Wednesday, October 19, 2011

4 letter word.

I really detest bad language,
but sometimes there's just
not a proper substitution.
*Spoiler:  4 letter "F" word ahead.

has done come to the South.

It was a sunny *93 yesterday,
but it rained overnight
and remained gray,
and 65 today.

"I will not complain".
"I will not complain".

Now when I have a hot flash
I can just go
stand in the backyard.

A True Confession:
at night
I go to the backyard
and flash my ta-ta's to the sky.
"Instant relief!"

I am learning to embrace
the "F" word.


Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I have that rain right now and will have the 60s starting Thursday. I am so tired of being hot, I welcome it. I think my northern roots are showing.

Chatty Crone said...

We have a drizzle - it's dark - and 54 degrees. But the rest of the week will be sunny and in the 60's - which I LOVE! teehee.


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Flashing the girls to the night sky? Hmmmm, I've never tried that but I just may. Yes, it's Fall here, but a very nice Fall so far. (That will change!)

Cheri said...

Good for you but I LOVE the "F" word.

My Mind's Eye said...

LOL you had me going there for a moment I thought my Southern Sister was about to break bad!!

We rec'd the very same weather system over night along with 2+" of rain.
Hugs C

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Fall is wonderful!!!! I'm so happy that I don't burn my hands when I touch the steering wheel ~ that I don't feel like I walking into a blow dryer when I go outside ~ that I can stand out in my yard and enjoy the breeze instead of running from the car to the house because I can not catch my breath in the heat!!! Love Fall :-)

Mari said...

The F word isn't so bad - it's the 4 letter S word that comes after it!

Shelly said...

I love this F word- we had fall today here in Texas, too. I got to wear my boots and loved it!

karen said...

I am wearing boots right now AND a sweater and I'm loving it. Hot flashes are the devil aren't they? Maybe I should head for the patio tonight and flash MY TaTas to cool off!

Janie Fox said...

It is cold here and rainy. I go on the porch and flash mine too. Luckily no one lives even remotely within sight.

Anonymous said...

I could handle fall but for one thing: It is followed by winter. This morning I saw my breath when I took Tootie out. Yesterday I crammed my feet into vintage Noconas and agonized over the lack of freedom my toes had while flipflops sat sadly tucked into their slot of the shoe shelf. The wind on the playground was so chilly I had to pull up my hoodie and flatten my hair in the process. I am kickin' and screamin' with each passing day. I want my 100 degrees back! Whoa, Liz. Step down from the soapbox, back away and no one will get hurt...

Unknown said...

Hey, we have another F word predicted for tonight--frost!

Beth J said...

I hope you're neighbors never look outside in the backyard after dark....

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