Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I need some help!

I'm nervous.
Really nervous.

It's one thing to burn dinner.  No big deal.
Or forget a dental appointment.  You get a do-over.
Or plug up the toilet.  You get a plunger.

BUT, I've talked Mister into giving me the OK
to buy new living room furniture
and I sure don't want to screw up
these purchases.
Whatever I decide upon, good or bad,
I'll be living with it for a very long time.

Sure wish some of you Designer Bloggy Friends
lived near and could help me.

Pet Friendly?

I'd love some advice!!


Kimberly said...

Lane or Broyhill are great brands -and remember that furniture shopping is like shopping for a car - you can negotiate.

I suggest a sofa, fat in a "normal" color & then you get that great chair in a crazy color or pattern with the equally great ottoman. An over sized coffee table, maybe a trunk or chest for storage and you can never go wrong with a console table for your couch.

Chatty Crone said...

Congrats! He must trust you! Hehe

Well maybe you could go to Pinterest and see if you can make one to see!

I would not get leather - cold.

And make sure it is scotch resistant.

And I like ones with recliners.

Of course - you aren't buying them for me!


Rita said...

I am huge fan of micro-fiber, if you have pets of any kind (outside of goldfish) do not get leather. Also while getting a red couch or some other sharp color is great for a couple of years if there is sun light hitting it or even certain over head lights the color will fade fast. This of the color of the animals you have in the house, what color couch will not show the hair as much?

Natural colors work great, I prefer tan or brown earthy colors myself. They go with just about anything and you can easily switch up the accent pieces in the room to convey a certain color, like sharp Blue curtain or a bright rug.

When getting the couch itself, think about how many guests you normally have over. Do your kids like to sit on the arms of the couch? Make sure they are sturdy, sit on the couch (of course) and make sure the butt/back support is good.

I prefer having extra padded arm rests because I like to lay down on the couch at times, also try and keep in mind the elevation of the couch from the floor and the height of your tv because it can later cause neck aches and head aches.

Well I sure hope this helped a little.

NanaDiana said...

I have leather in a "formal" sort of style..not the big recliner look. I love it. It is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I treated it for stains and spills when we first got it. It is 5 years old and still looks like new. We have kids on it constantly with all their greasy "mess" I have the sofa and loveseat in that and then a big, squishy down-filled club chair.

I will say that no matter what size sofa you get no more than 3 people ever sit on them at one time....so don't go toooo big. I think that is one mistake that people make. Remember the things in the stores look a lot smaller than they do in your home. I would measure it out at the store and then come home and fold sheets (or cloth, etc) to that size and then try placing it in the room to see how it going to work...then try setting kitchen chairs on top of that "outline" so you get a feel for the "bulk" of it in the room. I have done this for several people and it always gives them a better visual of how it will actually fill the room.

I would suggest a good neutral and then add your pattern with pillows, throws and accessories.

Good luck...oh and make SURE it is comfortable! Good furniture does not really need to "break in". xo Diana

Marsha Young said...

Well,you have already gotten lots of good advice. So I will only offer this, make sure that it makes you smile when you think of looking at it for years.

Good luck!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

Don't buy Rowe. I thought I was buying quality. I was so disappointed in the quality after I purchased it. I bought 2 couches and the side chair all with the traditional rounded and padded arms. Shortly after we got it, one arm caved in. I called the store where we purchased it and they did fix it. I learned then that it is rolled cardboard. Within a couple of years, all the arms have caved. Ask about the construction. I didn't.

Lynda Meyers said...

When we were first married we had "rental" furniture. It was white. It was beautiful. It was stylish. Perfect for a young DINK couple. Then I got pregnant, we turned in our rental furniture and went to buy new stuff. I still wanted the white. My husband convinced me to go with a nice medium beige with sturdy fabric and stain treatment. It was oversized and comfortable. It wasn't as pretty as the other stuff, but it lasted us over TEN YEARS, four kids and two dogs.

Middle of the road is my advice. Price wise, style wise and fabric wise. Buy nice enough that you will be happy you spent the money but not so nice you can't "live" on it...

Happy shopping!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Pick a nice neutral color - choco brown, mocha - not too light. And I bought that miracle microfiber fabric last time; it's been a God send with kids and pets.

Good luck with your search!

Relyn Lawson said...

In a word? Pinterest. It's FULL of inspiration. Poke around and get a good idea of what you love. before you buy.

Handsome's wife said...

Stay with neutral colors as over the years style colors will change and you don't want to be stuck with something "out of style". Remember that as we age it's harder for us to get up and off of those pillow, soft couches and chairs. I'm not a fan of coffetables. I have a bit ottoman instead. Good luck and have fun shopping.

nancygrayce said...

When I got my new furniture several years ago, I felt the same way. I got leather and LOVE it. It isn't cold or hot. Ummmmmmm. ......it has some scratches from our animals, but I've been told that when we get ready they can fix those (don't ask me how!) I don't like our recliners.......they are pretty but not so comfortable.

Our son and his wife recently got a new leather couch with recliners at either end and I love that. The foot part is big enough so that if you're sitting in the middle you can still put your feet up.

Furniture is very personal, but I know how scary it is to look for it and wonder.....will I like this for a long, long time?

karen said...

You'll do fine. If it makes you happy to see it, go for it. I had an old chair recovered in some red fabric and my husband was worried (he's afraid of color) - but I'll tell you, that chair makes me happy every time I look at it. I love color - but you have to be careful about how much and which colors. Have different textures too - like with different pillows, throws, etc. Look at magazines and save the pictures that speak to you. You'll soon see a pattern.

The Old Dairy said...

Good luck with that...Never gone and bought a room full of new furniture.....If I did I would be just like you...Looking forward to before and after photos though...
Have fun shopping

Munir said...

In this economy ? Wow , that is great, best of luck ! I would check out Raymour and Flanigans. We have had a lot of luck with them with Sofa sets all the time. There was a very nice place called "Cohen's" Their end tables are still good with us since 1979. I would check "Home Goods" as well. Happy Shopping:) Keep hydrated and bring a couple of apples so you don't have to grab a burger.

Nancy said...

We are looking at getting all new livingroom furniture. I like the Steelframe sofas...they will hold up forever! As for coverings, I will not get microfiber again! I am looking more at a durable chenille. I am doing things kinda backwards becuz I picked out the new wall colors THEN the new window treatments and the furniture came last. :?

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