Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baby Love, Oh Baby Love.

When I was a kid I loved my baby dolls.
I got one for every birthday and every Christmas.
I loved that my birthday was in August as that
meant a new baby doll every six months.

I never played with Barbies.
For me it was always about "the baby".

Do you remember these babies?

Tiny Tears

Betsy Wetsy

Gerber Baby Doll
(1980's, my daughter's generation)

I played with my dolls EVERY day.
I slept with them EVERY night.
And the truth is I had a hard time
giving them up when I was 13 yrs old.
I only gave them up then because
I was afraid someone would see me
playing with them and would "out" me.

And I remember their names.
I named one "Sears Roebuck",
one "JC Penney"
and another "Sophia Loren."
Maybe I was a strange kid.

Did you play with baby dolls?
Any memories that linger?
And what did YOU name them?


Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I had a Tiny Tears too. I got Barbie (when she was the only one) when I was 10 years old. That did it for the baby dolls. I was a Barbie fan. By the time Ken came along, I was too old, or thought I was anyway.

Anonymous said...

oh so sweet,, I do remember mine,, not barbies,, my baby doll I cut all her hair off, poor ugly doll. I loved her so hard she almost disinigrated.

Chatty Crone said...

Now I remember the names - but you are younger then me.

I had Chatty Cathy and Posey.


Jeanie said...

Oh yes, I had a Tiny Tears and a Betsy Wetsy. I also loved my baby dolls. I don't remember when I quit playing with them, but I wish I had saved them.
I do still have a Tony (Toni?)doll with lots of clothes that my mother made for her.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, what fun to see these precious baby dolls! Well...I collect dolls of every description. I love baby dolls and toddlers best...most of mine are vinyl and look real! I have a WHOLE room full of dolls! So that's my story...and it's FUN! Hope you'll visit again and look around on my blog! I did a Wednesday Wee ones for a long time so that I could show mine once a week! Hugs! ♥

My Mind's Eye said...

Oh my gosh yes I remember Tiny Tears and Betsy Wetsy...I put milk in Betsy bottle...and fed her. I did not admit this until she started to smell. I'm told I said a baby could not survive on water.
thanks for the memories.

Unknown said...

I had a Suzy Smart, Chatty Cathy, and a Thumbelina. Plus other just plain dolls. One I named Diamond Emerald. I played with her till all her hair fell out and she was worn to a nub.

bj said...

O, Tea...I loved baby dolls, too. I think I still have my first one (and remember, I am OLDEN at 73) up in my attic. Must check that.

My youngest grandgirl is 9 and she loves baby dolls, too. Not Barbies, not any of the other fashion dolls but American Girl dolls. She has some of the cutest baby dolls.

I would HATE to think pies are a lost art. I'd better get busy showing my grandgirls how to make a pie. :)) I will take a piece of homemade pie over cake any day...:)

Stephanie said...

I had plenty of dolls -- my mom even gave me handmade clothes for them. I think I remember having a Baby Tender Love at one point. I can even remember the jingle they played on the Baby Tender Love commercials on Saturday mornings. How sad is that?

Unknown said...

My mom saved her tiny tears doll and I got to play with her too! My first baby doll was a little thing with a blue body that was stuffed with material they called 'beans'. Baby Beans might have been the official name. That was 1973...now I'm going to have to look up a pic of my long lost dollie!

Anonymous said...

I had a Tiny Tears (or Betsy Wetsy?) when I was really little. Both hands are broken off (for as long as I can remember). I would love to find replacement arms. :-(

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