes, can't even wait until dark. But then I am up with the chickens.
82. Will give advice, but hesitates a lot of times.
83. Bad about not asking for help.
84. Have bad memories of childhood
85. Love being a parent and a grandparent.
86. Loved school after elementary school.
87. Have a reoccurring dream of my favorite house we lived in when I was growing up.
88. Definitely, still a tomboy.
89. I'll talk to anybody.
90. Love to people watch.
91. Would love to take pictures of the people I see at Walmart and start a Walmartian email.
92. If I could do it over again. I would be a CPA.
93. Would not make a good president.
94. Very naive
95. Very embarrassed when given. sincere compliment
96. I am blessed with good friends.
97. I am married to my mechanic.
98. Both my trucks are black.
99. I love folding baby clothes and towels.
100. I live in a Rosanne world, but would love to be in a "leave it to Beaver" world. I like to wear my pearls.

Shari said...

1. I'm right-handed, but I've taught myself to write with my left hand

2. I have to have something to eat and one cup of coffee as soon as I wake up

3. I enjoy watching and attending football games (esp. my teams)

4. I very seldom go to the movies

5. I have seen Pretty Woman and Groundhog Day at least 20 times

7. My favorite movie of all time is "Doctor Zhivago"

8. I love to watch old movies

9. My favorite actress is Sandra Bullock

10. I have been taking an aerobics class for almost 40 years

11. I came home on my first day of school and told my mother I was going to be a teacher

12. I loved being a teacher

13. I love running into former students

14. My recurring dream is that school has started and there are no desks for my students.

15. I also dream that I can flap my arms and fly up to the ceiling

16. I have been to 5 David Cook concerts

17. I enjoy cooking, but hate cleaning up

18. If I could have one wish it would be to have a grandchild

19. My favorite place I've been is Tahiti

20. My favorite color is aqua and shades of it

21. I never wear green except on St. Paddy's Day

22. The one place I want to visit is the town where I was born, Vincennes.

23. As a child, I took piano, toe dancing, ballet, tap, and acrobatic lessons.

24. I can make grunting noises like a pig from my throat

25. I was Miss Flame when I was in HS

26. I was engaged 3 times before I met my husband

27. Actually, I was engaged "when" I met my husband. :)

28. The first time I became pregnant was the happiest day of my life

29. I enjoy talking to strangers

30. I am NOT shy! (you knew that)

31. My best quality is that I'm friendly

32. I'm always optimistic

33. I wear jewelry (watch, earrings, wedding rings) everyday, even if I'm not going anywhere.

34. I only have one watch, which I've had for 30 years.

35. I am a frustrated perfectionist.

36. I do not like wind.

37. I don't mind the snow, but don't like to drive in it.

38. I saw snow for the first time when I was 21.

39. My husband and I are complete opposites.

40. I have never eaten at our local McDonalds, Pizza Hut, or Cracker Barrel

41. I have eaten at our local Outback, Wendys, Applebees, and Ruby Tuesdays.

42. My favorite food is rockfish or tuna that my son has just caught

43. My favorite breakfast when I eat out is scrambled eggs and grits.

44. When I'm home, I have either oatmeal or Frosted mini-wheats for breakfast

45. I usually order salmon when I go out to dinner

46. When I am home I always have yogurt and fruit for lunch.

47. Sharisoda was my nickname in school (a combination of my first and last name

48. My favorite summer activity is walking on the boardwalk

49. I touched Elvis when I was 13.

Shari said...

part 2

50. Tommy Sands asked me out for a date when I was 16. (my mother wouldn't let me go)

51. Joe Biden asked me out when I was 34. (my husband wouldn't let me go :)

52. Burt Reynolds was in my older brother's class in HS.

53. George Hamilton was in my younger brother's class in HS

54. I love to travel.

55. I almost always get sick when I travel.(see 56)

56. I have a delicate stomach

57. I am not on any medication, but I take a lot of Zantac (for my stomach)

58. I am a good packer

59. I can pack 3 wks of clothes in a carry-on

60. I do not have a green thumb

61. I hate working in the yard

62. I have never mowed the lawn

63. I stepped on a broken coke bottle when I was 5 and cut off my little toe

64. The doctor sewed my toe back on my foot

65. I almost always beat my husband when we play gin

66. I am more computer savvy than my husband or kids

67. I enjoy flying

68. I do not like traveling in a car (even a Corvette)

69. I do not drive at night

70. My husband and I are both related to Mad Anthony Wayne (General in Revolutionary War)

71. I write poetry

72. I won a writing contest when I was 16 and my picture was in "Seventeen Magazine"

73. I have two college degrees, one in Elementary Education AND one in Criminology

74. I was on a college field trip at the Fla.State Penitentiary when I heard that Pres. Kennedy had been shot.

75. I have not been back to my college since I graduated.

76. My husband spent the second year of our marriage in Vietnam

77. I flew to Singapore to meet him for a month long R & R. (I hadn't seen him in 10 months.)

78. I have lived in Indiana, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and Delaware

79. I have been in every state in the US except Washington and Alaska

80. I have a collection of coins, stamps, thimbles, owls,ladybugs and Lady Doulton figurines

81. I used to sew a lot of my children's clothes and costumes

82. I don't know how to knit or crochet

83. I took a hair cutting class for fun one summer.

84. I used to cut my friends' hair in college

85. I keep a journal of the restaurants where I have eaten, what I ordered, how it tasted, who I was with and what I wore.

86. I cry when I see anything sad on TV about soldiers, children, or pets

87. My favorite electronics are my Blackberry and Kindle

88. I only watch sports and reality shows on TV

89. My favorite shows are "Dancing with the Stars" and "American Idol"

90. I usually tape shows and then watch them while I'm cooking dinner

91. Our TV is very seldom on in the evening

92. Many of my friends have lost their children

93. I pray for my children's safety every day.

94. I am allergic to mushrooms

95. I like all seafood except for raw oysters and mussels

96. My favorite drink is diet Pepsi, but I limit myself to just a few a week

97. My favorite cocktail is a Cosmopolitan

98. I still have my Fontanelle (baby softspot)

99. I read 2-3 books a week

100.I read the Bible every day

grammyellen said...

deb, i don't think i can come up with 100 things. you amaze me, lol.

Shirley Sue said...

Shari loved reading your 100!

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