Friday, November 11, 2011

Cow Patties

Cow Patties, anyone?

These are Mister's Cow Patties.
He has somehow combined the Chocolate Drop
Cookie recipe and the Fudge recipe
and come up with this yummy concoction.
"It's a candy.
It's a cookie.
It's two treats in one!"

He made them for me to take to Bunko last night.
Kudos to Mister.

To play Bunko
you need:

Some good friends. . .

Score sheets

pencil and dice

and Mister's "Lucky Cow Patties"!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

*Today is 11/11/11
and this is being posted
at 11:11 am.


My Mind's Eye said...

WELL having seen one too many cow patties in my life...I must say those are some of the prettiest I've seen and smell the best!!
Well Done to the Mister.
I saw the first 1.5 hr of CMAs last night...Luck Bryan was on fire that young man can not only sing he can cut a mean rug.
Hugs Madi's Mom

NanaDiana said...

MUCH better than the cow patties we see in Wisconsin! lol AND they are edible! Tell the Mr....Good Job! xo Diana

Unknown said...

I enjoy playing bunco! I haven't played since moving to Salem.

Shame on the Mister for not posting the recipe for the cow patties! Yum!

Anonymous said...

I like those cow patties, the other kind, not so much,, I'm glad you got to rock out with your boyfriends the other night,lol

yaya said...

Ok, do you have to wear a crown like the person in the pic? Just asking...also, where's the recipe to those yummy looking cow patties..just asking!

Anonymous said...

Hey, are we twins or something? Were we born in the same year? Do we put our pants on one leg at a time? Because we sure do a lot of the same things! I played bunco last night, too, and I also won a prize! I actually won "most buncos" with a grand total of: 2. That's my quota for the whole year, so next month I'll have to settle for the boobie prize. The cow patties look like no bake cookies, kinda.

Chatty Crone said...

How sweet is that of your hubby? Nice. And I love Bunko too! It has been a long time though. sandie

Marsha Young said...

Fun pictures. :)

Stephanie said...

We love dice games! Never heard of Bunco though. Googling ...

Kimmy said...

Awesome time to get this post posted!

I have to admit, those are some cow patties I would likely enjoy!! Yuuuuum Yum!!

Jill of All Trades said...

Yummy, reminds me sort of No Bake Cookies. Bunko...what fun!

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