Monday, October 17, 2011

The picking of nits.


Mr. Webster seems to think the act of
nitpicking is: "minute and usually
unjustified criticism", I beg to differ.
I think nit-picking involves
"one entity helping rid somene else of
unneeded and often times unrecognized small
'nits' which over time grow to be annoying and downright bothersome
to those around them."
For the sake of reference I'm going with my definition.

Mister and I have a continuing conversation regarding "retrieval of the mail".

In our neighborhood mailboxes are joined in groups of fives.  In our case the mailboxes are in our front yard.  The boxes serve us, the house on both sides of us, as well as the two houses across the street.  We live in a suburb.  Once a day most of us check our mailbox for mail.  I make the short little stroll from my front door to the mailbox and back again - it takes me probably 45 seconds to do this. . .However, if Mister decides to "get the mail" he will stop at the mailbox while in the car, as he is driving into the driveway. 

Here's the nitpicking. . .
"How can it be that any one healthy person can be so lazy as to retreive their mail from the car, rather than parking the car in the garage and then walking back to the mailbox?"  Do we need to all scream,
 Do we?

Mister is certainly not alone in this practice.  As I was trying to pull into my driveway today there was a car (my neighbor) blocking our driveway as she was retrieving her mail "curbside".  There we sat, the neighbor in her car getting her mail, me in my car waiting, and an on-coming car waiting for her to clear the side of the street.  I wasn't in a hurry.  I didn't mind waiting, BUT, once again this screams to me, "I.Am.So.Lazy.That.I.Can.Not.Walk.
To.Get.My Mail.!!!!
For the record, I am not talking about inclement weather, dark-of-night, or health issues.  I am also not saying or even implying that Mister is lazy.  This is all a matter of habit; a BAD habit, a "nit".

"Stop Curbside Mail Pick Up Now!"

WALK to get your mail, People!
You can do it!

I just had to say this.

Got any "nits" you want to pick?
Permission granted.


Becca said...

Wonderful post! And, I agree ... walk. :) And, I'm also a nit picker. LOL. Thanks SO much for your sweet comment about my Fall great room. I sincerely appreciate your visits!! Have a great day! xo

Cheri said...

I guess I am a combination of you and your hubby. I walk unless I am going some where and then on my way home I drive up to the mailbox, BUT I don't have to worry about blocking any traffic, I am out in the country.


LOL....great post!

Joy Tilton said...

Curbside picker upper here.. but I have an excuse, really I do! I'm going to take pictures (cause that's what I do!) and do a post this week why I HAVE to pick my mail up this way! It has to do with O.A. and mountains!

Relyn Lawson said...

Your nits are making me laugh. Here's a related one of mine: My favorite thing to do is get the mail. I love it. I always have. I must get it from my Dad because do you know that when he visits, he brings in my mail?? Makes me crazy!

NanaDiana said...

Ummmmm...carside picker here! We have a very long steep drive and I pick it up on my way home from work and now it is dark out when I get home. You wouldn't want me to get hit by an erring driver, would you? xo Diana

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

This post is appropriate for me too. Our condo community has all the mail boxes in one location, at the entry to the complex. Each condo unit has 4 homes. I am 3 buildings away from the mail. I walk. Across from the mail boxes is the condo pool. I also walk to the pool. The 35 year woman across the street drives to both. I want to yell at her. Why does it bug me that she drives? I really don't know.

My Mind's Eye said...

LOL oh my word...I have cackled over this post. Once my eyes stop leaking and my head is clear I might think of a nit picking incident.
Happy Monday,

Chatty Crone said...

I don't have any nits right now (that I can think of) - but I love your definition - we are helping not hurting our loved ones - lol. sandie

nancygrayce said...

That gave me a good laugh! I agree and I don't know why anyone would stop to get the mail while in the car....it really isn't even that convenient. Unless you are at precisely the right place, you have to lean far out the window or open the door a bit. I'm with you....walk folks!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sweet Girl...
What a wonderful post. I love it. I sometimes wonder who sits down and decides that we no longer each need our own mailbox, no we have to group them in front of one of the folks front yards. I have been one of the ones sitting behind someone waiting to get into their driveway which again, is blocked by a mail picker upper that does not want to walk over. I think I would talk to the post office and see if they might not reconsider, or better yet? How about taking turns with the mailboxes in front of someone else's front yard for a year or so? How about that?

My nit picker...
Those people that are at the head of the line, in the turn lane, and they are texting. See the arrow turning at the last minute...Thus they get through the light, the rest of us have to wait for another. Yep that is the one that bugs me the most living here in the big city.

Hope you are having a great Monday sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Susan said...

My neighbor sometimes picks up her mail from the car and our boxes are on our property. She's a sweet gal, but she can't put her cellphone down long enough to get out of the car...but that's another story. When she does walk to the box she is usually in pj's and no bra, with eyes darting around hoping she's invisible. Uhhh, she's not.

Jill said...

LOL this is too funny! Think of all the pollution to the environment sitting there running the vehicles while getting the mail! :-) Hope you have a wonderful week!


karen said...

I always try to go get the mail myself because if my husband goes he has an annoying habit of throwing out the catalogs I love to go through. I'm sure he's trying to help me "budget..."

Marsha Young said...

Well, heck, what's a little nit now and then between friends?

As for "Mister" - you do know that men will drive to the grocery store, even when it is right NEXT DOOR! :) It's a guy thing.

But honestly, I don't know what's wrong with the neighbor lady. It is a mystery.
Happy Monday - Marsha

The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

That's how I get my mail every day! lol I whip up to the mailbox, get the mail, back up a little, then pull in the drive.

I'd never stick my hand in a mailbox at night though. Newwww! Spiders!

Sush said...

So I guess I am the only one here who saw your post title and was 'ewww head lice!' I've only had one experience with that with my children but let me tell you four kids six and under with head lice just about sent me to the looney bin. I hate creepy crawly things. Now that my kids are grown head lice less of a concern I"ve switched to bed bug anxiety! The epidemic is spreading I worry and dread someone will introduce bed bugs to my home...
I'll take mail nits any day over critter ones...and I'm sorry I didn't realize what nits you were a'pickin'!

Unknown said...

My neighbors do the same thing. In fact, I think they may be vampires. They stop at the entrance of their driveway, walk 2 feet to the mailbox, get back in the car, use the opener to open the garage door, pull in, close the door--and they don't stick their noses out again till it's time for work the next morning. It's creepy!

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