Thursday, October 13, 2011

My baby has a J-O-B!

Two weeks ago she applied to four stores
at the mall near our house.
A week later she was called to come in
for an interview.

She was surprisingly very calm about this.
(I remember job interviews
and I was NEVER calm.  Ever.)

The next day they called to say she was

Getting ready for her first day.
(She sits in the sink just like I used to do.)

Sixteen years old and ready for her first day
on the job.

This is a part-time job
and hopefully it will
pair nicely with her homeschooling
schedule.  There are many
things one can learn from working
with the public.  Hoping this will be
a great experience for her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I remember my first job.
I was sixteen when I went to work
for TG&Y.
I was honored to be a
"TG&Y Girl".
Does anyone remember TG&Y?
I worked in the Notions Dept.
cutting fabric and ribbon.
It was good experience
and I learned many life lessons
while working there.
I made $1.25 an hour.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
What do you remember about
your first job?

Good experience
Bad experience?

How do you feel about teenagers
working while in high school?


Rick Watson said...

It's never too early to start working in my opinion. She'll have the opportunity to learn valuable skills that will be with her for life.
My first real job was with the state highway department. I loved it but it didn't pay well at first.

karen said...

I think if they can work and still keep their grades up, having a job is a great thing. It helps them learn a lot of life's lessons, and it gives them a little independence and decision making.
Working retail is particularly full of lessons because your customers come in all flavors and you must learn to deal with all of them. The worst ones? Entitled rich ones (dealt with when working at Ralph Lauren). Some people get very abusive when they know they can behave badly with no consequences. But you learn how to diffuse bad behavior. It's not hard - it's just annoying.
My first job? Working at Carl's Jr - fast food. Miserable job. Smelled like hamburger every day. Our dog was enamored of my delicious scent.

CalamityJr said...

So that's how you get close enough to the mirror to see your makeup!

Mari said...

Congratulations to her! I think teenagers working is a good thing - it teaches them the importance of working hard and a good work ethic!

Unknown said...

I think it's an excellent way to instill responsibilities in kids. I have a friend that when each of her kids got a job, she gave them the responsibility of paying one of the utility bills each month. I loved that because then, they were also taught to budget and be more mindful of leaving lights on or using too much water.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter looks so much like you! And how great is that...she got a job! Working with the public is good training for life in general. I started work at 16, too. I worked in a store similar to T.G. & Y. but it was locally owned. It was fun and I loved the paycheck!

Shelly said...

Good for her! My first job was as a vet's assistant in high school and college. I was bitten, clawed, scratched, kicked, knocked around, squashed, not to mention scooping up at least a ton of animal poop, but I would trade what I learned in those three years for anything.

Amy© said...

I love the picture of your daughter sitting in the sink! That's so cute!

My oldest started working when he was sixteen. It was at a pizza joint that was close to the house. It was a wonderful experience for him, and there was an added bonus for me--teenage boys eat like they have hollow legs but never ever get tired of eating pizza. His place of employment let him take home the leftovers every night! :D

Chatty Crone said...

I always put grades first and felt if they did good in school - and earned the Hope - a scholarship here in GA for grades - that was their job - but to be honest - they both worked about 16 hours a week.

So congrats to her. See how she does with her homework and grades.

Hope she loves it.


Rhona said...

Congrats to your daughter, my 15 year old can't wait till she's 16 and can get a part time job. My first job was after college when I worked for a couple of dentists as their receptionist. It was a great first job and I really enjoyed my time with them.

My Mind's Eye said...

First of all i wish I could get on the counter and sit like she does. LOL Ah to be young and limber....
Congrats on the first job!!!

My first job was at 16 during Christmas season wrapping gifts at a fancy pants men's clothing store.
Hugs C

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sweetie...
I love, LOVE this post. I too was a T G & Y girl. I worked all 3 years in High School. I went to school half a day and worked half a day, a member of the DE club. I too, worked in fabrics. I cut fabric, put away patterns, notions oh what fun it was. However, I hated when the fabric arrived, it killed my eyes for days. The money seemed like a LOT in those days didn't it? I am so thrilled to meet another TG&Y girl. Yea.... Those were the best days weren't they?

Loved seeing your baby girl sitting in the sink doing her makeup. How sweet that photo is. She is so precious. Love her look all ready to go to her first day of work. A beautiful smile as well.

Thanks for sharing sweetie. Have a gorgeous weekend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

yaya said...

Congrats to her! I think working as a teen is good if it doesn't hurt grades. I loved my first job..I loved being able to work in a "real" job and not babysitting...I hated babysitting...I worked as a candy girl in a movie theater...I made 1.25 an hr too! Plus all the movies I wanted to watch for free. Back then the theaters only showed one at a time, not 15!


My first job was Burdines Dept Store in downtown West Palm Beach. I worked at first in infants....which was not a good fit for me...so they moved me to shoes and bingo. I have been having a love affair with shoes ever since. I think I made around 1.25 and hour too.

Parsley said...

Good for her!

bj said...

OOO, isn't she a little beauty.
Love the IN THE SINK photo..so cute. I STILL sit on my cabinet top, in front of a big mirror with a wall mirror that pulls out..can see front and back all at the same time. :)

My very first job was a car hop. I was 15 and the owner was my mom's friend. It didn't last long...it was just during the summer. Couldn't work nights during school.Great time, tho.

bj said...

O, meant to say this was back in the 50's...and I am working on a 50's draft, as we speak. :))

My Inner Chick said...

---Congrats to your daughter. I think 16 is a perfect time to start! :)))

Joyce said...

Congratulations! I think working is a good thing -they learn balance for starters. Life is part work and part fun I had a regular babysitting job, worked as a camp counselor in the summers, and, as a senior in highschool, worked in the dining room of a nursing home. I learned life lessons from all three.

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