Saturday, August 6, 2011

Do you "Whimsy"?

This is NOT a blog post about decorating.
It IS simply a few of my favorite things
in our home.  I LOVE whimsy and
I thought perhaps some of you
might too.

I was shopping with a friend last week
and we BOTH bought one of these
plaques.  I won't leave it here forever
but for now it makes me smile.

This is in our Breakfast Room.
Do you see the plaque on the top shelf?
Pretend this is a "Where's Waldo" game -
can you spot the two containers
of dog treats?

Our Guest Room has a tiny bit of a
New Orleans theme.
I found this sign on Ebay
and had-to-have-it.

This is one of my favorite photos of
Princess and Mister.  I have it framed and
displayed on our coffee table.

In our front flower bed
all sorts of Louisiana creatures lurk. . .

This is an old "weathered" gator
who loves to rest in this forsaken
flower box.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Even our pooch, Boudxy
(shortened from Boudreaux)
gets in on the whimsy -

He "Rocks the Hawk"!
Can you see his Mohawk do?
(He would not cooperate for this photo-shoot.;
He was holding out for more money.)

Do you like to mix a little whimsy
into your home?
I know it's simply a matter of taste,
but I have a love for unexpected
things that "tickle" just a bit.

Sometimes there is a fine line between
"whimsy" and "bizarre".
I'd love to know if you do a bit of  whimsy
or have you ever been to a home
and seen what you consider


Chatty Crone said...

Well I like some whimsey as you probably would guess. I never thought about a fine line between too much and a little. I just have a little. But with a young child - he likes whimsey. My home is certainly not ready for Homes and Gardens - but it is home. lol

Sush said...

I am so WHIMSY...it is not to the bizarre level yet...! Have you ever read the Bloggess blog? She has a five foot chicken (the story of how it came about it hysterical), but it is def not a G rated blog. I think her chicken is more revenge than whimsical.


Susan said...

You call it whimsy, I call it eclectic. Mine varies from room to room. Our main living area is fairly traditional(as tradition as a lilac kitchen can be), but my basement looks like an artist and a musician partnered up on a lab experiment and it went awry. We love it and are always comfy there. By the way, I have started a new blog about where we create. Come on over and check it out. I'd love for you to send me some photos of your whimsy.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I do like whimsy. I have had different signs at different times and enjoy buying others. Anything that makes me smile is a good thing. The latest is a sign showing a bottle of wine and some cheese that reads: " We serve good wine here. Did you bring any?"

Janet, said...

Mine is not whimsy, but it sure is eclectic. I have a bunch of everything. I like vintage items mostly. Outside I don't have alligators, but I do have a big lizard and lots of turtles and frogs.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Whimsy is the humor in decorating.

My Mind's Eye said...

MOL you are our kind of gal!!
Mom had a door hanger that reads
"this home is blessed with family, friends, love, laughter and a cat!!!" Cat being the most important word. MOL
AND she has all kinds crazy garden whimsy too.
Hugs Madi

bj said...

Hi, Sweet T...I love whimsey..in my house, on my tables, in my clothing...I would rather laugh than anything in the world.Time is too dern short to do anything else. :))
Love your cuteness..
xo bj

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Whimsey - best picture - the gorilla and 'side-kicks'. Just found you through Cozy Little House, following you now. Love comments myself. Read several posts in reverse. Fun.

yaya said...

I have more whimsy at holiday times..especially Halloween! Then I guess it's more bizarre than whimsy. When we were house hunting years ago I saw many bizarre items. My most bizarre thing was in a kitchen. Hanging on the soffets around the kitchen were string holders...little heads that looked like children with string coming out of their mouth. It freaked me out so much I had to leave and would not even consider buying the place. When I first worked in surgery years ago I had an incident that those reminded me of and that's what caused me to freak out, but it's too long to comment on! Just trust me. Strings coming out of kids mouths is a very bizarre "whimsy" item.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh thats a great post I love all those alligators!!I was just smiling thinking how funny they would look up here in my Northern Ontario flower beds!!have a great weekend!

D. Jean Quarles said...

I love me some whimsey and you have it nailed. Have a great day.

chambrayblue said...

Whimsy is definitely me! Love it!! Now that you mention bizarre... Yes - I once cleaned house for/ AND dated a guy (same guy) who was the sweetest guy ever but definitely on the bizarre side... well, that's if you call having a knights armor standing in the hall, a horse statue in the yard, and a coffin on the patio bizarre. LOL.

Laura said...

I am a whimsy kind of girl- for sure.
I have more fun in life when I don't take things too seriously, right?

Enjoyed visiting- I love your plaques!

White Spray Paint

Unknown said...

Gotta have a little of the unexpected to keep things from being too stuffy. Love all your stuff! Especially the New Orleans sign.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweet Tea Sweetie...
I love your blog. I found a comment you had left at Diana's blog, about bows in the South the size of their head, I just had to pop over and say hi. It was SO darn cute.

I have read through your blog and SO enjoyed myself. You have such humor sweetie. This is a darling post. Love the sign. I have got to have one of those for my house as well. I may have to craft it myself. Just perfect.

Love the hair cut on your sweet critter. I can't wait to see the face that is wearing that Mohawk. So darn cute.

Oh and I simply adore WHIMSY. It keeps us all smiling, even when it hurts to.

I am your newest follower sweetie. I can't wait to see what you share next. Blogging is SO much fun. Country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

Jeanie said...

I think that anything that makes us laugh or even brings a smile to our face is a good thing. I think it is great that you included the dog in your love of whimsy.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

So fun -- I'm sure my "boys" are jealous of the mohawk! Keeping it all fun!

Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

Remind me to take a picture of my mother-in-law's home - talk about whimsy! For me, no - although I like cute, I hate to dust so no knick-knacks for me!

Linda said...

Hello!! I found you through a comment by 'A Vintage Green'.....and I am so excited to find two 'new' blogs that are 'REAL.' Looking forward to browsing your past posts as well as reading future ones!

momof3girls said...

Sadly, no I don't whimsy. I really, really should!! I really really want to, but I have not slowed down enough to think about it. Deep sigh here! Until now. I will have to ponder how to bring whimsy into my life, hum....

Renee Wheeler said...

I have whimsey and well...I probably have some bizarre too. I have probably shattered every decorating "rule" out there.
Austin, TX

G Dazeez said...

Just found your blog today. I like some whimsy too! I have a sign n!in our entryway that says: "We may not have it all together... but together, we have it all". I LOVE that sign! http://www.gr8tfull.blogspot.com/

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