Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vive la difference

I have a Friend who can put her entire fist
into her mouth
and she'd be happy to show you.
She loves to laugh and never meets a stranger.

She is married to a guy who can
"give the toe" with his foot.
(this talent is filed under "funny things
you do when you're a teenager")

I have another Friend who has the sweetest
Mississippi accent you'll ever hear,

and another Friend who talks
faster than the speed of sound.

I have another Friend
who can remember names and faces
of anyone she's ever met or seen.

and another Friend
who can go for days
on almost no sleep.

Then there's my Friend who
can sniff out a bargain
any ol' day of the week.

And, my Friend, "the dog whisperer" -
dogs love her!

You need something organized
or baked?
I'm your girl.

We're all unique, ya know.
What about you?
What makes you different?


Shelly said...

I can write backwards and upside down with the same speed and fluency with which I write the regular old way.

Unknown said...

I can remember the birthday of just about everyone I've ever known. And I can throw rocks with my toes.

Joy Tilton said...

Nothing, absolutely nothing... that's why I like to hang around the likes of YOU! I'm taking names on this one, I want to add these people to my friend list!

nancygrayce said...

My friends call me the memory keeper. I can remember most everything. Little facts from years ago that no one else remembers until I bring it up.

I am in desperate need of an organizer. I think you should make a trip to see me and organize my entire home! :) Doesn't that sound like fun???

momof3girls said...

I love to make candy, so I'm a good friend to have during PMS, depression, mood swings, etc....

Sush said...

I'm the 'Child Discipliner'. Give me an unruly child and I'll have them eating out of my hands with manners and grace. I don't know why...I think it's cause I honor their good behavior. How do it do?

My Mind's Eye said...

Now that is a good question....what would any of my friends say about me if asked?!
Mom: I'm 100% dependable and I'm a very good listener, I can keep a secret and I'm an optimist.
I'm having lunch with 3 of my gal pals tomorrow I'll have to ask them.
Madi:She can sleep anywhere in any postion under any circumstances
and I'm envious
Hugs C

yaya said...

The Lord has blessed me with many talents...many I don't appreciate enough! But my best talent is the ability to recognize and appreciate the gifts of others..that's why I enjoy blogging and meeting so many others with talents different than mine!


I sing....and can pinch you with my toes. My kids say I have monkey toes.

Chatty Crone said...

Hmmm - that is a hard one. First of all your friends sound wonderful.

But what is my talent? I do wonder about that. I guess I would have to say love and laughter.

You do that too.

Jeanie said...

I'm always on time....not such a creative talent, but a good trait to have.

karen said...

I can remember most things I read, but not much of what I hear. (I try to be a good listener, I really do. But my mind wanders... which is why blog communicating is so good for me!) I can play piano. I am highly adaptable to new situations. I'm a chameleon.

Beth J said...

My husband has always said that my talent is being ready to leave the house within 5 minutes at any time of the day until about midnight. I put on my makeup in the morning, then I'm ready to go all day. I'm a "grab the keys and go" kind of girl!

Unknown said...

I enjoy making people laugh and smile. I'm a professional at Wii Golf. I enjoy making things from the heart for others.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I don't think I have one really good skill. I can do a lot of things a little..or just enough to be dangerous I say. I can oil paint, a little, I can sew a little and I'm kind of crafty...in the artsy kind of way.

OurGangof7 said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about the Christmas Pageant :-)
The temperature was in celcius so yest it was 30 degrees celcius which is apparently about 86 degrees farenheit I think,,,,so it is pretty warm :-)

As for something bizarre I can do lol,,,,nothing, I am pretty boring I think!!

Anonymous said...

All of your friends make life fun and interesting! I can "give the toe," too! Comes from years of sitting through church services with my best buds as teenagers and entertaining ourselves by taking off our shoes and doing toe tricks. I can wiggles my ears. I can stand on my head. You know, all the usual stupid dog tricks, Ha!

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