Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chocolate Cowboy

When our children were babies Mr. would
sing them "The Chocolate Cowboy" song. 
I learned the song from listening to
him sing it again, and again, and again...
He said his Dad had taught him the song
when he was a child. I'm thinking it is
obviously a children's song and I'm
curious as to it's origin.
"Such a sweet song!"
(couldn't resist the pun!)

The Chocolate Cowboy

Oh they call me the Chocolate Cowboy.
My horse is a chocolate star
and I shoot with a chocolate pistole'
and my hideout's a chocolate bar.

Oh, I'm rough and tough
and that's no bluff
I'll show you what I'm worth
take a look at the Chocolate Cowboy
the toughest guy on earth!

Ever heard it?
Google shows an old, old movie by this name
but the song doesn't seem to be related
to the movie.  Just curious.


NanaDiana said...

Oh- No - I have never heard this song before. I wonder if it was an ad for some chocolate company like Hersheys or Nestles? SWEET song- xo Diana

Anonymous said...

I haven't but I will search it, sounds lovely
Happy New Year to you!!!

Gracie and Bobbi said...

I've never heard that song before... but I'm always up for some chocolate!!

Shelly said...

Now that is too cute! Hadn't heard it before-

Joy Tilton said...

Too cute! Now I'm off to Google... Happy, healthy New Year sweetie!

Kimmy said...

Nope, never heard myself either. Does sound cute and just briefly, tried to look it up without success :o(

Happy New Year!!

Susie said...

That tune a hoot. I often listened to my mother -in-law sing to my neice, many years ago.mi can still remember the song about goats, but only a sniplet of a monkey song. But my granddaughter , Emma and I sing it to each other. Happy new year. Smiles to all, Susie(She Junks)

nancygrayce said...

I've never heard it but I love it.....a chocolate cowboy (or anything else) wouldn't stand a chance with this cowgirl!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Now I know I have heard of everything or is the saying Seen everything.
Of course now I want chocolate!
Came by to say hello and to wish you a very Happy New Year

yaya said...

Never heard that one! But if chocolate is involved it must be good! Happy New Year!

Chatty Crone said...

Love chocolate. Happy New Year! sandie♥

Janie Fox said...

I have never heard it but I have eaten enuf chocolate over the last month to make a cowboy. Well, at least a girl into a cow.

Teresa said...

I've never heard the song. Maybe Mr.'s dad made it up himself.

Anonymous said...

My father-in-law knows this song and he sings it to the kids all the time. I believe he said it was a record (45 or the type you tear out of a magazine). The song does exist, but cannot find ANY info on it. Would have been in the late
50's. I would love to be able to buy this record or download for him.

Twojay said...

My mother taught me that song in 1960 (when we lived in Japan). She made me sing it when we visited Japanese orphanages. Where does the song come from?

Dan said...

My mom used to sing this to my sister and I when we were kids. She said her little brother had 45 rpm kids records with this song. He had them in the early 50's. Another title was "Tawny Scrawny Lion": You are so thin, your ribs cave in, we don't blame you for crying. The records themselves were different colors (not black). She said there were other titles but she doesn't remember them.

jakealexander039 said...

I too grew up with my father singing this song to me. That being said I am now a father myself and have begun singing it to my daughter. Here's what I know about this song, based on information from the Library of Congress. It was most likely written by J. Jackson and A. Wilder in 1960. As for where to find a copy I have no clue. Can anyone help with this?

Unknown said...

I do know this song and was trying to find the words on Google when I came across your blog. I know a slightly different verse.
They call me the the Chocolate Cowboy
And I ride on a chocolate horse
And I shoot with a chocolate pistol
And my heart has(or runs?) a chocolate course.
I had a 45 with only cowboy songs on it and I always loved Chocolate cowboy. I once saw it on you tube but it was pulled down soon after I found it. Thanks for sharing the words with me and my grandkids!

Anonymous said...

I know this song and have the 45 of it! It is a campfire favorite with my kids.

Anonymous said...

my mother sang this to us when we were growing up. She had a terrible singing voice but we loved it. She died last month and we sang it at her funeral.

Unknown said...

I learned this song at a very early age, which would put it in the early to mid 1950s. We definitely had it in a record, but I don't know if it was a 45 or a 78.

Unknown said...

I just found it on YouTube, credited as a Roy Rogers 45 from 1953:

Anonymous said...

I was born in 1946 and had the record it was on.
This was about 1951 or 1951 ... I remember it was on a fairly translucent red record about the size of a 45rpm. I loved that song and have remembered the words all these years. I'm looking for another children's song called Chicken Chatter. Can you tell me anything about this song?

Anonymous said...

You found it!! Good grief, I'm 65 now and I still sing "Chocolate Cowboy". I must have been about 5 when we got our first record player. It was so small and just played 45s. My mom listened to "Autumn Leaves" and got "Chocolate Cowboy" for me. I must have played that song until I wore the grooves out. Thank-you so much for sharing! Pamela

emhelms63@yahoo.com said...

I'm now 66 and I remember it well. I think my record was an old yellow 78(?)--about the size of a 45 but a small hole similar to a 33 1/3. The mention of translucent red does however strike a chord, so I might be mistaken about it being yellow. Still find myself singing it now and then. My grandsons think I'm crazy! --Michael Helms

mnmsweetpy said...

My grandma sang that song to me when I was a girl. About 3 years ago I heard her sing it several times to my daughter while we visited. She passed away shortly after the visit. That song still makes me smile! I think of her singing it to my bubble checked little one!

Anonymous said...

I was looking for this song called chocolate cowboy..my uncle just passed away at 74..(the service is in a few hours)...guess who is the speaker😵
My mom just told me how when my uncle was a little boy..he used to climb the backyard tree with his little guitar and sing "chocolate cowboy" it had to be this song. Here's the crackup. We are African American..I am dark skinned as my uncle. Of course this being 2016..I was like WTH??..A song about little black cowboys???wow!!
I am happy to say..that I can put the race card back in the deck. lol
#Great song! BBLessed World

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