Thursday, November 10, 2011

I saw my boyfriends last night. . .

at the Country Music Association
Awards.  They both sang
and looked directly into my
eyes through the TV screen.
I tell ya, it was GREAT!
Can I pick 'em or what?

And my Australian love, Keith Urban.

Just in case you missed this Award show
I offer this critique -

Rascal Flatts & Natasha Beddingfield
were the highlight of the entire program,
It was so "Easy" to make this choice!

I Love Sara Evan's song,
"I get a little bit Stronger",
but she was about 1/2  note off pitch last night
she needs to fire her stylist
for putting her in the solid black, long-sleeved
jumpsuit, with the bell bottom pants.
It looked like a Cher Halloween costume.

The Bank (oops! Freudian slip) Band Perry won
 in a couple of categories. 
They are young. 
They are cute.
And they CAN sang!
The sister wore a beautiful red dress
that looked absolutely stunning.
Her hair - now that's a different story.
She should get her money back from whoever
was responsible for the tacky
The good news is that she is so
darn cute that she looked good,
even with the bad hair!

Kenny Chesney & Allison Kraus sang.
My ears bleed when I hear Allison Kraus'
high pitched voice.  This is just a personal
"thang" as I know lots of people LOVE
her voice; just not me!

Luke Bryan is a cute little Hottie!
I saw him on some program last year
and a stylist was trying to get him to
wear a gold chain necklace and Luke
didn't want to. . .Well something has
changed his mind along the way.
He came onto the stage wearing black
pants and shakin' his booty in a way that
would have made Elvis blush.
AND, the black pants had lights up the outside
seam of each pant leg
Yes they did!
He's very handsome and he can certainly
"shake his things".

Faith Hill sang.
Here she is a naturally beautiful person
and someone did weird things to her
hair that caused her to look much
older than she is.  WHY?
Faith does her best when she simply
stands behind the microphone and sings, but instead
she looked rediculous stomping and shaking off-beat 
tried to dance at random times.
She is not a dancer.  No doubt about that.
Sometimes being tall, having a wonderful body,
a beautiful face, and a sexy voice
is all you need. 
Forget about the dancing.

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley hosted the Award program for the 4th year.  They did a great job of keeping the show moving and providing some good natured humor.  I didn't count but I'd dare to guess that
Carrie made at least 6 dress changes during the program.  Some of the dresses were beautiful but a couple of her choices were quite strange.  Still, Carrie could wear a pillowcase and look FAN-TAS-TIC!

So good to see Glen Campbell, Kenny Loggins, and Lionel Ritchie.

It was a fun night sitting on my sofa watching and critiquing some of my very favorite people!

In fairness I must mention that Mister got to
see one of his Girlfriends - Jennifer Nettles.
She was almost as pretty as me
Mister loves we tall, beautiful,
talented, blonde, sexy types.

Jennifer and I have soooo much in common!

Best line of the evening -
"Is Justin Beiber a Conceiver?".
*snort  *spit  *laugh

Did you watch?
Do you like Country Music?


Cheri said...

Shame on me...I forgot until the last hour. Carrie and Brad have a great sister/brother chemistry which is entertaining. Love the rendition of Glenn Campbell songs by Brad, Keith and Vince. I agree...Faith did look older. Still no matter what....it was a good night.

Cindy said...

I thought Blake only looked at me that way. lol. I missed the whole thing and I love country music. have a great day.

Kimmy said...

Nope, I have to say....I missed it!

I'm not a huge fan of country music. However, I'll listen to it before some other types of music, like....RAP! I mostly listen to KLOVE (Christian music) on the radio or stuff like Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry. If you didn't already know, bet you would have never guessed I was a mom...LOL!

My Mind's Eye said...

I DVR'd it will watch tonight. Glad I read your review...now I know what to fast forward through. LOL


I did not watch it. By the time I got home from church it was time for me to go to bed. I hate I missed it. I look forward to all the music. I do agree with all of your critiques.

yaya said...

I don't do country music and sadly I didn't even know half of the people you described..but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

NanaDiana said...

I think you should be on the red carpet doing reviews! Or working for People with Best Dressed/Worst Dressed duties!;>)

Mary said...

I listen to country music every now and then, but not a big fan at the moment. So...I didn't watch it. I decided I need to get some sleep after watching Harry's Law!

Joy Tilton said...

Missed it, would have been just like you and critiqued the whole thing! Like many of the performers, or rather their songs. I am a flipper, never stay on one station for long. I like all music, cept rap which isn't music at all! Old.city.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I had to watch Survivor for the first hour (my DVR was full) so I missed"my" Kenny and Allison Krause. I am a fan of hers.. It's ok, we can still be friends. I did see Grace Potter with him for "You and Tequila"...love it.

Who the heck was that with Jennifer Nettles? He remnded me of a young Joe Cocker and not in a good way.

Saw the guy with the rhinstones twinkling down his legs. You would never see Tim McGraw sporting that look. I didn't care for the song "Shake Your Thing", really? Like Badonkadonk... but he was shaking his for sure.

Taylor Swift Entertainer of the year again. Ho hummm

This is Blake and Miranda's year.

Beth J said...

Loved the songs. Turned up the volume (way up) and cooked & did housework all night to the music. The neighbors probably thought that I'm getting a little hard of hearing, but I didn't want to miss any of the music!

karen said...

I watched a bit of it. Now see - I think Alison Krauss sings like an angel. And I thought Lionel Ritchie should stay in retirement. His voice is GONE and his face is too stretched. But that's my opinion. I couldn't figure out what he was doing on the show anyway. But it was a good show overall. I'm not a huge fan, but I will say that country stars (most of them) have fantastic voices. And I KNOW - Blake Shelton is a hottie, isn't he?

Chatty Crone said...

Sorry - Keith IS MY boyfriend. I think he plays the guitar like none other. Old Blake is good looking too - glad he has found his fame. I love country music and yes I did watch the whole thing. Sandie

Unknown said...

I didn't watch, so thanks for your recap. I did see one dress Carrie wore and was dumbfounded by its ugly tackiness.

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