Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Party Pooper

On Friday we (me, hubs, and Princess)
boarded the dog,
loaded the car
and took off for Oklahoma.

We were going to make the 6 hr drive
to Tulsa where I would connect
with my oldest daughter and my sister.
Hubs and Princess would stay at
oldest daughters house while
we 3 gals (me, daughter & sister)
drove 2 more hours to
the "Girl's Out Over-Nighter".

Is that even a little bit clear??
Bare with me. . .

On about hour 5 into our drive to Tulsa -

I began to feel like this.

Hubs made an emergency stop along the way
and bought this for me.

We had no spoon
but we did have a straw.
Are you getting the visual here?!

What a BUMMER!
"I'm making an 8 hr drive to a party
and now I'm feelin' sick!".

This was "ME" at the party.
Boo Hoo!
I fell asleep EARLY on the sofa.

They party-ed around me
as I slept in their midst.
I missed all the great girl-talk.
*sniff  *sniff

But alas,
the next morning
I was back to my
old tricks
and ready-to-go!!

You can read about it here
if you missed the post.


Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

There is nothing worse than being sick in the car. Just the motion is enough to do ya in. Glad you were able to rescue the trip. Love "girl time".


Glad you were able to save the party and I hate you got car sick...there is nothing worse.

Parsley said...

Oh that's AWFUL! I hate that kind of sick!

Mary said...

That really stinks! What good friends to not draw a moustache on your or put your hand in warm water while you slept!

nancygrayce said...

I get car sick easily, so I feel for you! But glad you made it for a little of the partying!

Kelli said...

What a bummer. :( But glad you got it out of your system and enjoyed at least part of your girl time!

Unknown said...

Good thing you had a Maalox cocktail to get you feeling better. Sounds like it was fun in spite of being car sick.

Kimmy said...

OH NO!!! That's just terrible!! I hate when I dobn't feel good and we're about to have some fun. :O(

Unknown said...

Well, glad you got to feeling better in time to have some fun!

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