Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hello Mudda. Hello Fadda.

Being a parent is really difficult when you have small children...Being a parent is really difficult when you have grown children.  Age is not a factor when it comes to parenting...Our youngest son is a grown man.  He and a buddy went on a wild, backpacking adventure trip last week.
I received the following photo and text via iphone.

"This is where I'm staying in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica for $8 a night. 
(I'm not joking.)"

At first I couldn't even tell what this was a photo of,
but after studying it for a while I realized this was
an open-air hammock that you could sleep in
for $8 a night.  Never mind that your neighbor
could be a crazy person, or a theif.
Have you ever stayed at a Hostel?

This is the son who must buy certain shirts which are
a certain weight of cotton.
The son who takes 10 min explaining
to the barber/Beautician exactlly how he
wants his hair cut.  Then there are
certain hair products he absolutely
could not live without
Could this possibly be MY son.
Who is this guy?
Who are his parents?
Perhaps he once worked for the circus
doing all sorts of daring things.

He flew standby and thought he would
be leaving the country on Tues,
but there were too many people
flying standby.  So the next day
he took a bus to a smaller airport
where he was able to get on a flight
and made it safely home to Atlanta, GA
by 4:00 pm.
"Thank you GOD!!"

This Mom will sleep good tonight!


Jeanie said...

You are so right that having our children grown does not eliminate our concern for them. I've heard it said that the first 10 years of parenting are physically hard and the second 10 years are mentally hard.....I think that 2nd 10 years lasts a lot longer than 10 years.

Chatty Crone said...

I must have missed this somewhere - I didn't know you had a son or that he was gone. Sorry. Glad he is home!

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